Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Low Carb Chocolate Twinkies!

What a busy day! Before I get into the day, let me tell you about my night.

I was born with a "gift". I can predict a weather change. Not in a way that would actually save lives by giving an advanced warning of a hurricane or anything of that nature. No, my weather prediction comes on within a few hours of a change in the weather.

I can tell you if it's going to rain or if a front is coming through. How? My legs ache and feel like they need to be stretched and pulled. It's a maddening feeling and only happens when the weather changes. It keeps me up at night! I toss. I turn. And no amount of melatonin or Nyquil will quell the pain. I remember sitting in school and twisting and turning at my desk because of my legs.

It's an interesting curse gift but one I'd gladly give up. Last night we had a cold front blow through and my legs let me know it all night long.

After a nice pot of coffee this morning and a couple of pieces of leftover low carb pizza from yesterday, I was off to meet my mom to let her take Charlie for the weekend. I'm going out of town  for the Gorilla Run in Austin!!

My mom lives on 10 acres and has all kinds of plants and some chickens and ducks. She gave me 3 dozen yard eggs and a couple of bags of Meyer lemons from her trees. I think it's so cool to get food from your yard. That just doesn't happen here in suburbia though I do have some mint, rosemary and chives growing in my "landscaping". Landscaping in quotes because it's mostly just a scattering of a few plants I haven't killed. Look at the goodies I got!
 And what to do with that many eggs? Boil some! Look closely. One of these things is not like the other. Do you see it?
Yep. Mom snuck in a duck egg. There are more in the other cartons. I'm skeptical but I guess an egg is an egg is an egg.

Lunch: I made a version of massaged kale salad and topped it with some leftover chicken fajita. Very good! Now for the kale salad I didn't use the mango or pumpkin seeds called for in the recipe and I substituted some Truvia for the honey. A great way to get in some greens.
 More driving around. Rachel had Debate class. After driving to and from the class at almost an hour drive each way, I was finally back home a little after 4:30.

A short rest then it was time to make dinner.

I tried a new recipe from LCAF called Coconut Apricot Chicken. Oh wow. Incredible! I served it over some of the massaged kale salad. Since it was massaged it was some very relaxed kale.

 And after I cooked it I realized I wasn't supposed to add apricots into my diet just yet. Oops. Adding in foods is done incrementally so you can find out how your body reacts. First nuts and seeds are added and new food groups are added slowly. Oh well. It was just a little sugar free apricot jam.

I read a headline today that said that low carb was being blamed for the death of Twinkies. Did you know Hostess filed for bankruptcy? It's true!

So in honor of Twinkie biting the dust I made a low carb chocolate Twinkie tonight. The recipe is found in LCAF and here.
 I baked them just a little too long so they were slightly dry but the flavor is there. Sooooo good! Filled with real whipped cream!

2.7 grams carbs each and 164 calories. Absolutely love them! Just so you know I have a Twinkie pan to make these in. ;) Gotta have my kitchen toys.

In weight loss news, I reported yesterday that I lost 1.4 pounds. This morning showed I lost 1.6 pounds since yesterday. I'm not complaining! It's just kind of weird. That puts my weight loss in the past two weeks a little over 10 pounds. Not bad!

When's the last time you had a Twinkie?!


  1. "Since it was massaged it was some very relaxed kale."

    Relaxed kale! Hilarious! Since it was relaxed, I guess it didn't scream with pain when you bit into it?

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  3. Massaged kale salad is the BEST!!! Nice "loot" from your Mom, how fun. You'll have to let us know what the boiled duck egg tastes like. Have a great day Kelly.

  4. I will def being doing up that kale recipe...I have some in the frig that I haven't had a specific plan for until now!

    Oh...those twinkies are the dead ringers for the real deal!

  5. Not sure when I last had a Twinkie...the bankruptcy is probably all my fault!

    Eggs and lemons...sounds like it is time for some Hollandaise sauce!

    Great job on the continued losses!!!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  6. That is definitely some chill looking Kale! Chocolate twinkie with only a few carbs in it - yes please! And I am totally jealous of all of those free meyer lemons you scored from your mom! One more thing, would you recommend the LCAF cookbook? I see you mentioned it a few times and the recipes do look great - is it worth it or is a cookbook with a couple good recipes and the rest are ehh just ok???


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