Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kickin' Asphalt

I must have had a bad case of the allergies because Mr. Nyquil hooked me up right. Feeling so much better.

Wednesday morning was an "I don't want excuses; I want results" kind of morning. In other words, I stumbled out of bed (literally! Could have been injured but my legs and brain decided to communicate and disaster was averted) and sipped on some caffeine to try to get my motor running. I slipped into my running gear except for my shoes then read some blogs. Felt guilty and put on one shoe. Finally felt a little more guilty and slipped on the other shoe. It was go time.

Schedule called for 35 minutes of "tempo" run. I'm sorry, but every run seems like a tempo run to me!

Still suffering from the effects of the allergies, my breathing was a bit labored. I'm also having some issues with my calves being tight. Not sure what's going on with that!

Overall it was a good run. I felt good! My calves were tight and breathing wasn't perfect but I enjoyed the run! It was cool and the wind was blowing out of the north. Since I'm doing 5 minutes of running and 1 minute walking, I made it an even 36 minutes.
36 minutes, 3.07 miles, 11.44 pace, avg HR 157 bpm
Not a bad day. It was busy though I didn't seem to get much done. In the end I opened up a bottle of my "special" wine for some therapy. Some days it's just needed. This is a 2006 Mirabile Syrah from Italy. Very smooth and balanced.

Dinner was breakfast. Brinner? Dikfast?(haha! No!) Dinnfast? Anyway, I had breakfast for dinner and it was so good!! These are breakfast quesadillas with eggs, cilantro, cheese and turkey sausage crumbles. Next time they will have jalapenos and sour cream fo sho, yo.
Friday I have two races. Yes, two races on one day. It's ok.
The first race is the Veterans Day race in Houston. It's an 11k on 11-11-11 and supports veterans charities. At the end I get a big ole medal, donuts and coffee. Looking forward to it. BTW, an 11K is like 6.8 miles or something. That's the furthest I've run in a race so far.

Then Friday night I'm doing a family fun run/walk with the kids and Chuck. It's only 1.1 miles. At the end we get a medal and a BBQ dinner while Chuck and I each get that and a free beer! We have to wear headlamps in the race that they provided. The shirts are nice too! Long sleeve tech shirts! Love me some good swag. :)

So busy day Friday!

Saturday I'm going to the Renaissance Festival for the first time. We're going with some friends and we are being encouraged to dress up. We'll see.

Hope your weekend is fun and exciting.

Saw a quote today that I'd like to share. Make sure you're doing something or with the person that will help you enjoy life the most. People and "things" that bring you happiness.

"When you're old and gray and you've spent your one precious life, what will you have spent it on? What would make you happy?"
~Bert and John Jacobs


  1. Great job on getting out there and running.

    Have fun at the races tomorrow you running machine!!!

    I think you should definitely dress up for the Renaissance Fair...and provide pictures of course.

  2. What a fun running day in store for you tomorrow! Have fun - can't wait to see your new bling!

  3. So you know I'm commenting about that run, right? You didn't do a tempo run.

    A tempo run is one where you start off very slow then you hit a pace that is slightly slower than your race pace for the prescribed time/distance, and finish with a cool down.

    You should have jogged or walked slowly to warm up then run fast for 35 minutes then jog/walked slowly to cool down. No intervals.

    This is where a treadmill can come in very handy until you get the hang of how it feels.

    Tempo runs will make you faster if you do them correctly.

    Have a great time at your races - no tempo runs necessary! And definitely dress up for the fair, definitely. We look forward to seeing your photos.

    Also Kelly? You are definitely a person who I would think of as someone who follows the quote you posted. Have a great weekend.

  4. Sounds like an interesting day planned for Friday. I wish you luck in the races. I can't wait to read about them when blog about the highlights. I'm racing vicariously through you. :)

  5. Yay for pushing forward and getting your runs in. LOVE the wine bottle decoration. So fun. Good luck on all your races.

  6. I love how you have taken to running!
    Love it!


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