Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Random Life

I was scheduled to run yesterday but I made an executive decision to take another rest day. I have not been happy with the tightness in my calves and want to give those legs the opportunity to get over it. I'll pick up with my regular scheduled run on Thursday.

Well, I have been saying that I wanted to firm up. Somehow "tight" and "firm" don't seem to be interchangeable so I'm not counting tight calves as a win.
I got to go have lunch with a friend at Buffalo Wild Wings! It's always nice to get out and enjoy a grown-up lunch.

I was good and had the naked tenders with medium wing sauce on the side. It comes with fries. I think I had 3 thin fries. Oh well. So I'm not perfect. The tenders were very tasty though!
Grocery store time. I made my list from a menu that I planned and try to only buy things from my list. But then I saw that they had Rock Star on sale!!!

In case you are not aware, Rock Star is an energy drink. Yes, I'm sure it's absolutely terrible for me and brewed by Satan himself in his basement in Hell. I'm allowed this vice though.


 Yes, I cleaned them out. And got strange looks from the cashier. I care not what others think about my Rock Star life. :)
Again, trying to be good with this whole "hey, you need to lose weight because you have more rolls than a bakery" thing. So for dinner I made a taco soup. Now if I were really being good I would have used ground turkey. But I already had ground beef at home. So that's what got used. I think I saw on Biggest Loser last night that you save 150 calories per 8 oz. if you sub turkey for the beef. Don't quote me on that. I'll have to check.

Delicious Taco Soup with a little cheese, jalapenos and a dollop of Ranch. So tasty. I have the recipe in my little recipe section tab at the top.
 I also had a couple of Sam Adams beers. Oops!!!!!
Hey! I was trying to make room in the fridge, healthy foods....and stuff. Ugh. OK. It just sounded good. But they're gone now so that's not happening for a long time.
Lots of paleo and low carb and insulin talk going around the blogging world. It's like a mirror being held up in front of my face. I'm reminded that I really need to be careful with my insulin resistance and focus on eating right. I need to take my thyroid meds as prescribed instead of haphazardly.

I need to eat low carb because I function best on it. My face isn't puffy when I eat LC. I'm in a better mood! Hormones are more stable. I'm not as tired. My hair looks better. And my PCOS symptoms vanish. Plus there's the whole weight loss part! I know this and yet when a deep dish pizza is there in front of me it all goes out the window.  I must remember that I can have an occasional splurge. It's that word "occasional" that I keep forgetting about.

In an effort to try to be a good Kelly, I started trying to re-introduce Metformin into my life. I had a terrible time with it the first time I took it. My head was so foggy I couldn't think. I couldn't focus. Stomach was upset and lost all desire for food and life in general. Then I started to develop chest pains. My doctor immediately sent me to a cardiologist but everything checked out fine.

Then my doctor tried me on the "crumb" method where I crush up a Metformin (not the extended release but the quick release) and chose the smallest crumb and took it at night. I was to progress slowly until I could take an entire pill. I tried to progress too quickly and started having bad symptoms again.

Chuck took control this time and will decide when I progress to a larger crumb. He really did start me out with the smallest crumb last night! Can you even see it in my hand?!

I am happy to report that I had no side effects from that microscopic crumb. :)
Weight loss: Not supposed to get on the scale every day. I know this. But I checked anyway. Down another pound. 182 today. Still not thrilled because of my little gain but at least I'm heading in the right direction now!

Happy Hump Day to y'all!


  1. Happy Hump Day to you too, Kelly. Just a note about ground turkey. Remember that fat is fat no matter what the source and turkey comes in different levels of fat content just like the ground beef. It is better to get the leaner. Not sure what the calorie difference is but just thought I would share what my nutritionist told us.

  2. That taco soup look so good! I will have to check out the recipe. I found your blog on A Journey To Thin's blog roll.
    I have never tried Rock Star, I may have to pick a can up next time I go to the Grocery Store.
    Check out my blog

  3. Glad you are starting your metformin again - I had trouble in the beginning too, but after a while my body got used to it.

    It's better than taking insulin I can tell you that! :D

    Love the jalapenos in the taco soup!

  4. It's funny, you know what you should do, and even though you feel better in the long run doing it, those tempting foods are just so tempting!!! Once you set your mind toward eating better (and taking your meds - I didn't know you weren't!!!), you will rock (star) this!


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