Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Roundup and Cream Cheese Clouds

The weekend draws to a close. It always goes by way too fast for my taste.

Saturday was a busy day. Breakfast then took Rachel to spend a gift card at a clothing store. While I was there I thought, "Oh what the heck? I may as well try on some things too." 

There really is nothing like a dressing room to remind you that you indeed have quite a few pounds to lose. It wasn't a depressing experience but a reminder to keep working hard. I did find a dress I liked but I didn't get it.

Sunday we took Rachel to play paintball for the first time. We didn't stay because she was with a group of 20 teens. She had a blast! She has quite a few bumps and bruises but she wants to do it again. I guess it didn't hurt that she had an employee following her around and offering to help her and load her paint balls all the time. ;)

I'm still trying out The Grocery Game. This is my second time to use it and I saved $88 at the grocery store! Not bad. If you decide to check it out or sign up you can say I referred you. Email is

And I only have one more day on induction! I'm going to stay at it for another week and see if I want to move on or not. But at this point I get to add in nuts! Eventually I'll move on to adding in more dairy, fruits, more veggies, and grains. It's just one thing at a time until I find out how my body reacts to each. Every body is different.

New recipe! Oh my goodness, these cream cheese clouds are incredible!!! I used Truvia as the sweetener and added a little bit of DaVinci Sugar Free Black Cherry syrup. It gave them a nice pink tint.
 The only bad thing? These things are straight up addictive. Chuck has been going through them the fastest. They really are that good.

You could try other flavors with chocolate, coconut flavoring, etc. I'll be keeping these in stock! If you want to make them (and trust me, you do!) you can find the recipe HERE.

Sunday was a busy day! With Rachel at paintball and me making grocery list and shopping, I didn't get to cooking dinner until around 7pm.

But that didn't stop me from making a feast. Well, I did have some help in the kitchen tonight. I made Garlic Parmesan wings (because this is an absolute favorite with everyone and it has been requested several times since I first made them) and Chuck cooked up chicken fajitas and sauteed bell peppers and onions. He may have had some supervision to make sure he was doing it right. ;)

These are the very best wings. I'm not just saying that. And no kitchen fire this time! You can find the recipe HERE (scroll down) or in Low Carbing Among Friends Cookbook. Love that book if you couldn't tell.
Marinated chicken fajitas were on sale for about $2 a pack recently so I got 4 of those babies! Tonight two of the packs were cooked along with some bell peppers and onions. I like to season the veggies with some butter and a little soy sauce.

No tortillas for me. But do you think I missed them? Not one little bitty bit. The lettuce leaves made a perfect guilt free wrapper. These are incredibly good. I had two of them and had a very happy Kelly Belly afterwards. Ahhhhh.
After tomorrow I can start trying a few dessert recipes that I've been dying to make! Can't wait to share those with you.

So, have these past two weeks been difficult? No. Not until Saturday evening when I got a craving for rum and Diet Coke. And french fries. And those devil pretzels with the cinnamon and sugar. That has been the only time it has been tough. But it was my own fault. I was on the road most the day and didn't get a proper lunch. I had to stop at a grocery store and get an Atkins shake (yuck!!!) for a quick lunch.

No, I still haven't learned to prepare for days on the road. Eventually this hard headed girl will learn.

Hope your weekend was great!


  1. I'm going to have to check out that cookbook. I've already spent my allowance for this week but maybe next week I can get it. Thanks for sharing all the great low carb ideas.

  2. I'm a little bit skeptic against low-carb diets. My opinion is that there is more negative side effects than positives effects. I made a short list of few of them. See my postLow Carbohydrate Diets Are Dangerous.

  3. Love me some skeptics!
    This eating has made me one happy fella. On the way to work today, I noticed that I was feeling really, really good. That's not something one notices all the time (at least I don't).
    So, the proof is in the pudding. If someone decides that they don't want to do a low carb diet, then they should stay away from it. As for me, bring it on. I like it a lot. And I feel fantastic.

    Good job, Hon.

  4. There is noting wrong with GOOD fats and GOOD carbs. However, the most important thing in any diet is to do what works for you.

    I think you look fabulous.

  5. I think you looked great in that dress - but I agree with you, sometimes a dressing room can lay out the facts in a not-so-nice way. :(

  6. I love the dedication you are showing to your program, especially getting an Atkins shake when you had an entire grocery store of choices to make.

  7. Oh my...those wings look really good!

    The same skeptic came to visit each their own Coach!


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