Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Good Blog & My Reminder List

We all have blogs we visit for inspiration and ideas. I've been visiting a few blogs regularly to help me with getting back into my low carb groove and improve my numbers on the scale and my health.  Now I'd like to share these blogs with you. I'll share one at a time.

Today I want to introduce you to Kent Altena. He is an Atkins success story who lost over 200 pounds and has kept it off for several years.
 You can read part of his success story on the Atkins web site HERE.

Kent has run several races including half marathons and marathons all while eating low carb. He has been very helpful to me and answered questions regarding fuel during racing and little questions in general.

But the reason I keep going back to his blog are for the recipes! Every single thing I have made of his has been excellent. My family is constantly asking for his Garlic Parmesan wings. It's my son's favorite thing now. And I love the mock danish. The cinnamon buns are downright dangerously good! There has not been one thing I've made that hasn't been great! Oh, and I'm making his Faux Fried Rice (just click on fried rice link in post) again this week because the kids have been asking for it. Weird! My kids are asking for vegetables.

I also visit his blog to watch his extensive library of videos he's made to answer all kinds of questions about eating this way (found at top of blog). They've been more than a little helpful to me.

He has a section in Low Carbing Among Friends cookbook devoted to his story and recipes. Great book and great recipes.

As a matter of fact, I made one of his recipes for dinner last night. I'll share that with you in a moment.

But do go check out Kent's web site. A nice guy and GREAT recipes and videos. Plus when the scale isn't budging it's nice to see such a success story to motivate me. ;)

So this is the first blog I wanted to share with you. There will be more. Try one of his recipes. You won't be disappointed. I'd suggest the chicken wings. They're pretty much legendary around here and will make you say, "I can eat this and lose weight? No way!"
Monday was a busy day for the Happy Texan. I had some coupons to clip and head to the grocery store. My morning got away from me and I just had a small snack for breakfast.

One thing I've learned is never go to the grocery store hungry! So before I left for my errands I had a filling lunch: chicken fajitas, mashed cauliflower, and massaged kale salad. Look! I got in some veggies!

Off to the pet store for frozen rats and mice, bird food for the parrots and a nail trimmer for the dog. Pets are expensive! Yes, I did say frozen rats and mice. The snakes eat once a week. Yes, I said snakes. Aw, they're not so bad. And they're quiet!

At the grocery store I ended up saving a good chunk of change by shopping the sales and clipping a few coupons.
I get home and Chuck demanded suggests asks nicely that I have dinner ready by 4:30 so he can go shoot a match that night. It's a zombie match (still not sure what that means) at an indoor range called The Arms Room. I'm not anti-gun but they just don't hold the same appeal to me as they do to him but I'm ready to be a cheerleader when duty calls. I did get a gun for Valentine's Day once. Somehow I don't think that mistake will be repeated. Ever. Nothing says I love you like a bullet.

Anyway, it's after 3pm and I have to have dinner ready pronto. And I have fried chicken, steamed fresh broccoli and mashed cheddar "potatoes" planned. Not exactly a quick weeknight dinner.

I throw all of the ingredients together for the breading which is parmesan and a bunch of seasonings. Look how pretty! I love the colors. Hmmm....might have to use that scheme as paint colors in the house.  (yes, I do get distracted easily)
 Then, oh crap! I forgot to buy cream at the store! It was even on my list. I was told that it is common for women to make this mistake but I do not believe that and take great offense.

I'm back home in a jiffy but Chuck walks through the door at around 4pm. Dang! I haven't even started!

Bread the chicken and let it set for a few minutes so it and the breading can become friends and bond. (recipe called for chicken parts but I have trouble eating chicken off the bone. I blame my years studying biology because I hate being able to name the tissues and bones. Will always remind me of the cat I dissected. ewwww and awesome at the same time! Darn it! Got distracted again.)
 Guess what. Dinner completed and on the table at 4:40. 10 minutes later than the 4:30 deadline I was asked to meet but I heard no complaining.
Oh good golly Miss Molly! This is some good eats right here. (I will refrain from being distracted and going on a tangent about Alton Brown and Good Eats.) Every plate was cleaned. I might have seen someone licking his plate but I will not mention names. Charlie asked if we had more. Rachel asked if we could have it again and said it was one of her favorite fried chickens I had ever made.

I don't remember the last time I made fried chicken. Back in 2010 and it was from America's Test Kitchen. What do you know? I DO remember the last time I made it!

Low carb chickeny goodness coming in at 2 grams net carbs each. I have a ratings system for my recipes which runs from 0-5 stars. I ask the family to rate each recipe then I write the results in my cookbooks along with the date I made it and any comments. So when I asked for the rating for the chicken I was told 11 stars, an obvious reference to Spinal Tap the movie but my cap is five stars.
You want to make this recipe. And where did I get it? You know the answer to this. Low Carbing Among Friends. And whose recipe is it? Kent Altena's. You can find the recipe on his blog as well as the cookbook. Enjoy!!!

After dinner we went to the zombie shooting spree. I sat in the waiting area and ventured into the range area when it was Chuck's turn to shoot. Not a good night for him but I think he had fun. My view:

Had the munchies when I got home so had a few pork rinds with a little jalapeno cheddar dip which is way too good. Chuck hates pork rinds and he was noshing on them.

I spent the rest of the evening looking through my Atkins book. My weight has been all over the place lately. Some was hormonal but after Austin I had a gain and it just doesn't want to go back down.  Well, I take that back, it has been steadily decreasing. So I decided enough was enough and I was going to get hard core about this.

The following are things that I highlighted in my book and is meant as a list for me to review. It may hold no interest for you whatsoever but I need it so I can glance back at it as a reminder.

Atkins Induction (and extended induction) Reminder List
  • can stay in induction up until I only have 15 pounds to lose then I really need to move to Ongoing Weight Loss (OWL) so I can start adding more carbs and more foods back into diet. Can move sooner if I wish though. Up to me.
  • Cheese-only have up to 4 oz per day
  • cream- only have 1-1.5 oz per day
  • eat 3 meals a day or 4-5 smaller meals
  • if not hungry at mealtime, just have a small low carb snack but make sure it has fat and protein
  • sweeteners- only have up to 3 per day (oops)
  • drink two cups of broth per day until I add 50 grams of carbs back to my daily intake
  • drink 1 cup of broth an hour before strenuous exercise
  • always have veggies with a fat and a protein
  • don't go more than 6 hours without eating
  • lime/lemon juice- have up to 2-3 tablespoons per day
  • purchased salad dressings should have no more than 3 net grams carbs per serving
  • ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen can cause water retention and may block fat burning. Use Tylenol instead
  • drink at least 8 8-oz glasses of water per day
That's it for today. It's a rainy day here in Houston but even if I have to run in the rain I'm going to get in my training. Determination is the word for the day.


  1. Replies
    1. Yum! I'd have to scrape off the panko and just eat the bacon though. ;)

  2. That's nice of you to highlight other bloggers!

    So your list...I think it's good to go back and double check things, especially when you seem to be stalled. With anything - diet, exercise, house cleaning (what?), it's easy to drift away from good intentions, and those reminders are so helpful.

    The gun/bullet Valentine's Day gift made me laugh. :)

    1. House cleaning? I've been waiting for months for the maid to show up! LOL

      Yeah, I always get a kick out of the Valentine bullet. hahaha

  3. I am honored to be featured and almost reached the blushing phase before I quickly scrolled down to the food pics.

    I learned something today too. I have only glanced at the new book, and never realized they added these:
    "purchased salad dressings should have no more than 3 net grams carbs per serving
    ibuprofen, aspirin and naproxen can cause water retention and may block fat burning. Use Tylenol instead"

    I find it interesting that they have increased the carbs per salad dressing from 2 to 3g per 2 tbsp. I also had no idea about ibuprofen, which I typically use. I always attribute swelling or inflammation as being the source of water gain. I don't use anti-inflammatories often, but I'll have to try out tylenol instead and hold an experiment of one to see if I notice a difference.

    1. You have a great blog and you've certainly helped me a lot. Thank you!

      I'm curious to get the old book now. Regarding the dressings, it did say that making your own was best. And they give some recipes in the book. The Sweet Mustard dressing is VERY good.

      You've done great, Kent. Very impressive weight loss. And you've kept it off!

  4. Great post! I love looking at other peoples' journeys too because it inspires me to keep moving.

    The meal looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'll have to take a look at that chicken wing recipe. While we don't eat them often, we do love them and Mr. Helen requested some for Super Bowl.

    Proud of you for eating some green Miss Kelly!

  6. Hey - I know that guy!
    Um..... I forgot the cream just this week! Not once, but twice!
    Food looks great!


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