Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Partying Halloween Style

Happy Halloween!! OK, I'm a day late. Did you have a good one?

Our Halloween was more of a 3 day event.

I'm going to apologize in advance for the amount of pictures that I posted. It's a lot. Hope the page doesn't take forever to upload for ya. My blog is kind of like a diary for me so I hate to leave things out.

Saturday morning started off with a Halloween themed 5K. I'll give you the race recap for that tomorrow. It was a lot of fun.  That night we had a Halloween party to attend. I was kind of tired and having second thoughts about going but I hate to cancel. And it really did sound like fun.

Everyone was to bring a bottle of wine and some sort of food to share. It was a wine and cheese party. You either had to show up in costume or dressed to the nine. We chose costume.

I present to you Halloween party number 1!

It is so good to see the church and demons getting along. The demon did bite my hand once though.
Food was everywhere!
 All of the light bulbs were changed to black lights. LOVE it. I want my house like that all year. Very cool.
 Our hosts Travis and Elyse dressed as a beekeeper and Madame Butterfly. They're both Cajun and have the most adorable accents.

 I was a pirate. I've never heard so many pirate jokes in my life. Actually they were all the same ones just told over and over. LOL Never got old.
 Chuck was a pirate too. We're nothing if original. :)
 Elvis! He wanted to be my buddy and told me he liked my pirate scent. Elvis had a bit too much wine.
 Free is good but I think I'll pass this time.
 Rachel and I got to hang out all night. It was a lot of fun. :)
 Chuck and my sweet little boy who looks rather terrifying.
 The family portrait. Lovely.

 Twas a large party. Even the whole backyard was decorated. They have such a pretty yard. Jealous a bit.
 This guy's eyes were downright creepy!
 Chuck had to inform the devil that she was only 16.

 My offspring. Makes a mother proud.
 Our contribution was a bottle of Parlay. Seemed appropriate being dressed as pirates and all.

 Captain Schumann. Strike a pose. In case you're wondering, that's a dead parrot on his shirt.

 Since we had all gotten up so early that morning we got tired a little early and were home by 11pm. It was a fantastic party though. I hope they do it again next year. Had a blast!!
Sunday was party #2. Our friends Kyle and Valerie were having a pumpkin carving party.

Kyle also goes all out on his decorations and makes most of it himself.

 He made a PVC frame and attached a costume to it for this decoration.
 His life sized pirate that I'm going to steal one day. Think he'll notice?
 Always has to make a face, I swear.
 This one was not a costume party.

 The guys trying to figure out what's wrong with the stereo system. Ohhh.....turn up the volume and it works. LOL

 Time to carve them pumpkins! Kyle had a contraption for a drill that was supposed to core out the pumpkins. It worked great and threw pumpkin guts all over us. Fun. :)
 My baby vampire pumpkin.
 Rachel found a picture online and started carving her pumpkin. She amazes me.

 There was a lot of food including this chocolate covered bacon! It was quite good.
 Charlie's completed pumpkin.
 Rachel's completed pumpkin.

We had a great time at both parties. We're fortunate to have such awesome friends.

Monday Rachel had her own party to go to for Halloween. Her first Halloween away from us. I drove her there and Chuck was going to take Charlie to a neighbor's party for the kids. But Charlie holds up his hand and says, "I got this. You don't need to come."

What the hell happened to my babies?! They grow up way too fast.

So Chuck and I sat in a couple of chairs outside and handed out candy. We actually ran out this year. It was fun seeing all the people in the neighborhood come outside and go door to door. I really love Halloween.

As you can see, it was a busy but very fun weekend.

Tomorrow I'll give a recap of the 5K.

I asked on Facebook but I want to hear from you too. What's your favorite Halloween candy that you can't resist?

*Sorry again for the extra long picture post. :)


  1. What a great weekend this was. You really rocked that pirate costume! Can't wait for next year. Maybe we will have a blogger costume party!

  2. Looks like it was a fun weekend, and I love your family picture!

    I can't resist Reeses - they are just the perfect candy!

  3. Milky Way is my favorite candy bar, Halloween or not. I used to trade my Snickers to my brother to get his Milky Ways!

    You guys really get into Halloween. It's nice that you do it as a family.

  4. AWESOME!!!!!!!! love the 'free boob check!!' LOL

  5. Great photos, Kelly. My favorite candy are mini Kit Kats. I had more than a couple before we ran out last night.

  6. I could eat a Reeses PB cup in one bite. I liked them frozen.... I could eat a whole package.
    Love all the pics... you have the best life!

  7. Great pictures! Looks like tons of fun. Love all the costumes...I may have gone for the mammogram. ;)

    My favourite Halloween candy is Tootsie rolls.


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