Friday, January 27, 2012

Hot Diggidy Corn Dog

Beautiful Thursday here in Houston, TX. I stretched and made myself a Muffin in a Minute. I added Truvia and made it a bit sweeter and also some pumpkin pie spice. With a little cream cheese these things aren't half bad. 3.5 grams net carbs each.
Sorry about the rotten photos. I'll start using a real camera to take pictures again.

Muffin in a Minute



  1. Mix the flax meal, baking powder, sugar substitute and cinnamon in a coffee mug or single-serving soufflé dish.
  2. Add the egg and butter (or oil). Mix with dry ingredients.
  3. Microwave 1 minute or more, until firm
  4. Turn out and serve with butter or cream cheese. Or toast before applying spread.
Net Carbs:

 I used a Nathan's skinless hot dog which has 1g of carbs. I dried it off to help the batter stick. It's a very thick batter so it must be shaped with your hands. I added 1/2 tsp. of unflavored gelatin powder to also help it stick. Then fried it in a little coconut oil.
 The taste was really good. It's not just like a real corndog but I liked it a lot. Next time I'll add a pinch of salt and a pinch of sweetener to try to give it a little more of that authentic corndog flavor. Definitely a keeper recipe.  You can find it HERE.

Served it with an ample amount of mustard and a big spinach salad with Caesar dressing.

 Chuck got a sirloin but when it came out it was so tough that he had to send it back. He never sends food back so it must have been pretty bad. So he decided to get what I ordered instead:
fillet with lobster tail, broccoli and grilled asparagus.
 It was very good! And I learned that I have developed an allergy to lobster. That is so unfair! First shrimp and now lobster?! I refuse to believe it even though my throat started to swell and it became difficult to swallow. I gave the rest of the lobster to Chuck who enjoyed it immensely.

Small victory: instead of devouring the loaf of bread they set on the table I just looked at it. I'm sure it wasn't that good anyway, right? Right?!

Feeling full and relaxed we went to a Starbucks to hang out and have a cup of coffee with a shot of sugar free hazelnut. Ahhhh.


  1. Outback sounds wonderful. I don't like their Ahi Tuna either though. I was expecting it to be warm and it was ice cold. Not my cup of tea at all. I love their ribeyes. I think we will stay in and have pan-fried ribeyes tonight.

  2. I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I am so impressed with the variety of foods you've been able to whip up on your regimen...I guess it is thankful there were other food science pioneers making these recipes work. They do look great.

  3. Corn dogs!!! Woohoo!!! That looks great.

    Have fun on the run and don't hurt yourself!!!

  4. That corn dog looks authentic! I wonder if you can buy sticks to make it seem like you're at the carnival?

    Have fun at the half - don't push yourself...remember, get your money's worth from the entry fee. ;)

    This weekend? We are staying home and continuing to embrace frugality since we spent all our money the first week of January. Looking forward to payday on Feb. 1st, though!

  5. The corndog looks good. I am not doing the low carb thing so that is off limits for me. Your experience at Outback is all to common these days. They have had some quality control issues and I refuse to go there until they fix it. They lowered the grade of meat that they stock witch is why your husbands steak sucked. Have fun at the race.

  6. That corndog looks pretty authentic to me. My brother loves those things and always bought one when we went to the fair.

    Since you're not really trained for this half just take it easy and get across the finish line. In fact, I'd be tempted to just walk the whole thing.

    No plans for the weekend which is fine by me!

  7. I am really going to have to break down and buy that cookbook.

    Do plenty of walking at the NOT hurt yourself and set yourself back.

    Plans for the wknd are to shop, shop, shop. Getting ready to throw my parents a 40th anniversary party next wknd so I've got lots o' stuff to buy! :)

  8. Have a lot of fun at your half Marathon, take it easy though.

    I am working a Tradeshow this weekend as well as planning to spend a day skating and swimming with my kids and in-laws.

    I really enjoy your blog. Thank you for always being so real and for the awesome photo's. I am not doing low carb but it is really interesting seeing what you can have.


  9. Good job on the corn dogs. Looks great, although I've never had one in my entire life!

    Kelly, please listen to your body in the race, okay? Don't push yourself too much and regret it later. It's not worth it.

  10. I would love to try those little corn dogs... I must be hungry... my little mouth is a-watering!

  11. Hope you comleted the marathon OK and cowbell was not worn out.

    My weekend was more sedate with a church potluck and wedding shower; then on to watching the Pro Bowland writing a blog about a somewhat healthy roast beef and veggie prep I did for the pot luck.

    I am not a cook and don't even like to cook, so this effort took most of Saturday.


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