Monday, November 7, 2011

Hope for Health 5K Recap

I never thought I would see so many posts about running on this blog!! It seems that's mostly what I talk about these days.

I knew that I was going to be a busy girl this weekend and wouldn't have time to get in my long run as scheduled so I had to do it Friday.

That morning the kids had a Fall Fest with our homeschool group so no running before that. OK, I guess I could have gotten up early to run but I didn't.

After park day we went home and I got geared up to run. It had warmed up considerably but that was ok. What wasn't ok is that I was very sleepy. Sleep sounded way better than running!

Hit the streets of my neighborhood and ran all over the place. Back and forth, around the track, back down the roads, stopped at the house a few times for water break and to put clothes in the dryer (what kind of water stop makes you do laundry?!) and finally finished up my run.

It turned out to be a very slow run. I keep telling myself that I'm supposed to run slow on long runs. Right?!
8 miles, 1:44:25, 13:03 pace, Avg HR 155, all running splits were in the 12 minute pace

I didn't know about it until I got in the shower and felt extreme pain as the water hit it, but either my bra or my heart rate monitor had rubbed the undersides of the girls raw. I swear I never felt it during the run but water lets you know any places that rubbed. Felt like acid was being poured on the spots. These are good things to learn as the mileage increases. A new place for the Bodyglide. I'm thinking I should just apply the stuff all over and be done with it.

After getting cleaned up we got packed and took the kids to the in laws' house then Chuck and I drove to Orange, TX right on the Texas/Louisiana border. We got in around 8ish and went to bed fairly early for a Friday night. We were both pretty tired.

Saturday morning was cold!!! We set the alarm for 6:30am, fell out of bed and managed to put on our running gear, drank some Rock Star and headed downstairs where breakfast was provided by the hotel. I love staying at Holiday Inn Express. :)

Back upstairs for a little more Rock Star (why aren't you working, caffeine?!) and then headed over to the race where Wendy, Chuck and I would be "running" a 5K. My calves were a little stiff from the 8 mile run the previous day (haha! Still cracks me up that I can say I ran 8 miles. Who would have thought it?!) plus it was a chilly 45*.

I knew it was going to be a small race when we got front row parking right by the tent that was handing out the packets. Guess what number I got. This has never happened.
 Wendy arrived with her husband Ricky. We got our bibs pinned and went into an auditorium to listen to Helen Phillips of Biggest Loser give a motivational speech. Remember Helen? She was on there the same time as Tara Costa.
 She told us about some of the behind the scenes things that happen on the Biggest Loser Ranch. She was told to eat 1330 calories per day. They worked out for 6-8 hours per day. When her weight loss stalled they told her to eat more calories.

She also said that things were edited to make it look like she was sending her daughter home so that she could stay on the ranch. Helen said that the daughter wanted to go home because she had a business to take care of. Hmmmm.....I'll let you be the judge of that.

Remember the challenge where they had to pull cars and Tara won? Helen said that she was doing pretty good at first then the car stopped suddenly and she couldn't move it. Turns out the rear axle had fallen off! So they got her a different car and let her pull that one but the race was over. So they timed her and she would have come in second instead of last as it was shown on TV. Interesting stuff.

She had gained a little weight since the finale but she still looked good. She did say that the weight she was at finale was competition weight. Not daily living weight.
 After the talk we went outside and got warmed up. Helen did not run the race with us.  And I was surprised at how small the race was. I'd say under 150 participants. But they had mentioned a medal on the web site!
 Wendy and I waiting for the race to start. We warmed up and were ready to go for the 10:30 start. It had warmed up considerably by this time and felt good outside!
This is one of many goofy grins I had during the race. I'm not sure what was wrong with my face that day.
 Notice the numbers?! I was 1, Wendy was 2, and Chuck was 3. Pretty cool!

Time to line up. Chuck and I before the race.
 Strange thing about the timing: they had us line up past the timing mats. So we never crossed them when the race started. Only at the finish line.

This was a fun run. In other words, we weren't in it to win it. We enjoyed ourselves, took as many walk breaks as we wanted, took pictures and had a nice time. Runs like this are nice. I could relax and enjoy the experience.

I stopped because I needed some reviving. False advertising. I did not feel revived.
 It was mostly a residential course. Scenic and flat.
 Already mile 1?! Time flies when you're having fun.
 Our first water station. A couple of friendly men gave us water. Nice little break until we started to smell the cows from the ranch across the street. Time to mooooove on!
 We found out that this was not a closed course and we had to watch out for cars. Something was going on at a stadium and cars were driving right past us so we had to be careful.
 The fashion police got me. The shoes did not match my ensemble.
 Mile 2. We made it!! Laughing and chatting the whole time really makes the race go by a little too quickly.
 We came across this sweet lady selling crocheted items from her front porch. Wendy and I stopped and got our picture taken with her as she told us about her wares and grandkids. I feel so guilty about not buying one of her blankets. I didn't have any cash on me! I should have gone back. That still bugs me. She was so sweet.
 And this is why you have a pit crew with you at races. To take pictures! Chuck's knee is in bad shape and will require some surgery at the end of the month. But he offered to run ahead to the finish line and get pictures of Wendy and I as I crossed. Thank you, Chuck!
 We did it!!! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad I got to do it with Wendy and Chuck. I hope they would like to do another one with me. :)

Just a little kvetching: they said medals. We got no medals. I saw it on and their web site. They said we'd get finishers medals, darn it! That's why we signed up for this race. So not too pleased about that but we still had a good time.

The good part: runner's high and post-race lunch celebration!!!  Chuck and I got cleaned up at the hotel and met Wendy and Ricky at a place called Major League Grill in Beaumont. Beer and tasty food all around!

Back to the hotel for a nap then we went to a friend's house of Wendy and Ricky for some BBQ and an LSU game. The sky was beautiful on the way!
Even though we were complete strangers to their friends they made us feel right at home and we had a great time. As a matter of fact, I think we've been invited to a spring crawfish boil over there. Woohoo! Nice folks. And good cooks!

Time to head back to the hotel and crash. Chuck and I were pretty sleepy. We watched a little quality TV (Beavis and Butthead) and fell asleep.

Sunday was time to go home. But before we did we went across the Louisiana border just so we could say we did. Then stopped at the visitor center once we got back to Texas. Saw an alligator in the swamp!

We got really good gas mileage. I mean, the gas needle hardly moved!! Chuck dropped me off at home so I could start unpacking and he went to get Rachel and Charlie at his parents' house. On the way back Rachel drove and the car suddenly died. Fortunately they were in the neighborhood so didn't have far to push it. Guess we didn't get such supernatural gas mileage after all. The gas needle had gotten stuck or something and they had run out of gas.

Always an adventure!! As my friend Merriwether (Mark) likes to sum up his blog posts in three words:
Running! Gas! Adventure!


  1. Great post with lots of interesting stuff in it. I don't (can't) run, but I love to hear about other bogger's experiences. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice race report. Very very few of the races in our area give out medals. Even that half I ran last winter didn't have them.

    I'm not at all surprised about the behind the scene stuff from BL. Editing is what makes the reality of reality TV.

  3. Kelly...still glad that you weren't concerned about how long it took us (!) to get thru that little ol' 5K. We WILL do another one and you will be impressed by my running--next time! I had a GREAT time and was so happy for the whole days' experience! (man...that first Bloody Mary was amazing! I can't seem to stop thinking about it!)

    Love ya chickie...

  4. Helen (BL Helen, not OUR Helen) looks like she's gained weight, but then again, she looked sickly thin at the finale...even that picture on screen kinda grosses me out because her legs are so scrawny. She definitely looks healthier now. Too bad she didn't run with you, though!

    And too bad about the medal! Although, all those 5K medal races you keep finding were making me feel cheated in that I've never done a 5K that had a finisher's medal. Looks like you guys had fun, though, and love that Chuck ran ahead to take your finisher's picture!

  5. Sorry you didn't get a medal, Kelly. That would have been the icing on the cake but I'm glad you had a good time and took photos along the way.

  6. Great post Kelly, it was fun reading it.

    Critical as I can be, I think that BL lady is closer to her starting weight then her weight at the end of the show. It might be the pics but I think she gained more than she should have. But those are just my thoughts.

    There are a lot of races here in Holland where you get a medal but my race last Sunday (which had fewer participants than yours) didn't have. I have to say a medal is fun but I don't really care if I get one or not.


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