Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How Sweet It Isn't & A New Veggie

Watching my sugars and starches means that ordinary table sugar and honey are out the door. But this girl has a sweet tooth. So I was pretty excited when I saw all of the sugar free candies, pancake syrups, etc. on the market. I thought, "This is going to be a snap!"

I was cruising along having a few of these and a nibble of those and enjoying my pancake syrup. Then my weight went up! Oh no! How can this be?! Nevermind the fact that the Atkins book only "allows" 3 packets of sweetener per day.

Mr. Altena gave me a quick heads up on sugar alcohols. I had no idea that so many of them had a rather high glycemic index and caused a rise in blood glucose. Darn it!

Here's the list, y'all:
PolyolGI (glucose=100)Calories/g
Maltitol syrup (intermediate)533
Maltitol syrup (regular)523
Maltitol syrup (high)483
Polyglycitol (hydrogenated starch hydrolysate)392.8
Maltitol syrup (high-polymer)363

Guess what's in most of these sugar free goodies. Maltitol. And not only does it cause a rise in blood sugar but it can cause stomach issues and discomfort.

These are just the sugar alcohols, not the sweeteners like sucralose or stevia.

Needless to say, I was sabotaging myself. On the way to Austin I had some sugar free goodies. On the way home we stopped at Bucees (a huge gas station/convenience store complex) and I got some sugar free goodies and sausage. By Monday my weight went up. I still didn't know about the sugar alcohols at that point.

In Austin I did have one meal that was definitely not low carb. And I expected that to show up on the scale slightly. But not to this extent!

So all that week I watched my weight fluctuate. I still didn't have any idea what was going on. Sure, I wasn't eating all of my veggies but why was the scale going up and down like a see-saw?! Right before the half marathon Sunday I had some hormonal fluctuations and the weight went up even more! *&*#$@(*

After I learned about the sugar alcohol mess and started reading labels more closely I cut those out. The weight started dropping consistently. Now I'm watching the scale go in the right direction daily.

I do still used erithritol (Truvia) and it seems fine. I've also upped my veggie and water intake. So we'll see how things go.
Woke up Tuesday to a rainy day. I still planned on running as soon as it let up. But I really didn't want to get my new Asics dirty. They're so pretty! Excuses, excuses!

I tell you, every time I even mentioned running it would start pouring outside! Finally after I had finished up school with the kiddos and Chuck was on his way home from work I gave up the idea. Sad I know.

Breakfast: Mock Danish. Love these!
At lunchtime I knew I needed a big ass salad but really wanted some of my homemade sweet mustard dressing which calls for sugar free pancake syrup. And the pancake syrup I had been using uses maltitol as the main ingredient. Unacceptable. But I did find this in the sugar free/diet/diabeetus section of the grocery store:
 Sweetened with sucralose.
 It tastes very good but it's not very thick. It's ok by me though.

I made up the sweet mustard dressing and stored it in an empty olive oil bottle in the fridge.
 I chopped up enough salad greens to last a couple of days then portioned out 3 cups for lunch. That's a lot of salad!
 4 oz. leftover fried chicken (Yes, I did weight it. I was curious), steamed broccoli and mashed cauliflower. I got in my veggies!!
 After lunch I was stuffed! I was also drinking water all day. Trying to be good. The one thing I didn't do was drink my broth for electrolytes. The problem was that all of the broth I had contained sugar! I had no idea they added that to broth. Guess I'll need to make my own.

Dinner time rolled around and I was going to get acquainted with a new-to-me veggie: the spaghetti squash. This one is Big Chuy brand. I'm not sure why that cracked me up but it did. Meet, Big Chuy.
 Big Chuy is from Mexico. I'm sure he came over legally. Let's give him a big welcome and get to know his personality a little better by splitting him in half. That's the way to get to know the inside of someone.
 As you can see, Big Chuy is filled with pumpkin-like seeds and a stringy mess of a heart. So I scraped out his guts and just left what was attached to the rind.

Big Chuy was then given a hot tub bath in boiling water for 20 minutes until he was relaxed and tender.
 While Big Chuy rested in the jacuzzi, I sauteed some bacon and onion and red bell pepper.
 I scraped out Chuy's stringy flesh into a colander and tossed his rind.
 Melted some butter in a skillet and added Big Chuy. He cooked for about 5 minutes until he started to get a nice tan then I flipped him over. We can't have Chuy getting an uneven tan!
 Mr. Chuy was then topped with the sauteed bacon and veggies and a couple of ounces of cheddar cheese. He was covered with a lid and cooked until his other side was nice and browned.
 Big Chuy came out dressed up as smothered hashbrowns!
 It tasted good! Kind of cheesy. I liked it! Rachel was not thrilled with it. Charlie ate it all. Chuck was impressed.
 More veggies. 3 cups of salad.  All of this salad is really filling.
Then it was time for Biggest Loser (meh, can't get into this season) and went to bed.

This morning (Wednesday) I took a peak at the scale. Down 1.5 pounds. Yay!! Going in the right direction again. :)


  1. I like your sense of humor! I mainly use stevia and I did not know truvia was erythritol so thanks for the info. I got some out of my pantry and had to sue a magnifying glass and my readers to decipher that tiny print on the back!!! I am not overly fond of spaghetti squash- I'd rather make zucchini noodles with a vegetable peeler. I love butternut squash though and make a soup with it often. Good job on the weight loss!

  2. A few years ago, while on Weight Watchers, I got to meet Spaghetti Squash in person. My favorite was covering it with marinara and having "spaghetti with meat sauce".

    Kelly, I have to admit. I tried a recipe for mashed "potatoes" last weekend and I had to throw it out after a couple days of trying to eat it. ***Here comes a little divert your eyes if you must**** That stuff made me so gassy...even my boobs were bloated! I thought I was dying! What is strange is that I had previously been hooked on cauliflowers answer to "mac and cheese", so I was totally excited to try their answer to mashed potatoes. Did not have that problem with the mac and cheese recipe. Oh well...I didn't really eat mashed potatoes much anyway, so I guess I am not missing them too much!!!

    1. Oh no, Wendy! I'm so sorry! I wonder what it was. I love to add cheddar to my cauliflower. :) Well darn. Try it as the mac n cheese.

  3. I also am mindful of my carbs. I've tried foods with sugar alcohol in them and have never been impressed. They are definitely not safe or free foods for people watching their carbs as they are sometimes marketed.

    I love spaghetti squash.

  4. Yummy looking pictures! I try to use the real sugar when I do have sugar since I don't have I that often. It's interesting though that your weight fluctuates with sugar free options.

  5. Thanks for your note! What is your friend with the Hypothyroid issues doing to improve. I'm totally curious now!

  6. Muy delicioso! Que rico! Tengo hambre.

  7. I'll take any leftover squash you have. Its one of my favorites.
    Have a good Wednesday Kelly.

  8. As a pharmacist I know the story of the sugar alcohols, including the terrible intestinal distress. In fact we dispensed 16 oz of sorbital by RX for persons very impacted. I hat to think of the pain of the awful gas and cramps that causes, because the dose was drink the whole bottle.

    In fact if I thought I could make a difference I would encourage boycott of all suger alcohols, Olestra, probably aspartame. So far I have not heard of Sucralase bad effects, but pets cannot tollerate aspartame; saccharin may cause some kinds of kidney cancer. It is not so much I care about adults who should read labels be label smart, but children can unwittingly harm themselves so easily.

  9. They add sucrose to broth? Damn it, is nothing sacred?

    I once tried to go 'cold carrot', i.e. I went from a carnivore to being a raw food vegetarian. Oh, the agony. Finally had to go to a doctor, after three months of trying to stubborn my way through it. He gave me some wonder pills (Glycopyrrolate) that helped with the symptoms.

    I've since introduced a whole lot more /cooked/ veggies into my diet, and life is much nicer. I'm definitely going to boycott sugar alcohols.

  10. I know all about those dumb sugar alcohols..... they can fool ya!
    I like diVincy brand pancake syrup too...from Netrition... a little thin,
    but no maltitol....yikeS!!!


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