Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doing it the Easy Way

Easy. Sometimes I make things more complicated than they need to be but other times I actually do things the lazy easy way.

I found that it's easier for me to stick to eating healthier if I take pictures of my foods. It keeps me accountable since I don't want to post an entire pan of brownies to show as breakfast.

Breakfast yesterday was a couple of hard boiled eggs and a cup of coffee.

 Want to learn how to do something easy? Like boil water? Or make perfect hard boiled eggs?

Put some eggs in a pot and cover with an inch of water.
 Bring to a boil. The water should be dancing like this.
 Remove the pot from the heat and cover with a lid. Let the eggs set for 10 minutes.

Drain, then shake the pan so that the eggs crack.
 Cover with cool water and add ice cubes. Let set for 5 minutes. This stops the cooking process.
 Then peel. The shells slip off easily. Perfect and no ugly green around the yolks. Easy!
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday because Monday night I developed a nasty cough. I usually wouldn't go for just a cough but with the race coming up this weekend I just don't want to chance anything going wrong.

He listened to my lungs. All clear. He put me on a 3 day antibiotic and it really makes me nauseous! It was more of a preventative. Again, I don't take antibiotics without a reason but there's no way I'm chancing anything before this race.

While I was there I also talked to him about some issues I've had lately. I told him that I've been waking up with some night sweats, stressed, anxiety problems in the middle of the night for no reason, and just not quite myself. He asked if I've had some weight gain. Any hair loss? A few more questions. Then he tells me it sounds like my thyroid. Oops!! I had quit taking my thyroid meds for a while to see how I'd do. Instead of doing it the easy way I was trying to do things my way. Didn't work out.

So this week I have been taking my thyroid meds as prescribed. Things are going well and the extra pounds are coming off. 5.8 pounds in 3 days so far!
It was cold outside yesterday! Winter has hit Texas. Libby the kitty found a way to stay cozy.
 Lunch was leftover chili (no rice) with a little cheese, sour cream and jalapenos with a cup of green tea. I've read that green tea can help with weight loss. It would be nice if it was as easy as drinking a glass of tea! Somehow I'm a bit of a skeptic. But I'll try it.

I love a fire on a cold night. Lighting the wood is not always a fun chore but with a gas fireplace we just put logs inside, turn on the gas, light it, and enjoy. Easy! Then when the logs light turn off the gas. Very nice on a chilly night.
 The cat was fascinated by the fire.  She stalked it. You know how cats crouch down before they attack? I was just waiting for her to attack that fire. I don't need a flaming kitty running around the house!

Snack: some camera shy almonds

Dinner was chicken and dumplings as was requested by the family. This is not a low carb meal! I just tried to scoop out mostly the chicken for my serving with only a couple of dumplings.
 And added a big salad with a couple of hard boiled eggs. Nice and filling. A very easy dinner!
I pulled a Kelly yesterday. I had no idea I had been going around all day with mismatched socks. Oh well! At least I was wearing boots and no one saw.
Did you watch Biggest Loser last night? They ran a marathon on that episode. Talk about inspiring!! Two of the runners were pulled out of the race because the doctor was concerned about them. One guy only had 5 miles left to go! I can't imagine going that far only to have to quit.

Then at the weigh in one guy lost 30 pounds! Dang! Something about watching that show makes me want to try harder. Do more.
Countdown had begun! Only 4 more days until my first half marathon. I'm a bit nervous but also very excited. I have an appointment with an orthopedist this Friday since my calves are still tight and hurting. I'm hoping for good news. We'll see!

Have yourself a good Wednesday!


  1. Thanks for the tip on how to boil eggs, I usually just boil and rinse but I will try this method, they are a great snack!

    Don't be nervous about the race, I'm hoping you have nice weather like today!


  2. You have a beaker glass mug? How very Kelly - love it!

    I make my hard boiled eggs that same way, but I don't peel them until I'm ready to eat long do they last unpeeled?

    Glad you are back to taking the thyroid medicine - sounds like you really need it! Hope the yucky symptoms will go away now.

    Your cat is so cute! Her markings are so perfect she almost looks fake, lol!

    Your nerves are quite normal for the race, but you've got this one in the bag. Noooooo problemo. :)

  3. I love eggs. I boil half a dozen at the weekend and take them to work for lunch with my salad. I also don't peal them until I am about to eat the boiled eggs.

    I also eat them some mornings for breakfast, although in the mornings I have a fried egg sandwich. I use 40 calorie slice bread and a cook the egg in a small amount of coconut oil. Salt & pepper to taste.. love it :)

    Good luck with the race!

  4. Your kitty is so adorable! She is kind of like my kitty only with short hair :D

    You will do fine with the half. You have been training consistently thus far and are ready.

  5. Hi Kelly, glad you are taking care before the big race. Your kitty is ADORABLE!!!!! Glad you are back on your meds and hope the symptoms go away very soon!!! Take care.

  6. Can't mess around with thyroid meds, they aren't optional. I've been taking them for 5 years, and now I have nodules on my thyroid, so it will be getting all sorts of attention!

  7. I love that way to make eggs.. easy and never fails!
    Love your socks too!


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