Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Peanut butter bars and Cinnamon Rolls. Oh my!

Thanks for the comments about the gorilla run on the last post. It was so much fun!

Usually after a race my hips hurt a bit because I push myself. And did you know that Austin has hills? Why do I always forget that there are hills in other cities?!

My calves were sore the next morning which scared me a bit. I stretched like crazy and they got better quickly.

Let's talk races and bad decisions for a moment. Sunday I am signed up for a half marathon. The USAFit Half marathon in Sugar Land, Texas. I signed up long time ago when I joined the running club. All was going fine until I developed an overuse injury in both my calves.

After my first half marathon in December I had to take the rest of the month off because I could hardly walk. I was on steroids and had to do stretches at least 3 times a day. It took a long time to recover and during that time I did not run.

I've only recently been able to get back on the streets. The gorilla run was my first race since December.

I know I am not ready for this half on Sunday. I've debated back and forth whether I should do it or not. My head tells me that I should skip it. My stubborn self tells me I should do it.

So, I've decided to do it. I'm going to be super slow. I'm going to have to take many walk breaks. My only goal is to cross that finish line even if I'm the last person out there. I just want to finish. And if I get in and feel that I can't finish, at least I get a ride in a police car to the finish. But I have to try. No, this is not a wise decision. I don't need to be told how foolish it is. I know! Chuck has told me I should sit it out but since I've made up my mind to try this he says he'll be there to cheer me on and support my decision. That's all I need right now. A little support.

Monday night I made a new recipe for Maple Nut Blondies from LCAF cookbook. I was surprised that with so few ingredients it developed a cakelike texture!
 I did alter the recipe slightly. I added some sugar free chocolates to the top when it came out of the oven and let them melt slightly then spread them around. Chocolate and peanut butter just belong together!
 Next time I'll add a little Truvia to the batter because I like things a little sweeter. Yes, I have a sweet tooth. :)  The original recipe was posted HERE but it has been removed. You have to get the cookbook if you want to make them. (They're so good!) 5 grams carbs per serving.

Ugh. My weight went up some from my free-for-all lunch I had Saturday. It ticks me off too. And you know what's worse? It wasn't worth it. I mean, if I'm going to have a splurge for a celebration it should at least bring a sense of euphoria from its goodness. As Chuck said, "The food we've been eating at home is way better than this." So it wasn't a good splurge. It was a mistake. Oh well. Live and learn.


Breakfast was just a couple of scrambled yard eggs (my mom has given me 5 dozen eggs!!!) with some cheese, lots of hot sauce and a little bit of bacon. Tasty and filling.
 Lunch was some pizza. The crust is a cauliflower cheese recipe that I can't get enough of. I love this pizza! It's not crispy crunchy. Think soft crust. But full of flavor. Try it! Recipe found HERE. It was even featured on the Dr. Oz show.
Grocery shopping day. Not my favorite thing to do but I did score a mega spatula for half off! Now I can flip some big stuff!
Time to make the dinner. Meatloaf. I've never been a fan of the meatloaf (neither the singer nor the food). But I got ground meat on sale and I make my menus based on what's on sale.

This recipe is called Eggcellent Meatloaf and only has .9 grams net carbs per serving. After the loaf is formed the whole thing gets wrapped in bacon. Because a hug from bacon makes everything better!
 After cooking in the oven for an hour and a brief pass under the broiler this is what I got.
 And when you slice into it there's a surprise! A layer of boiled egg. The meat itself is flavored with finely chopped mushrooms, a few caramelized onions and Parmesan cheese.
 Served with a side of mashed "potatoes" and massaged kale. (I use Truvia as the sweetener in the kale and don't add mango or nuts as original recipe lists)
 Very good dinner. Filling too!

Dessert time! I tried yet another new recipe from LCAF (yes, I really do love this cookbook!). This time for Cinnamon Sweet Rolls.! These are so incredible. I'm without words to describe how tasty these are. Like biting into clouds of Cinnabon cinnamon rolls. But the texture is much lighter but still full of flavor. Let me put it this way: I made 6 of them and they are all gone. The kids got into them. I had one. Chuck had....a few.  Definitely did not taste like 1 gram net carb!

And with a very happy tummy I went to bed. :)

Some good news: after my "little" splurge Saturday the weight is finally going back down. Not doing that again for a long, long time. It's just not worth it. My body loooooves sugar and starches. It loves them so much that it likes to keep them. Around my belly. And rear. And thighs. Not pretty.

Happy Wednesday to you!


  1. I am glad your family liked the cinnamon rolls so well. Good job on the race! I don't dress up as a gorilla, but I do have a fun run (LHF race) that I wear the mud as a badge of honor much like the gorilla suit.

  2. All that food looks so good!

    Do whatever you feel you need to for the race. If you don't do it, doesn't really reflect on you in any way. The important thing is to not get injured.

  3. The run? Do it. I'm signed up for a 50 mile bike race the same day. I know for a fact I can do 30 miles without injury or serious side effects, but 50? I will be the absolute last person to cross the finish line, but I'm going to do it anyway. My goal is 5 hours. (My son, The Architect will probably finish in about 3 hours, then double back and finish again with me, the stinker.)

    I'll be thinking of you on race day!

  4. Be carefull on the 1/2 marathon take it slow and easy, setbacks suck. Wow eggs, are the yellowiest eggs I've ever seen, must be some healthy chicken. The other food looks so yummy. I don’t think anybody would guess that it is diet friendly..

  5. Not a fan of the singer or the food??? Hilarious!!! Good luck on the race!! Sorry you can't dress as a gorilla for this one too!

  6. Good luck on your race. I pray you can make it without injury. I want to get the LCAF cookbook so bad but it is just not in the budget. Maybe I can swing it for my bday in March.

    Happy to see someone from my neck of the woods on the same journey of losing weight by way of a low carb life style.

    I also understand that splurging on thiings I used to love do not satisfy anymore.

    Have a blessed day!

  7. The splurge is not our friend!
    Every now and then, it's worth it.
    But mostly - it never brings it like the good stuff we now know and love!

    Be safe first..... there's only one YOU!
    then have fun! Still grinning about the suit up!

  8. This is my first visit to your blog - love it! What a remarkable accomplishment of weight loss you had, and you had some great recipes here too. I'll be back - thanks for the motivation!

  9. From reading your blog I've decided to go low carb, and the first book I ordered was LCAF because of all the recipes you've been posting. I also have an Atkins book, but its old so I'm going to pick a newer one up tomorrow. I too am hypothyroid and have labs that read as PCOS, so I hope I will have the same success with low carb that you have.

  10. Enjoy your run!!!

    The meatloaf looks great!


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