Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meat, Ghosts, and Zombies

Boo!! Wait, this has nothing to do with ghosts or zombies. I'm just trying out a clay mask. I was hoping it would erase about 10 years off but I still looked the same. ;)
 Thursday night Chuck and I had a Groupon for a Brazilian steakhouse that was about to expire so I made reservations and put on something nice. (Just so you know, I hate taking phone pics in the mirror. But here ya go.)
The place was called Angus Grill located on Westheimer in Houston. It's an all-you-can-eat meat fest. Very friendly to low carbers like myself.

We got a bottle of Malbec. It wasn't terrific but acceptable.
 These places usually have an extensive salad bar as well. Angus had one with a selection of steamed veggies and the usual salad toppings.
 You flip a card on your table (you can see mine is red in the picture above. If I flipped it over it would be green) to let the servers know that you're ready for some meat. They bring swords with different types of meat. I tried the chicken and a few cuts of beef. It was ok but nothing to write home about. Texas de Brazil is still my favorite.

Chuck is enjoying some ribs. Nom nom nom. He looks a little angry! Better not touch that man's rib!

Friday morning Chuck surprises me with a necklace he ordered. Wow! I was speechless. First flowers and now this?! I LOVE it!!!! Thank you, Chuck! Either I did something right or he did something really wrong. (joking!)
I had yet another Groupon that was about to expire so I made reservations to go on a ghost tour in Houston.

But first dinner. Did you know that any Subway sandwich can be turned into a salad? Steak and cheese for me with some ranch.
We met the ghost tour guide at the Sam Houston statue outside the Museum of Natural Science. It was an overcast and drizzly evening. The guide told us about the history of Hermann Park and we walked around hearing about deaths and apparitions.

Oh! Look at the orbs I captured!
Darn! They're just lights.

OK, I'm a skeptic. I'm ghost agnostic. I'm not saying they don't exist but I have to see it to believe it. Same thing with wild and crazy history I hear so I went home and met with my favorite historian, Google, and did a little research. Turns out that all of the history was a bunch of BS. Ugh. Hate that.

I mean some of it I knew he was wrong about (they do NOT mine pink granite from Enchanted Rock! It's a state park and protected) but when you tell someone that Hermann Park used to be a Civil War cemetery don't you think I'll check that out? There wasn't one single battle fought in Houston! Still, it was fun to walk around the park at night. And no, I didn't see any ghosts.

If you take it as entertainment and go to have a good time it's pretty fun. Don't expect any real history or ghosts though.
Saturday morning Chuck had a shooting match and I had a date with the Zombie Squad.

What is the Zombie Squad? Their slogan is "We Make Dead Things Deader." But what they really are is the Red Cross with guns. Their mission is to teach the public how to be prepared for any disaster situation. If you are prepared for the zombie apocalypse, you're ready for anything!

The Zombie Squad teaches all kinds of skills and even does volunteer work with organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.

I got dressed in appropriate Zombie Squad outing clothing. And hiking boots!
 We met at a cannery where they can stuff in bulk. You just place an order then you get instant canned goodies. They sell things like rice, sugar, wheat, oats, pasta. Carb goodness. I really wanted to get in there and help. Looked pretty cool!
 Our group, led by the wonderful Merriwether (Mark), placed an order then all of the goods are brought up front for us to load. This all takes place at a Mormon church.
 Then we're off to the Spring Creek Greenway to learn about plants and nosh a few.

Merriwether (Mark) is an expert in many things (chemistry, Zombie hunting, gardening, surival) but he's a very well known expert with wild edibles. He's been on TV, in magazines, spoken at conferences, teaches classes, has a fascinating web site....I'm a big fan. I think he's pretty darn cool.

Mark shows us which books are good for foraging.
 Immediately he finds something that's edible right at his feet! Sow thistle. Most of these greens are quite bitter. But how cool is it that dinner could be growing in your own yard?!
 More edible greens. You call them weeds; I call them salad. Marks says to eat these.

But don't eat these. They lie flat on the ground. Not good eats. The bad part about wild edibles is not knowing the tiny differences between good eats and deadly eats. I may know just enough to be dangerous to myself.
 Mark says to make a tea from blackberry blossoms and leaves. Also can dig out the heart of the saw palmetto. More food. And don't buy property where saw palmetto grows. It indicates an area prone to flooding or swamp land. Not a good purchase unless that's just the type of place you were looking for!
 Oh! A luna moth!! We didn't eat it. But Mark has been known to eat bugs. Not today though. Interesting luna moth fact: they only live a week and do not have mouths so they do not eat.
 Mark says this smart weed tastes a little like jalapenos and is good with fajitas. I ate a leaf and it really is a bit spicy!! Love it. It looks similar to spiderwort which is also good eats.
Speaking of spiderwort, which I have growing as a weed in my landscaping, it produces little periwinkle colored flowers. BUT if the flowers are pink it indicated radiation and you should go to your fallout shelter immediately and stay down there for a couple of thousand years. This info might save your life!

Mark found this wild mustard plant and points out the distinct features with his pinky. Very dignified. I nibbled a piece (of the plant, not his finger) Very good flavor! A bit peppery. This is good eats.
 We pause a moment to look at the good eats growing in the lawn of the nature center. I'm telling you there is food everywhere. One member of the Zombie Squad insisted that it all just tasted green to him.
 Another Luna Moth!!
 The mosquitoes were very thankful for our presence and we became swarmed like a Golden Corral buffet on Senior Citizen Day.

Is it a puffball mushroom or a deadly nightcap? Hmm...that's what's dangerous with a little knowledge. You must know exactly what to look for to know the difference. Fortunately Mark knows what to look for and taught us. This happens to be the edible puffball but since it is more similar chemically to meat than to a plant he suggests it be cooked first.
 I love his classes. This is the third one I've attended and I learn something new each time. With each class I become a little more knowledgeable and a little less dangerous to myself.

After noshing on plants it was time for some real food. Corkscrew BBQ in the Woodlands is incredible!! They only had pulled pork left when I ordered but it was by far the best pulled pork I've had. They're in a portable trailer but have tables set out to eat at. You are also welcome to bring your own beer but they can not sell it. Very good eats. I had pulled pork, a little coleslaw and a salad.
I had a great time. But my day wasn't over yet! Nope, I had yet another Groupon expiring so Chuck and I went out to Alamo Drafthouse to see Wanderlust. The movie was ok. It had scenes that I can never unsee. Full frontal nude old people running in slow motion is just one scene. You've been warned.
So I haven't been posting a lot of new recipes lately or drool-worthy pictures of eats. I've been making things quick and easy lately like chicken salad. It's nice to take time off from the kitchen from time to time. But I'll be getting my apron back on soon.
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Happy weekend to you!! Mine is still busy. I'm going for a 5 mile run. How about you?


  1. You and your husband sound so in love! I'm still waiting for my Mr. Right.

    1. Thank you! You're beautiful and a fantastic cook. Mr Right is surely out there looking for you too. Hope you guys meet up soon. ;)

  2. Thanks for the warning! LOLOLOL!

    And now I know where I'm going when the Zombies attack - straight to your house :D

  3. Kelly, you look so pretty in that red dress! What a crazybusyjampacked weekend you had! Ready for another one? ;)

    1. I am SO ready!!! I can't wait to see you. Way to go on the running. You're gonna leave me in the dust. Save a place for me at the finish line.

  4. Very cool post!!! LOL, I'm with DTW and Helen, destination your house when the zombie apocalypse hits!!! And yep, you're lookin mighty pretty in your fancy schmancy dress!

    Hey, so do you know where your hubby found the necklace? It's too cool!

    Loved the field trip. Am checking out "Ewel Gibbons" now!! :)

    1. The necklace is from an online store called Lift Your Sole. They have reasonable prices and a great selection. I love their stuff.

      And thanks for the sweet complement!

    2. :hugs: Just love your blog hon! And thanks for the Lift Your Sole connection. Going there to drool now! :) Have an awesome day.

  5. What a great weekend! Love the gift from thoughtful!

    You are brave to eat those plants...I would be scared of being poisoned.

    Great the red dress and the Zombie Squad attire!

  6. I sure do love your posts - I learn so much :) I'd love to go on the learning field trip as well. Nothing like learning what is safe or not safe to eat in your own back yard - you never know when you will need it!
    Love the red dress :)

  7. I need new glasses.... I thought those were Autopsy tables... for the Zombies....
    But one thing I know... you look great!


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