Thursday, February 16, 2012

Flowers, Running, Dances & Giveaways (Oh my!)

Did you know I'm having a HUGE low carb giveaway?! It's true. Go to THIS POST for details. And check out this picture for LOTS of clues. Ok, not just a clue but answers! LOL
Remember you can just buy the cookbooks you want at a special discounted price by following THIS LINK. I'm very thankful to Eureka Publishing for offering this to my peeps. You guys deserve the best.

You have until the 28th to enter. Come on. You know you want to. :) And go visit the author's blog while you're at it. Jennifer Eloff has some amazing recipes.

Forgot to show you my very special Valentine flowers from a very special little man: my son Charlie. He jumped over the back fence to pick them. There he encountered bees and even a snake.

I got my flowers and noticed right away they were filled with bugs but how could I turn something so precious away? So here are my Valentine flowers. Bugs and all.

Today I took Rachel to the spa because she has a dance tonight.
She got her hair cut and styled then got a makeup lesson. Here's the back of her hair but I won't post pictures of the hair and makeup until tomorrow. Mostly because I don't have any picture yet! But I'm hoping she'll let me borrow her cute dress!
I'd like to mention that Rachel is down to a size 10 from a size 14 since I started cooking low carb. She eats more carbs than I do but it's working for her. She's also like 5'8". At least!
Dropped Rachel off at her friend's house so they could go to the dance together. You know you're in the country when your GPS says, "Make a U-turn", and you end up on a dirt road. Yeah.
I ran today! Didn't know if I'd have time. It really was a crazy day. But you always find time for what's important to you. What's important to me? The medal at the finish line of my half marathon coming up! 6" baby. Diamond plated chrome. Spinners. Oh yeah.

So 3.3 miles today. YAY!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have to go. I smell an antelope cheeseburger with bacon calling my name.

Before you go, enter my giveaway! It's fun and you just might win. :)
And I'd like to wish my blogger friend Kent Altena a very Happy Birthday! His recipes have been very popular around here.


  1. What sweet flowers, bugs and all! That's so cute!

  2. Very sweet flowers! Your children are just adorable! So cool that Rachel is waaaay down. The Boss jumped on board the low carb train and is down 15 pounds too. He loves it!

  3. Rachel's hair is gorgeous, just like her mama's!

    The buggy flowers are sweet...ah, little boys. :)

    You are going to look like Flava Flav with that medal - how fun!

  4. When buggy flowers come from your child they're the best flowers in the world, aren't they?

    Rachel's hair is so pretty!

  5. YOU look great! And bugs - that's a mommy bonus!

  6. OMG, I would love to have thick hair like your daughters!!

    Woot on getting the run in - way to rock it! Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Wow, your daughter has a beautiful head of hair. Enviable!


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