Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Up the River with a Paddle

Saturday I found out about a paddle trip and emailed the organizer to see if there was still room. They just happened to have a cancellation at the last minute. Yay for me!!

So Sunday morning Chuck and I get all of our gear together and load the boat. We met the other paddlers at a park in Friendswood called 1776 Memorial Park. We get our boats lined up and ready to launch while a few of the folks run a shuttle to the take-out location.
 The Houston chapter of the Sierra Club hosted the paddle and gave us a little lesson about the area and the creek before we started. There are actually more people going on the paddle but they are busy taking cars to the take-out location.
 10:30am. Time to launch. Shuttles? Launch? Sounds like we're about to visit space!
The banks are very slippery because of the clay. The guys were helpful and assisted me into the boat while it was still on land and then pushed the boat into the water. Weeee!  This is also the first place Chuck and I took the boat when we got it a few years ago. :)
 Yay! Finally on the water.
 We passed some groups of large bamboo. This isn't the largest we passed. They were so pretty!
 There were some stretches where the trees were changing color and the wind would blow flurries of leaves into the air. I liked watching them swirl around until they came to rest on the water. It was serene.

 So hard to get that guy to smile. He said he was having a good time. Me? I was having fun!!
 Smile or I'll splash you! There. That's better.
 Lunch break!! We all just pulled up to the bank and ate lunch from our boats. Yum! Turkey sandwich on a crescent for me.
 Time for a siesta after lunch. Too bad his sunglasses were on his hat and fell in the water. Oops!
 I brought a little something for after the paddle too. Shhh.
 Paddling under bridges is kind of cool and kind of creepy at the same time. It's dark and you can hear the cars pass overhead.
 Some of the houses along the creek are incredible! This one was huge! Chuck could have a mistress in the east wing and I'd never know.
 So peaceful. The fish were hitting the water. There were herons and egrets and an occasional hawk. Just what I needed.
 We reached the end of our paddle around 3:20pm. So we were on the water for a while! 7 miles. Felt good to get on land and stretch out!
 I guarded the boat while Chuck took people back to the launch location to get their cars. And I got to relax.
We loaded the boat, shared a beer with a fellow paddler, chatted for a while, then were on our way home for a relaxing evening. It was a great way to end the weekend.

Monday my shoulders were a bit sore! Worked out some new muscles while paddling!  Can't wait to do it again. :)
Weight loss news: there is none! I can tell you about weight gain though. Monday's scale reading was not to my liking. So I ate right and drank my water. Today, Tuesday, I'm down a pound. I expect to see that number drop as the week progresses. I've come too far to start gaining!

And it's not like I don't know what causes me to gain weight. I have the tools to remedy this. I just have to make the mental commitment to do it! I have to choose this. No one can do it for me. So here I am. Choosing (again) to get myself slimmer and fitter.

If you must know, I'm at 183 pounds today. Not happy about it but no sense in hiding it. It is what it is. It's a number. I guess I'll report on Friday my gain or loss. Oh, there will be a loss!! (How's that for determination and positive thinking?!)

By next summer I want to be able to wear a bikini. That does not mean I will wear a bikini! Just that I'd have the body to be able to wear it should I choose. ;)

Happy Tuesday to you! Thanks for sharing my adventures in life with me.


  1. The boating sounds like fun and very relaxing to be on the water. I would love to do something like that someday soon. Maybe next spring. I'm there with you with the weight gain. I started getting seriously back on plan yesterday. I'm at my scream weight so there is nothing to do but get back on the plan. I refuse to stay at this weight. I want to be back down where I'm comfortable. I wish you the best.

  2. What a lovely trip! I love to be on the water, even though I am not crazy about swimming.

    It actually sounds like you maintain pretty well while enjoying life.

  3. Weight gain...yeah, we all know what causes it, but stopping that behavior takes such a conscious choice. Looks like you have a lot of fun to show for the gain, so there's that, lol! You'll get to that bikini, and when you do, I DARE you to post pictures! Then we'll be jealous. :)

  4. Your outings always look like such fun!!! (And your hubby looks nice in shorts, who!)

    I'd love to do something like that....as long as it's not a kayak. Lots of kayakers round here, but I can't feel contained/strapped. Ick.

    Keep the positive thinking. And the fun!

  5. Hi Kelly, love the paddling pictures!!! Keep up the great attitude!

  6. Looks like a very nice day. I am in the same boat as you as far as weight loss. About 2 years ago I lost my 100 lbs. I have gained a few and lost the same few, but the Dr. just told me I am borderline diabetic and that I really need to loose 20-30 more lbs. It's a constant battle!

    We know how to win the battle, just need to refocus. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us!


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