Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back on the Street

Still working on trying to eat better. I got up Wednesday morning and scrambled an egg and put it on a low carb tortilla with some cheese and little taco sauce. Quite tasty and kept me filled.
 I had to be on the road playing taxi to Rachel so I got out my trusty friend the crockpot. Now some people don't like crockpots. But let me tell you, it can make the toughest meats surrender and become tender. They're so handy when you're going to be gone during the day and want dinner ready when you get back.
 I got this roast for $7 in the "manager's special" bin. Love me a bargain. And there's nothing wrong with it!
 I mixed up some garlic powder, salt, pepper, onion soup mix, cream of celery soup, and some Worcestershire sauce and poured it on top of roast. Set the heat on low then walked away. It doesn't look good now but something magical happens in those hours that it sits in that little pot.
 Breakfast did such a good job of filling me up that I forgot all about lunch until a little after 1pm. Oops. Then I was hungry.  I ended up grabbing a not-so-healthy corndog from Sonic. Terrible, I know. *sigh*

Got home and decided that I should do some sort of exercise so I got out my DVDs and did a 34 minute session of Chalene Xtreme Push Phase, week 1, circuit 3 strength training. Good workout!!

And then all I had to do was warm up some sugar snap peas and puree some cauliflower into mock mashed potatoes. Dinner is done! The roast was so tender I could cut it with a spoon. Very good.
Thursday I was scheduled for a run. I haven't run all week and I wasn't in the mood to do it this morning either. I was feeling a little down (maybe because I secretly miss exercise and the endorphins?) but I got my gear on and finally headed out the door. Just do it, right?!

My calves were tight for the first half mile but then felt just fine. After I got started I kind of enjoyed the run. I had time to think and get myself cleared out in the head. I got to feel my heart pound again. I got to feel my muscles work and yet my breathing stayed nice and relaxed. No gasping. The whole run felt nice and it's just what I needed.
30 minutes, 2.6 miles, 11:32 pace, avg HR 156 bpm
I run 5:1 intervals. My running splits were 11:12, 10:38, 11:03, 11:24 (was running into the wind), 10:56, 10:48 (the last one was supposed to be my 1 minute walk break but I ran it instead)

Great run. Love it when things work out like that!

After the run I had a light breakfast: protein shake made with Jay Robb chocolate protein and a packet of Amazing Grass.
And I am continuing to take my meds as the doctor prescribed. Last night was my second night to take the metformin and I'm still doing ok! Yay!

Stepped on the scale again. Just to peek. One more pound down. Another yay! :)

I'm stumped what to make for dinner tonight! What are you making for dinner? Maybe I can get some ideas from you.


  1. That roast looks so yummy, Kelly. I'm going to try your recipe. Dinner for us will be out tonight. I will be having a blackened chicken salad most likely. Or maybe some Cajun fish.

  2. AH! should've kept the crock pot we got as a wedding gift!! that looks good!


  3. Hey Kelly - LONG time no talk. I'm back out in the blogging world...

    I have to say - those pictures you have now are AMAZING. What a difference 75 lbs makes. You go girl!

  4. Aren't crock pots FANTASTIC??? I'll be using mine tomorrow. Dinner tonight, chicken feta/tomato/basil, cauliflower mash and steamed veggies. Have a wonderful Thursday, and yay on the lb down.

  5. No Roz, they're not!! Kelly just got lucky, a real cook would use Cast iron round french or dutch oven- Le Creuset's are the best!


  6. I'm making Jeff take me out for dinner tonight...LOL!

    Although Debby posted a picture of beef stew, so I will be making that soon...maybe next week when my kids are home. :)

  7. Real cook?! Cue gasp----*GASP* You have insulted me, sir!

    Thanks, Rick! I'm trying. I'll check out your blog. Welcome back!

    Yes, Roz. Crockpots ARE fantastic. For those of us REAL COOKS who know how to use them. :)

    Karen & Shelley, I like your idea of going out to eat!

  8. Shelley made me laugh! I'm putting a crockpot idea on my blog tomorrow. Love my crockpot though it's older. I'd sort of like to upgrade to one of the fancy ones with timers and warm setting and all that.

    Haven't decided about dinner yet except that it will be something from leftovers. Tonight is Muay Thai so I usually wait to see what my appetite wants.

  9. Salmon is always a good thing!

  10. Well...I was supposed to go to Wino Bingo with my sis-in-law and Ricky was supposed to go play cards with his friends, so dinner was supposed to be on the kids. My sis-in-law is a nurse at the Baptist ER and she ended up having to stay at work, so dinner was grilled cheese sammiches...yummy!

    I abso-freakin-lutely LOVE my crockpot. It's especially wonderful when I can remember to get things together so that I can put it on before I go to work in the morning. Matter of fact, there is a chicken and dumplins recipe that I want to try. My all time fave crock recipe is my BBQ pulled ROCKS!!

  11. Read on your other post that you need to eat low carb because it makes you feel good. I'm eating low carb for 5 weeks now and it makes a big difference in how I feel: much better. Due to circumstances I ate more carbs the past couple of days and immediately felt the difference.

    Great job on the run and Chalean. I love her workouts, I've got Extreme too but also Turbofire which I love too.

  12. Just came across your blog and you look amazing. Wonderful achievement.


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