Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fishy Friday

Friday night Chuck and I went out to Kemah for dinner. We haven't been out there in so long! It was a drizzly night which means we were pretty much going to have the place to ourselves. Just the way I like it. I think it was the same type of weather last time we were out there!

First stop was the bar at the Aquarium restaurant. It was really pretty with blue lights everywhere. Did you know I have a thing for lights?
 I had a martini. I know, I know. Not really supposed to be having alcohol just yet but it's my night out and this was 0 carbs. And yes, the body processes it differently. But I wanted a martini so there it is. ;)
 It was still happy hour at the bar and that included discounted prices on oysters. Raw oysters. I'd never had a raw oyster but curiosity got the better of me. Chuck and I decided to split it.'s a lot like I thought it would be. Like eating snot from the ocean. But with enough horseradish it's spicy snot. Chew once, swallow quickly.
 Time to be seated at our table. Great view of the huge aquarium in the center of the restaurant. When I had Chuck's 40th surprise party here I got a diver to go in the water and hold a happy birthday sign for him.
 I LOVE lights! Look how pretty the ceiling is. Ooooh. Pretty.
 The whole restaurant has a blue glow and an underwater feel to it. Those are little fish lights hanging from the ceiling.
 Of course I had to get up and explore a little. I got up close and personal with this big grouper. Very cool!
And how cool is this eel?! Very!

Having a very good time. Cheers! Still can't believe I ate raw oysters.
 I had the grilled salmon with lump crabmeat and mixed veggies. Mostly squash. The fish was a little....fishy. But the crabmeat was perfect!
 Then it was time for my favorite part: feeding the stingrays at the Stingray Reef downstairs!!
 See all of those little baskets of fish. All mine! I think Chuck dropped like $50 on fish for me that night. It was bliss. I had so much fun!
 It may look like this guy is devouring my hand but he's just sucking the fish out of my fingers. They're so cute!!!
Here's a little video of the experience. Look how the rays jump up and down. They remind me of little puppies begging for food.

We then went back up to the bar to hang out for a while longer.
 It stopped raining for a little bit so why not stroll down the boardwalk and...holy cow! It's a night heron with laser eyes!!
 Ah, the boardwalk. There were only a couple of other people braving the elements so it was nice to have it practically to ourselves. I like seeing the night birds.
 After our stroll we weren't quite ready to go home yet so we went to a pub that the bartender recommended called Boondoggles. Pretty cool place! We stayed for a little bit and headed home.
We had a great time!! I wanted to bring a stingray home with me but was told no! Can you believe that?

I would like to mention that I was a good girl and got in my exercises before we went out. I did core exercises (ouch! Very sore abs today) and upper body strength training.

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Have you ever tried raw oysters? Do you like them?


  1. I wanted to try raw oysters but now I think I will pass on the "snot from the ocean"!!!! I do enjoy clams & mussels. My guilty pleasure when I'm in Nova Scotia is cod cheeks & tongues! Gross sounding but they taste like scallops.

  2. I love the restaurant and the video! I can't believe they wouldn't let you take a stingray home...not cool!

    Looks like a wonderful evening!

  3. I thought I commented, but it seems to have disappeared. I will try again.

    Love the restaurant and the video. I can't believe they didn't let you take a stingray home...not cool.

    Looks like a lovely evening!

    I have not had raw oysters, only smoked or fried. Love them!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post and watching the video. You're such a sweetie - I was a little concerned about the sting rays - they don't sting? lol

  5. I won't even kiss Mr. Helen after he slurps a raw oyster!

  6. We had friends over on Saturday night and we were just talking about eating raw oysters. Although I love the smoked variety, raw has not been my favorite.
    That resturaunt looks sooooo cool. That's the kind of place Ron and I would just love to visit.
    I love reading your blog as I get to see so much cool stuff :)
    And those stingrays.... that's really cool.
    We had a bunch here in our zoo but they all died. They were in a pool like the one at your resturaunt, people were allowed to touch them, but that is what killed them all. Some kind of virus/bacteria from humans (I think that is what it was). I'm pretty sure they were a different type of stingray than what you have there in that pool. So sad....


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