Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Not to Do

Good news is that I'm feeling much better. So glad. I hate being sick and I'm ready to get out and do some exercising. Hiking, running, biking....can't wait!

Let's get right to the eats.

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with Chappell Hill  jalapeno sausage topped with a dollop of sugar free salsa (yes some salsas add sugar. I'm looking at you, Pace!)
Here's the thing about a filling breakfast: they fill you up. I know, I know. Call me Captain Obvious.

I had to drive Rachel to a class which required me to leave the house around noon. Lunch time. But I wasn't hungry.

And that brings us to What Not to Do part of this post. Don't leave the house without a firm lunch plan. Don't go to Wal Mart to pick up eggs, bacon and greens while you're hungry. You'll end up spending $60 and forget the eggs.

What happens when you I don't plan?
Lunch: a Diet Mountain Dew, couple of pork rinds, an Atkins bar and a cheese stick
This lunch was all kinds of wrong. Why didn't I just go to a drive-thru to get a salad? I have no idea. Maybe because I got snack happy in Wal Mart and thought I should eat the goods I bought. No clue. Just don't do what I do.

Oh, and Diet Mountain Dew has orange juice. Not allowed on induction. Another thing wrong. Lesson learned. Ugh.

Dinner: I had the goods to make Faux Fried "Rice" again so that's what we had. It's easy to make and the family loves it so why now have it twice in one week?! (the rice is shredded cauliflower)
 Added a big salad with a bit of Parmesan. Nice and filling. Hey, at least I got some greens!
 Snack/Dessert: I'm going to catch a lot of flack over this one. Go ahead. Let me have it. I can hear you saying ewwwww right now.

Before you get too grossed out. This tastes like cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Or very similar. Similar enough that the kids were munching on them and they hate........pork rinds. Cinnamon-sugar pork rinds.
Did you say ewwww?

Just in case you ever feel adventurous, here's how to make these tasty sweet, crunchy and a little salty treat.

Spread a dinner plate with flat, fluffy regular pork rinds. Melt 2 Tbs butter and drizzle over the top. Sprinkle a mixture of cinnamon/sweetener over the top. I used 1-2 tsp Truvia (could use Splenda but count your carbs) and about 1/2 tsp cinnamon. Nuke in the microwave for about 25 seconds and nosh.
Carbs? None. Taste? Lots.

No, it is not gross! Stop it! I can read your mind. ;) I felt the same way until I tasted it. OK ok. It's a bit weird. I'll give you that.

Oh, and before I found out that Diet Mountain Dew was the devil on induction phase, I had another. Oops! Hey, this is the What NOT to Do edition!

As you can see, today was a mishmash of mistakes and weird foods. Oh well. Tomorrow is a new day. I learned a few new things and life goes on.

Happy Thursday, my friends. :)


  1. +1 on the pork rinds. Really good.

  2. Food should be tasty, but doesn't have to be perfect...thus helping to disconnect food from the happiness of our lives. We should enjoy the food we eat, but we do need to put food (while essential to survival) further down the list of our needs. I know...doesn't make as much sense as I want it to!

  3. I'm skeptical on the pork rinds. I will have to think about it.

  4. I think I understand what you're saying, Kyle. Food should be good and is important but other needs come first and it should not be the number one thing in our day for our happiness. Am I close? ;)

  5. It is definitely a learning process...I remember my shock when I found out how many carbs were in scallops...I thought there were none. WRONG!

    I don't like any sweeteners that I have tried (except in decaf coffee) so I wouldn't try the pork rind trick...I do love them for breading though.

    I haven't weighed since my start day in December...I will be weighing and measuring on February 3 when I go to the doctor. I am expecting to see some results!!!

  6. You crack me up ! cinnamon sugar pork rinds ... interesting !

    Hope you're feeling better soon :)


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