Monday, November 21, 2011

Running, Cake and Sparkles

Weight loss news: I ended up losing 3 pounds last week. Not as much as I had hoped but at least it's a loss. Unfortunately, I keep losing the same 3 pounds. I am queen of maintenance.  Yeah! That's what I'm doing! I'm just practicing maintaining. Oh, who am I kidding? I need to get busy with this. I've become so lax with this whole thing. It's easy to lose focus.
Thursday I went for a 2.65 mile walk while Rachel was busy with a class. The park, located in Sugar Land and called Oyster Creek Park, is very pretty.
 Art? I call this piece Spaghetti Gone Wild.
 More art. I shall call this piece Ribs. Maybe I was hungry when I went for this walk!
 Blue skies. Perfect day for a walk. Earlier that morning I had run so I wasn't doing anything too strenuous.
 I was feeling a bit stressed that day. All I wanted to do was run. Run hard! Outrun the stress. Feel my muscles strain. Then two squirrels ran at me and I forgot all about the stress as I dodged scary squirrels. Oh sure! They look cute but they will straight up murder you if given the chance. I have a squirrel scar to prove it!

And what should arrive in the mail that day? Some fine wine from France. Yes, I opened a bottle and it was incredibly smooth.
 On the menu that night was chicken fajitas. I buy the preseasoned packages of fajitas at the grocery store and all I have to do is cook up the meat. So tasty!

I also cut up some onions and bell peppers and sauteed them on the griddle with a little butter and oil.
 After slow cooking them until the onions begin to caramelize, I add a little Worcestershire sauce and soy sauce. Gives them a great flavor.
 On a low carb tortilla with chicken, jalapenos, cilantro, cheese, sour cream, refried beans and a little taco sauce. Wow! These were incredible!
Friday was a rest day. Chuck and I met up with a friend at a pub near Katy, TX called Watson's House of Ales after the kids were finished with park day.
 I was trying to watch my carbs so I had vodka and water on ice. Yeah, that's me being health conscious right there. ha!

I did order a grilled chicken salad though. :)
 This place has a great relaxed atmosphere and our friend was so funny that my side was hurting from laughing so much. We had a fantastic time!
Saturday  I was scheduled for a long run. 9 miles to be exact. There was no way I wanted to run 9 miles in my neighborhood (boring!) so I drove to Brazos Bend State Park. I would have run with my running club but I just did not want to get up at 5am for a run.

I meant to take a before and after picture but all I remembered was the before. I was out of my mind with exhaustion after the run and forgot. Before:
 I decided to run the trails instead of the roads. For one thing it's just prettier but it also forces me to slow down because of roots and rocks.
 The scenery really was pretty. Unfortunately it was also very warm outside. I did bring my handheld Nathan water bottle. Unfortunately I ran out of water somewhere in the back woods around mile 4.
 This guy scared the crap out of me as he ran out of the woods in front of me.
 I finally make it back to where I had parked near the restrooms. I was only at mile 6.3! I filled up my water bottle again and sat at a bench for a couple of minutes. The sweat was dripping off my hat. I sat mesmerized as it made a puddle on the table. That's all sweat.
 This was turning out to be much more difficult than I thought it would be. I wanted to quit but I also knew that if I quit I would be so disappointed with myself. So I kept on. This is at mile 8. So close!!! My heart was pounding. My legs were tired. I was shuffling my feet. This was not ending pretty.
 I finally finish!! 9 miles. I was incredibly slow but the point is that I did it. I ran my 5:1 intervals. As soon as I finished this little guy stood up by the road. I'm pretty sure he was cheering for me. ;)
You'll notice I didn't post my pace for this run. That's because it was embarrassingly slow!

I made a few mistakes with fueling for this run. I learned a lot. Hopefully the 10 mile run won't be as bad as the 9 miler was.
Saturday night Rachel had a birthday party to attend for a friend. She made the cake and I think she did an excellent job. This guy happens to be a big fan of Scream. Even the knife is edible! Of course he loved the cake. :)
Sunday afternoon Rachel was going to see Breaking Dawn with a group of her friends nearly an hour away. Instead of just dropping her off I decided to stay to watch the movie. I've read the books. I like the movies. I'm not obsessed with it like some people are but I did use some spray glitter and I sparkled from my neck down to my fingertips. Love sparkles!!!

The movie was pretty good. Rachel was not impressed but she is also not a Twilight fan.

And then spent the rest of the evening watching football.

It was a pretty busy weekend but it was a lot of fun. Wish it didn't go by so quickly!

Can you believe this week is already Thanksgiving?! This year has just flown by. I guess it's true: time flies when you're having fun. ;)


  1. Love it! those fajitas look so good! yum! you truly seem like an amazing cook :)


  2. Very fun and inspiring post today, Kelly. I really needed to read this today. Your posts always make me smile no matter what is going on in my life.

  3. That armadillo standing up is too funny! The good thing about doing your long runs with the running club is that they set out water throughout the run so you can refill your handheld. Because yeah, 9 miles on one bottle won't cut it, lady! Nice job finishing that run - it can't have been easy.

  4. I feel a bit jealous, to tell you the truth.
    3 pounds in a week - and all that good stuff to eat and drink.
    I think that would be great, Miss Kelly.
    Love the Texas Armadillo, too!
    Ok. not jealous anymore... congrats!

  5. Hey there. I wrote about you today on my blog!! You rock and im looking to you for my inspiration!!!

  6. I'm soooo envious of your sunshine!!! 3 lbs in a week? Kelly, that's fantastic. Love the armadillo photos. We don't get them up here in Canada! Have a great Tues.

  7. Armadillo! Sorry he scared you but he's cute.

    I think it would be worth it to get up early to run with your club just for the support you would get on the long runs. Runs that long are hard.

    P.S. I carry 32 oz. of liquid for run that long!

  8. Those tacos look amazing!!! Just discovered your blog - the TX title caught my eye! =) Check mine out if you get a chance at

  9. I've been craving tacos all week. Seeing your photos did not help!! :)

  10. How are you doing? Hope all is well!

  11. What a great place to run! Beautiful! I was going to ask you what part of town you live in, but if you drove out there I'm doubting you're anywhere near me! :-)


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