Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Sweet Christmas

What a great Christmas! Did you have a good holiday?

I spent last week making goodies to share with friends and family. These were not health conscious munchies but all out sugar and butter and carb bombs.

The first thing I made was a big batch of Texas Trash. It's kind of like Chex mix but with more spice and has Fritos and pecans. Yum! I love this stuff. Glad it's not in the house any more because I just can't resist.
 Then peanut patties!! I don't know if these are sold everywhere but I know they're common in Texas convenience stores. They're red colored and have the consistency of a praline and have a bit of a vanilla flavor. Melt in your mouth goodness. I sent some to work with Chuck to share so I got to make two batches. Don't tell but I have the ingredients to make one more batch still. May have to do that. ;)
 Oreo Balls!! These are rich and sinful. Start with a bag of oreos and 8 oz. cream cheese. Blend in food processor until smooth.
 Make into balls and let chill for about an hour.
 Melt white candy coating and dip the truffles. Then drizzle with melted chocolate.
 Sit back and enjoy. I store these in the fridge because of the cream cheese. But they won't need to be stored long because they don't stay around!
 Time for a BIG batch of Martha Washington candies. I've seen them called Christmas candy too. Growing up there was always a batch made by someone at my grandmother's Christmas table. We'd look forward to getting one of those candies all year.

It was such  big batch that my big boy of a kitchen mixer even had trouble mixing it up!
 Some of the candies after they've been dipped in melted chocolate chips with a little paraffin.
 A very sweet coconut and pecan candy.
 I had quite a few leftover nuts so I made up a batch of cinnamon sugar almonds and pecans. Made the house smell sooooo good.
 Rachel and I had to share the kitchen as she made this adorable penguin cake!! Tasty as it is cute. Love my girl's cakes.
 Friday we made the drive to my parents' house to have an early Christmas dinner with them and my brother and his fiance. My mom goes all out with these feasts. There was so much food! Shrimp cocktail, enchiladas, two hams, a turkey and lots of sides. THIS is just SOME of what was leftover after everyone had gorged.
 We had a very nice time hanging out with the family. Mom and dad loved their goodie basket. I may have sampled it a little too.

The kids wore themselves out and slept on the way home. So cute when they sleep.
Saturday was rainy and cold so we canceled our plans to drive around looking at Christmas lights. Instead we stayed in and drank hot chocolate around the fireplace and watched Christmas movies. It's not Christmas until you watch It's a Wonderful Life and Christmas Story!!

The kids opened a couple of gifts and then it was off to bed for us.

Tomorrow I'll post some pics of the kids opening their gifts on Christmas morning.

I love this time of year! Watching the kids open their gifts is the highlight for me.
How are my legs doing? I'm so glad you asked! I've been taking my prednisone and stretching and I think it's finally helping. I haven't exercised at all!! I feel a little guilty about that but I really don't want to stress my calves out any more. I need them to get better so I can get back to running. I have a 5K and a half marathon next month!!

To be totally honest, the injury has shaken my confidence at little. A lot. I'm worried that the legs will start hurting again just as soon as I start running. I'm gong to take it slow once I start back. Maybe just run a couple of miles 3 times and see how it feels that week. Then I'll reevaluate.

But as of today, I can walk without the constant pain. That's a good thing and a step in the right direction!
How's my weight? Not so glad you asked!
I haven't stepped on the scale but let's just say I've had a very good time over the past couple (or 3 or 4) weeks. Time to drop some pounds.
Hope you've enjoyed the holidays.

New Year's Day is coming very soon! Do you make resolutions?


  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas. I am in sugar shock just from reading all about those delicious looking desserts. I didn't do any baking or candy making this time. I was able to behave fairly well. Still, I was up a few pounds the day after Christmas. Working on that now.

  2. I would like the recipe for the Texas Trash please. Would you email it to me? Pleeeeeeeease?!

  3. I can't believe you posted pictures of Oreo Balls lol.. I so want to make some now.

  4. All that baking - dang girl, you were busy! And being a penguin lover, I adore Rachel's cake...

    I think any kind of injury/setback can shake your confidence, but you are doing what the doctor said to be healed, and YOU SHALL HEAL. There, I have spoken. ;) You are going to rock those next couple of races, and I'm looking forward to doing the Dirty Girl with you (well now, that sounded odd) in March.

  5. This blog is making me hongry..... in the worst possible way!!!

  6. Have mercy! That is a lot of great looking food!

    Glad your legs are feeling better. Hopefully when you get back to running it will be a pain free experience.

    Love the penguin cake!

    Undecided on resolutions...will have to give it some thought.

  7. WOW! Decadent treats! I would love some of those cookies, :D


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