Monday, January 9, 2012

Fried Rice Low Carb Style

Monday hit Houston with a vengeance. We had tornadoes and some heavy rains. By we I mean Houston area. I didn't personally experience the wrath of Mother Nature. The wind was howling though. Oooo....eery. 

Honestly, we need the rain. Just not all at once, thank you.

Still woke up with a sore throat and I'm still in denial. I'm gargling with Listerine and taking my vitamins. I refuse to get sick and I'm pretty stubborn. Just ask the people who know me. ;)

Not much going on. Year of no excuses but I somehow have found an excuse not to go running for about two weeks now. Today it was the torrential rain. I'm hoping tomorrow to get out there for an easy 20 minute run. I really don't know why I'm putting this off. I guess I'm worried about my calf injury making itself known again.
"Fiddle dee dee. I'll worry about that tomorrow." ~Miss Scarlet from Gone with the Wind.


Breakfast: couldn't decide what I wanted but when I saw I had two slices of cooked bacon in the fridge I knew just what they needed. Two fried eggs with a generous dose of hot sauce. And a sugar free Rock Star who didn't want to pose for a picture.
 Snack: there was no snack. Breakfast kept me going all morning long.

Lunch: I'm still struggling with eating all of the veggies that are recommended. 6 cups of greens AND up to 2 cups of veggies (depending on carb count). That's a lot!

I had 3 cups of greens and topped it with tuna salad that included some celery. Topped that with cheese, some bacon pieces, and sweet mustard dressing. So good. I had trouble eating it all. That was a big salad!
 Snack: no snack! That salad was huge!

Dinner: Faux fried rice. I didn't expect much from this recipe. (no offense, Mr. Altena) Shredding cauliflower and expecting it to taste like rice? No way. But I tried it anyway.

I admit that when I first dumped that shredded cauliflower (easy to do with the food processor) into the skillet it smelled like a giant fart. Ewww! But as it cooked and everything mingled the smell changed from ewwww to mmmmm. Shocked, I was.

After all was said and done I had a bowl of this beauty. What did it taste like??
 Best fried rice I've ever had. It had so much flavor! I still didn't expect the kids to eat it. But Rachel asked if I would make it again soon. Charlie didn't know it wasn't rice and cleaned his bowl. Chuck was impressed as well. This tasted just like fried rice.

I really can't recommend this recipe highly enough. You just have to try it to believe it. I did make one change: instead of ham I used leftover Italian pork roast. 6.3 grams net carbs (that means fiber is subtracted from carb count)
You can find the recipe HERE and in this cookbook.

Dessert: leftover "bread" pudding with whipped cream. Yum!!!
So a very tasty day. :)
Total carbs for the day was only 17.2 grams of carbs. I still needed more veggies.

Tuesday marks a full week on induction. I'll be reporting on the weight loss total then. Hope it's a good one!


  1. Try scrambling your eggs and adding veggies or making a veggie omelet instead of having 2 fried. I can get about 1 1/2 cups of veggies in a scramble.

    The shredded cauliflower/riced cauliflower is going around the Paleo blogs like crazy. Have you seen the recipe for Pizza crust using that?

  2. From a giant fart to best fried rice EVAR that is the sign of good recipe. :-D Thanks for having enough faith in the recipe to at least try it. I like the recipe slightly modified as another neutral base to carry my Italian sauces too.

  3. Interesting fried rice! I'll have to check out that recipe, if only to see if I can fool Jeff, much like that lady on TV who used to give her husband Sanka instead of real coffee!

  4. The fried "rice" was phenomenal. And it's even tasty as a left over dish.

    It did smell bad in the early stages, but that smell left very quickly and it was very, very good.

  5. Ok...Kent stole my "from fart to fabulous" style I'll just lame-in and congratulate you on your courage to try new recipes...especially with a family to bring along in your efforts.


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