Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Vegetable on the Block

My Thursday was spent prepping for my trip to Austin to run the Austin Gorilla Run this weekend. I'll be dressed as a gorilla with a tiara and a hot pink boa and earrings. A lady has to always look her best!

Weight: another 1.1 pounds down. I fully expect to have some up days and some days where there is no loss. Not worried. It'll come off.

Breakfast was a boiled egg and a cup of coffee.
Then I had the privilege of doing a few loads of laundry and folding them. Ah, the life of a fluffy trophy wife.

Lunch: I wanted some pizza but I was out of mozzarella. Hmmm....I wonder if cheddar would work as well. The crust needs some cheese and so does the topping. Well, let's give it a shot.

Um, cheddar cooks a little bit faster than mozzarella. I was not aware of this.
Fortunately Parmesan covers a multitude of sins and the flavor was still good.

Feeling happy and full I went back to my chores when what should arrive but a package! It's a product that I get to sample and review! YAY! So there will be a review on this as soon as I get to try it. Love the fancy packaging.

I'm not a big fan of vegetables. I'm only slightly more enthused with fruits. Meats (specifically bacon and anything fried) are up a rung on my scale of likes. And at the top are breads, pasta, cheese and sweets. And a margarita. Can you see why I got in this shape?!

But I'm trying to avoid crossing over from insulin resistant to diabeetus so I'm trying to embrace the vegetable and make friends with it.

Tonight I extended my hand to a new-to-me veggie: the chayote squash. Blogger friends, meet chayote. Chayote, meet blogger friends.
I had a recipe for these guys but I wasn't sure how to handle them. To peel or not to peel? Google was not much help in that area.

Hmm....the peel is where the vitamins are usually most concentrated, right? Well, we can't have that! If I want vitamins I'll take a pill like every other normal American. So the peel's gotta go!

Chayote was not happy with this. I guess I wouldn't be either. Chayote struck back and dried out my hands. They were drier than a popcorn fart. That chayote attacked me! I washed my hands and even used lotion but my hands still dried out.

What the hell kind of vegetable is this?!

I was a bit afraid but also angry at this point and decided that chayote and I were not friends and he must die so I cut him in half and exposed his heart which was hardened. He had no soul.
I cut out his heart (it may have been a seed) and threw it in the trash then diced up his flesh. I won this battle!

After several long minutes of sauteing in olive oil then adding some shallots to the party, chayote finally gave up and became the tender vegetable that I knew he could be. I had softened this vicious veggie. I added some lemon zest and salt and pepper to him then introduced him to the ultimate therapist that can make any veggie be happy and tasty: bacon!

Meanwhile, I had a massive rack of ribs (recipe for Char's Ribs by Jennifer Eloff and in LCAF cookbook) cooking in the oven with homemade bbq sauce and they were all like, "Miss Happy Texan, we give up. We'll be tender. No need to treat us like you did Chayote." We had an understanding, the ribs and I.

So with a plate of ribs and some chayote and some mashed cauliflower potatoes, dinner was served! Not sure why the picture turned out the way it did. I think chayote had something to do with it but I can't prove it.
Oh those ribs and "potatoes" were delicious! And ribs are really filling! Made my tastebuds do a happy dance. But there was that chayote. It was acting all tender but my hand was still dry. I didn't trust it one bit.

I finally took a bite and, I may have imagined this, but I think my tongue started to tingle a little. No one else complained. Maybe he had a little more bite left in him after all. Bit I was brave and consumed the renegade vegetable.

And that was my introduction to chayote. Noodles have never given me this kind of trouble (except internally in the form of insulin spikes and fat around my belly) but with vegetables you just never know.

Would I try it again? Heck yeah!! I'm not going to let a vegetable think it can take me on! Not only is chayote a little fiesty but he's pretty darn tasty. Cooked he's a little bit like the texture of a cooked apple from an apple pie. Chayote and I are not finished!


  1. Hmm...I might have to add chayote to my next-to-try-veggie as well.

    Good luck on your run this weekend!

    Oh..the ribs...that's hitting below the vegan belt...hard.


    The Chayote, MEH LOL


  3. How bizarre that the squash dried out your hand like that...I wonder if you are a bit allergic to it? Obviously not too much, as you lived to write about it, lol - brave girl, though!

  4. You had me worried there for a bit, I thought the Chayote was going to get the best of you. Glad to hear you were the conqueror. I've never tried it, but now a little curious.

    Hope the heat isn't too bad during your Gorilla race. Sounds like fun though. Good luck.

  5. huh
    Ive never ever ever even heard of it!!

  6. OH and Im so bummed I wont be there this weekend with you!

    parties and playdates.

  7. I'm with Shelley. I would have been afraid I was allergic and probably wouldn't have continued. Did that thought even cross your mind when your tongue felt tingly?

  8. I sure did, Helen. Benedryl was on stand by. But when I'm allergic my throat itches. Not my tongue. And it may have been my imagination anyway since I was so worried about trying it.
    I lived! I live life on the edge. Eating dangerous vegetables and stuff. Cuz that's how I roll!

  9. Just yesterday we saw a big bin of chayote at the store. My daughter asked me what it was and I had no idea, now I know, thanks! Must try! Thanks for the review.

  10. Love the tale of the conquered chayote!

    You had me at massive rack...the ribs look great!

  11. Nice to meet you Chayote. And for the record, laughed out loud at the term "drier than a popcorn fart". Best wishes on the Austin run. Look forward to pictures.

  12. ROFL Could you email me? I want to chat to you about something interesting. You will find my email under my profile on my blog.

  13. I was first introduced to a chayote in Mazatlan and love it. When I got home I looked everywhere for them and couldn't find any. Then a couple of years ago they started showing up. I just wash them and slice them up like I would any zuc squash and fry them in butter/garlic. I really do like them.


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