Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Daily Eats and Some New Goodies

Seriously, could Christmas be approaching any faster!? The month is flying by and I still need to order some gifts. And why is it that I'm always strapped for money at the time of year when I need it most? Hmmm.....

But life is good and I'm a Happy Texan.

I do have a bit of sad news to share. Rachel's pet cockatiel died suddenly. We're not sure if she was egg bound or what. It's always tough to lose a pet. Rachel is taking it well. Oreo will be missed.

Now for some good news: I've lost 6.9 pounds so far this week!! These are pounds I had gained while having a bit too much fun last month but still that's a great number! My body responds very well to cutting back the carbs. I'm trying to watch the calories to a certain extent, especially since I haven't been exercising this week. I'm trying to give my tight calves a chance to feel better.

For breakfast I had a scrambled egg with cheese and turkey sausage crumbles on a low carb tortilla and a cup of coffee. After the coffee I had some green tea.
 Lunch: (I can't believe I forgot to take a picture!) Turkey, cheese and mustard on some low calorie/lower carb bread and half of a Jazz apple. I think the bread has 9g of net carbs for 2 slices and only 45 calories per slice. It's by Sara Lee. Something about wheat with honey.

Snack: a few almonds and green tea

Dinner: I let Rachel decide what she wanted since she had a rough day losing her bird. She requested grilled cheese and tomato soup.

I had mine with a fried egg on it for a bit more protein. And the tomato soup is SO easy to make. In the blender, puree a can of stewed tomatoes and a can of regular or diced tomatoes. Stir in a little salt, basil and oregano. Heat and eat. It's very good for such simple ingredients!

 Dessert: a sugar free Russell Stover candy. I wanted a little sweet.
I got some goodies in the mail!

First is a cookbook. All of the recipes are 100% wheat free, gluten free and low carb. All of the recipes are less than 10g of carbs per serving but most are 5g or less.  I haven't cooked anything out of it yet but there are some good recipes and tips throughout.
 If you're interested in getting your own copy, check out their website. It says that this is their first volume and they are already working on volume 2.

I also got in my Spibelt. Just in time for the big race too! I wanted one because I never seem to have a place to carry keys or a camera when I run. And I really wanted to carry a camera to document this first half marathon. It's not about the speed for me but the experience. Ok, and the medal. I do it for the medal.

Spibelts are made in Austin, TX! The one I got holds 6 gel packs and has a pouch that looks tiny but expands to hold all kinds of crap. I also bought toggles to hold my race bib so I don't have to pin anything on my race shirts. Pretty cool, eh?
Not the race bib I will be using. That's from the last race I did shown for demonstration only. ;)

Notice how the Gu packets are upside down. In my excitement I did it wrong. :)

Have you finished your Christmas shopping this year (if you celebrate Christmas)?


  1. Swear, that's the first thing I noticed, the upside-down GU. I am crazy, I know!

    Sorry to hear about Oreo - it's tough to lose a pet. :(

  2. I love the tomato soup too - we are pinky-jinx twins!

  3. I think its awesome that you made the soup yourself instead of popping open a soup can. Sure, the tomatoes were canned, but they usually don't have the added junk.

  4. I made tomato basil soup with canned tomatoes last week, but mine had a few more steps and ingredients lol!

    I think your massive weight loss also might have to do with the seeming lack of eating out and adult beverages, i.e. last month's fun. I noticed you haven't been posting pics of those...

  5. Definitely the loss is related to cutting back on the adult beverages and eating out! Like I said in the post, I had a bit too much fun last month. I expect the weight loss to slow down soon. But in the meantime I'm REALLY enjoying it! ;)

  6. Congrats!
    Let's keep up the good work together!

  7. Sorry about the loss of Rachel's bird.

    Nice score on all your goodies!

  8. Thanks for mentioning "Low-Carbing Among Friends." (I wrote a couple pages in it, but receive no royalties or similar remuneration.) I'm "online friends" with several of the chefs - they're good folks. I got my book a week ago and look forward to trying it out.



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