Sunday, January 8, 2012

Burning Down the House (when chicken wings attack!)

Woke up Sunday with a sore throat and some aching joints. I will not get sick. I refuse.

Started the day by returning a bad eggplant to the farmer's market. Then went to Target so Charlie could spend some Christmas money. That kid must hate money because he tries to get rid of it as quickly as possible! Anyway, while there I saw sparkly shoes!!
So I uploaded the picture to Facebook and asked my buddies if it was a yes or no. Some people (you know who you are) didn't like them but the overall consensus was that it was a yes. Now I'm trying to decide if I really need them. But they have sparkles!!

I got a 6 week free trial for the Grocery Game. I used to do it all the time and save a lot of money. So armed with sale information I went to the grocery store and ended up saving $78! About 40% of my grocery bill. I was pretty excited.

Weight: down for a total of 7.9 (I'm claiming 8) pounds so far this week. That's just since Tuesday. I'll take it!

The Eats: I noticed that I've been doing a few things wrong with this induction thing. Plus I haven't been eating near enough vegetables. So I've been trying to add in a few more.

Breakfast: two fried eggs and 3 slices of bacon. 1.2 grams carbs
 Lunch: 3 cups of greens, 1/4 cup cucumber, boiled egg, some deli ham, 1 slice crumbled bacon, sweet mustard dressing. Delicious! 6.1 grams carbs

Snack for the big game: Here's where things got interesting. I've never made wings before but I wanted to try a new recipe from Low Carbing Among Friends (an awesome cookbook, btw!).

I got the oil heated in a big pot. Added my chicken wings. The oil started to foam. It foamed fast and then all of a sudden it was overflowing! Do you know what happens when oil overflows?
My stove was clean I promise! The overflow was messy.
First thing I did was remove the pot. Then I just stared at the fire. Oh yeah! I should turn off the gas! With that done I didn't know what to do. What's a blogger to do but grab the camera and take a picture of the fire for the blog?! It's an illness, I tell you. Finally the fire just went out. Next time I was told to either use a fire extinguisher (which I guess I need to buy) or cover it with something. Lesson learned.

I transferred the oil to a larger pot, reheated and added chicken. Finally got the wings fried up and tossed with a garlic parmesan sauce.

OK, guys. These are the best wings I've ever had. The kids were eating them too! Charlie doesn't even like wings. Chuck just kept saying, "Oh my god! These are low carb? They're so good!!! Incredible!"  They really are good. I think next time I might try to bake them. My first grease fire ever!

And I was NOT aware that raw chicken wings had little bitty bits of feathers. I squealed a little and dropped it back in the bag. I had 3 pounds of these things. My meat comes packaged at the grocery store. I rarely get reminders that these things once had a mom. Seeing feathers freaked me out a bit. Fortunately they cooked off. Ick!! *shudder*

The results: absolutely fantastic! 5 star recipe for sure. I don't care if you eat low carb or not...this is something you just have to try.
Sorry for the crappy phone picture.
 I only had 1 but 6 of them are only 1 gram of carbs.
Trust me, you want to make these! You can find the recipe HERE. (scroll down for the wings video or buy Low Carbing Among Friends. You'd think I get a commission or something but I just really like the book.)

Dinner: after the scary fire incident I didn't really feel like cooking. So lettuce wrapped bacon cheeseburger from Carl's Jr (the pickles tasted sweet so I removed them) and 1/2 cup cucumbers and some ranch dressing. Nice and filling for 5 grams carbs.
 Dessert: "bread" pudding with homemade whipped cream. 2.6 grams of carbs. I ate a serving and went back for seconds. :)
The "bread" is actually cubed eggplant! I was surprised how good it was! The color of the pudding is kind of gray and a little watery but the flavor is there. I really liked it and you can't tell there's eggplant in it at all!
This is also from the cookbook but you can find the recipe HERE.

It was an interesting day. Kitchen fires. Grocery savings. Feathers. Eggplant as bread.

I love the adventure that is life. What's next?!


  1. I love the shoes. I have some that are similarly sparkly but they are blue. I ADORE them.

  2. I think baking soda can be poured on a grease fire. Also...I highly recommend grilled wings...adds an extra dimension of flavor as well as lets some fat drip off.

  3. I am glad you liked them. I was inspired by a local restaurant's version of the wings, and I think the recipe turned out pretty close to the original. They are my wife's favorite anytime we go out for wings.

  4. PS - If you are interested in grilled wings, I'd urge you to try out this recipe:

    It's also in the book under Diet Cola wings.

  5. Ack, your poor stove! Glad the fire went out quickly...and yes, you (and I) need kitchen fire extinguishers. I think they make cute little ones. We should shop! :)

    You know I am for all things pink and sparkly, but I don't think I could wear those shoes. Did you try them on?

    Oh, and eggplant as (bread) pudding?!? Now I have heard of everything, lol!

  6. I want those shoes
    I want those shoes
    I want those SHOES :)


  7. Kelly...can you Facebook me the chicken wing recipe? For some reason, that is the only recipe (of all your recent recipe posts) that I can't seem to bring up. The page comes up, but the recipe area is blank...?!?!?

    You can also use flour next time you have a grease fire...

    Keep rockin!!!

  8. My niece Gracie has shoes just like that :)

    We love chicken wings but I cannot bring myself to fry things. I'd try them grilled or baked however...

  9. Love the shoes - I'd wear them.
    Sucks about the grease fire, very glad there wasn't too much damage.

  10. I bake my wings- buy fresh from store, never frozen. Season with red pepper flakes, fresh garlic, salt and sauce (Franks for buffalo), let marinate for a couple of hours in the fridge. Put them on baking sheet with foil, and lots of non stick cooking spray. BAKE at 500 for 30 minutes, very high temperature, they pretty much fry in their own fat but in the oven, they come out very crispy. Once out toss them in a bowl in your favorite sauce, whatever you used for marinade.


  11. Yay to not burning down the house!!!

    My eggplant parmigiana was delicious...your bread pudding sounds interesting.

    Congratulations on your big loss!!!

  12. Haha - at this rate, you'll get a free copy of the next volume. ;) THANK you! If you have a fabulous low-carb and gluten-free recipe that you'd like to share, email it to me and you'll be in the book as well. My email is under my profile on my blog.

    Thank you for your kind words and the unprompted PR. Lovely! Your meals look SO GOOD! I'm sure you are helping many, many people.


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