Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Once in a Leap Year GIVEAWAY! (EXPIRED)

This is so BIG that I'm just bubbling over with excitement!  I don't even know where to start.

I have such a giveaway to share with you. This is big, people!

Eureka Publishing will be giving away some amazing cookbooks to you. Giving! How awesome is that?

They've been super generous and are offering a FIRST, SECOND and THIRD prize. So three of you are going to win some good stuff.

FIRST PRIZE: Splendid Low-Carbing AND More Splendid Low-Carbing

SECOND PRIZE: Splendid Low-Carbing For Life Volumes 1&2!

THIRD PRIZE: Splendid Low-Carb Desserts
The author of all of these cookbooks is Jennifer Eloff. She is an amazing woman and cook who is the beauty and brains behind the web site Splendid Low-Carbing. I have tried several of her recipes and they've all been terrific. Not only a great cook but a nice person too. That means a great deal in my book.

That's a lot of cool stuff but I decided to make it an even sweeter deal and add a little something myself. I'm adding in a FOURTH prize.

FOURTH PRIZE: Low Carbing Among Friends Cookbook.  I love this book so much that I just had to jump in there and offer a copy myself. This is the cookbook so many of my recent treats have come from. It has really helped me stay on track.

That's FOUR prizes. I just love giveaways, don't you? They're so much fun. I know you're wondering what you need to do to win.  Here it goes:

EMAIL the following answers to me at  along with SUBJECT "Giveaway entry":

1. LIKE Low Carbing Among Friends Facebook page (if you've already "liked" it that's great!) and tell me which post BEFORE February 15th had the most LIKES. Not comments but LIKES.

(This FB page was only recently started and thus only goes back as far as NOVEMBER 25th, 2011)
 "HINT" - Look at the PHOTOS, using NEXT (Right arrow) to scroll, whilst looking for "LIKES" on the RHS of each photo (not all photos have LIKES, but most do)

2. Go to Jennifer Eloff's "splendid" blog and tell me what her nickname is.

3. From the Happy Texans blog (you're there right now) tell me what post from January had the most comments. Just the title is fine.

That's it! Three things to do for one of FOUR available prizes.

This picture will practically GIVE you the answers:

Comments will be moderated because we don't want someone accidentally giving away all the answers, right?

Guess what! If you can't wait and just want to buy your books (or you don't win a prize), the good folks at Eureka Publishing are giving you a very special discount on their books!

Go to this link to purchase any of the listed cookbooks at a discounted rate. I'd like to point out that the promo price for "ALL 5 Splendid Low-Carbing books" is $77.77 BUT that ALL of the ENTRANTS can get them for $20 less than even that sale price ... leaving you with $20 with which to buy "LOW-CARBING AMONG FRIENDS" essentially almost FREE.

AND if you order any of the specials, Eureka Publishing will let you have Low Carbing Among Friends for the price of $21.77 and with free shipping and handling. That's tough to beat. It's more than that on Amazon. But you only get that deal if you order one of the other deals on this SITE. When you place an order in your shopping cart you will be given the option of adding Low Carbing Among Friends.
I know! So much to take in at once! LOL
Here's a recap:
*There are four prizes available to win.
*You can go ahead and order the books at a substantial discount now!
*Just email me the three answers to be entered into the drawing.

Winners will be randomly drawn on February 29th! (It's leap year. Let's have fun with it!) So please have entries in by February 28th.

Again, my email is
Please use the subject title "Giveaway Entry".

Good luck!

NOTE: If you have any questions please feel free to email me. :)

*All prizes EXCEPT the Low Carbing Among Friends cookbook are being provided by Eureka Publishing. I am furnishing Low Carbing Among Friends Cookbook with my own funds.


  1. Thanks, Kelly, for your great idea to do something like this. We'll give a shout out about this from our end too. :)

  2. What great times we live in.... low carb recipes that are REALLY tastee!

  3. Hi Anne! Waving! Go to the Low-Carbing Among Friends Face Book for some clues on the latest picture of the cookbook giveaway - it's very easy now!

  4. Is this giveaway open to Canadians?? :)

  5. Hi, is this wonderful giveaway open to Canadians? :)

    1. I had to check. There is a law that says booksellers can not ship to Canada. That's why there's an for Canada. BUT *I* can ship to Canada as an individual. So I'd just do that if someone from Canada won.

      So YES! Canadians are welcome! :)


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