Thursday, January 5, 2012

Italian Pork Roast

Wednesday. Day 2 of Induction phase. Trouble thinking straight. Cotton mouth. Bad headache. Saw a man on tv with a soft pretzel. I would have straight up murdered him for that pretzel. It's best that I did not leave the house. Things are intense. I'm irritable. Stomach is upset.

I had planned to go running. Then I thought to myself, "Why the *$&@ do people run when we have perfectly good cars these days!?!"  Even a bike would be better. So I did not run. I think I will change my mind as soon as the splitting headache goes away. But for Wednesday, I am irritable. It won't take much to set me off. God help the person who brings a french fry near my face.

Better days are ahead. I know it. I believe it. I've been through this before. The first few days I'm a bit like the chick from The Exorcist. Instead of holy water being splashed on me, I have protein shakes. After a few days, it will get better. I have faith.

All kidding aside, Wednesday was tough. I wasn't very hungry but the headache was pretty intense. This happened last time and it does get better. It just sucks the first few days. Then I feel friggin fantastic as soon as this passes. So please forgive me if I don't make sense for a few days. If you hear of a pretzel shop being robbed and all the robber took was pretzels (specifically cinnamon sugar pretzels), that's me!

Good news: I dropped two pounds already. Could it be because of the 5 times I had to get up to pee through the night? Nah! Too much information?

Breakfast: a pancake. I should have made it into pancakes instead of one big one because it fell apart. What was I thinking? Oh, I wasn't! It still tasted great topped with some sugar free syrup.
 Low carb pancakes: blend 3 oz softened cream cheese, 2 eggs, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 Tbs sugar-free syrup (I used hazelnut) until combined. Cook in a skillet sprayed with oil. Flip when bubbles appear and top is set.  about 4.5 carbs for whole thing

Lunch: I made wraps with lettuce, turkey, mayo and cheddar stick.
 Wrapped it up and served with a couple of hot n spicy pork rinds. What? I needed something crunchy. About 2.2 carbs total
 Snack: Atkins bar. They were on sale. 2g carbs
 Dinner was exceptional! Italian pork roast, spinach with cream cheese, and broccoli with italian seasoning and lemon. approx. 5.9 grams carbs
 Low carb or not, the pork roast was one of the best I've had. I highly recommend you try this easy recipe! Recipe HERE. I found it in the cookbook Low-Carbing Among Friends.

Dessert: a low carb ice cream bar. Not exactly on the induction list of approved eats but I wanted one. 5 grams carbs.

Total today was approx. 19.8 grams carbs. Not bad.

Just an fyi for anyone who may be interested (and after my description of day 2, why wouldn't you be?! LOL) is giving away a free starter kit here.

In other news, Charlie had his first piano lesson today. He loved it! We tried this a while back and I guess he just wasn't ready. Thanks to the grandparents for paying for it and for transporting him to and fro.

I raise my glass of water to day 2 of induction. It's over. Cheers! May day 3 be easier. Two days down, 12 more to go. Bring it.


  1. You are doing so well Kelly! Just stick with it because it will get better (you know this!) and you will feel GREAT! You are a strong woman and I know you can get through the rough patches!

    Keep up the good work! And thanks for the pancake recipe...I'n trying it tomorrow!!!

  2. Yummy! I thought your pancake was chicken at first :P

    Yay for a 2 lb loss! Keep up the great work.

  3. Ah it sucks abotu the headache - but like you said, it will go away and I guess knowing that makes it a bit more tolerable.
    Love the look of those lettuce wraps - I'm going to have to try that. I've never been a big bread person and I always forget about making wraps with lettuce. I know I'd like it much better.
    You are doing great - like Wendy said you are a stong woman and you will make it through this...
    Rockin the 2lbs - yahoo!
    Looking forward to seeing today's eats :)

  4. You are doing great. Kelly. The fact that you are having withdrawals means that Atkins will work for you. Good job on the loss. Expect to see more during the next couple of weeks.

  5. I swear, your withdrawal symptoms would make me never want to stray again! Hope you are feeling better soon. :)

  6. You can celebrate that pain as evidence that is working. I've never done Atkins specifically, but I do recall that they also suggest buying those PH strips to see if your body is in Ketosis...another way to gain some confidence that you are on the right track.

    Sounds like some happy discomfort that shows you are on the right track!

  7. Hope you pass through the side effects soon Kelly. Take care.

  8. Hi, I just found your blog and like it, but the pictures are making me hungry LOL!!!


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