Thursday, February 2, 2012


Exercise is so important. I know that. It just takes a while for information to travel from my brain to my legs and arms. But after a friend kept telling me about his workouts ("Just ran two miles!" "Time to do weights." "Ran again and time is improving.") the wheels started turning and I thought, "I should really start working out again." I needed to get back on schedule with my running and get to doing my strength training again. I just didn't want to!

Plus Shelley is back to running and I would really like to be able to run a race or two (or three or four...) with her. Maybe Armadillo Dash??

Wednesday was a rest day but that doesn't mean I can't exercise! Cross training is pretty important too.  So I aired up the tires in my bike (after I figured out how to turn on the air compressor!) and I rode around the neighborhood. I didn't exactly ride it like it was stolen but I had a good time. I stopped at the gazebo at the front "lake" which is nothing more than a retention pond but it's called a lake to make it sound fancy shmancy.
 Not much time to rest. Bad weather on the way!
4.5 miles in 23 minutes. Slow but fun. Hardly feels like exercise when you are having fun! I LOVE riding my bike! Maybe one day I can do the MS 150 ride.

How about some good eats?
Breakfast: two eggs fried in a bit of coconut oil and two slices of bacon. I know it looks like 4 slices but I cut them in half.  And a cup of coffee in my beaker mug.
 Lunch: tuna on salad greens with sweet mustard dressing and a little cheese.
 All was going well until I somehow spilled it all on my lap. Ugh.

And the cherry on top was doing my taxes (four times but who's counting?) and finding out that I owe this year. Well, hell and gosh darn. But that's how it goes sometimes.

Snack: a couple of celery sticks with some jalapeno cheddar dip.
 Then a quick trip to the grocery store because eating 6 cups of greens per day is a LOT. And I can't store that much lettuce in my fridge. So lots of trips.

Dinner: Faux Fried "Rice"  I love it that Charlie gets excited when we have this. The kid actually like cauliflower like this but hates it mashed. Rachel went back for seconds.
And I had a glass of wine. A big glass of wine. So not induction friendly. Bad Kelly.

And the obligatory huge bowl of salad.

Thursday=more exercise! Two days in a row! Back on schedule.

Running is still tough for me. I envy those who can do it so easily. But I did it.
1.62 miles in 20 minutes. 12:24 pace. I ran 5 minutes then walked for 1 minute. Repeat.
Paces for just the running portions looked like this:
11:30, 11:58, 12:13, 11:42

It sucks during the run but I feel so good afterwards.
Nasty and sweaty from the run. Feeling good! And I think I'm getting used to using fat as fuel. God knows I have plenty of fuel around my middle.

I'm really going to try to stay on schedule. So if you see me slacking off feel free to give me a swift kick in the pants.

Now for some totally random stuff!

Had to show you the name of this little ranch near my house. I've posted it before but it's been a while.
 Oh no! A song about a paranoid phone!
I got in some liquid sucralose. Granulated Splenda is packed in a "carrier" that contains carbs. But the liquid does not. And it's concentrated so 1 drop equals a packet. Unfortunately I can't find it in my area so I have to order it through Netrition.
 The warnings on the box cracked me up. Do not use on eyes? LOL Why would I ever do that?! And use with adult supervision. Guess what. I used a couple of drops and didn't have an adult with me. Shhhh.
 For our 21st anniversary Chuck and I stayed at a hotel that had the best coffee. I called the hotel last week and asked what brand it was. I'd never heard of it and the stores don't carry it. To the internet! I got two bags of the beans and this is the smoothest coffee I've had to date. Love it! If you are a coffee lover you can order the stuff HERE.

Tomorrow, Friday the 3rd, will mark one month since starting to seriously eat lower carb. I'll be weighing in and reporting back to ya. I'd be happy with 10 pounds. We'll see. :)


  1. We have a favorite coffee in St. Martin and I can't even find it on the internet but when I go there, I come home with a couple bags. Then I save it and only use it during the winter on the weekends so that we are warmed by our good memories when we drink it.

    The warnings on that sweetener are funny!

    1. That is so neat. I want to go to St. Martin after reading your description of it the last time you went!

      Now I'm curious about that special coffee!

  2. I want to try that coffee...
    Oh... and don't worry about the 17 grams of carb per ounce of liquor...
    and about that much per big glass o wine....
    How's that for practicing my swift seat of the pants thing!
    Can't wait to see how your LC numbers turn out!

    1. Wine is only around 1g of carbs per ounce though. Right? :(

  3. Maybe you should define "a big glass of wine" for your dear readers. ;)

  4. Woot! Armadillo Dash reunion!!!

    1. Yes!! Need to find a hotel. I'll start looking tonight. I haven't signed up for the race yet either!

  5. Way to hit the road on wheels and feet! I've slacked a bit this week...but hope to hit it again next week.

  6. We had a favorite coffee from Hawaii and I use to order it on the internet but then they discontinued the flavor I liked the best!

    I just started the 17 Day Diet whick is lower carb for the first cycle. I will check back and see how you do on your weigh in!

  7. Biking, running, and hilarity! Slickass Ranch is too funny!

    Yay to one month of low carb. Today is nine weeks for me and I measure and go to the doctor to get weighed tomorrow...hoping for good results!

    Glad you were able to order your coffee! So nice when we get something we really enjoy. One of my friends is going to the States tomorrow and is going to try to find me some DaVinci syrup...I hope she finds it!

  8. LOL on the big glass o' wine! Does it have a name? The glass...not the wine! ;) You crack me up!


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