Monday, February 20, 2012

Pecan Pie Cheesecake and Peanut Butter

Happy Monday!

I did about 15 minutes worth of abs exercises (including planks) Friday and I'm still sore! Crazy, I tell you. Under my protective layer of fat I'm going to have a killer six pack!  I had to get out the yoga mat for the planks because last time I got carpet burns. Ouch. My kitteh decided to try some yoga moves too. I think she did it wrong.
Check out this cute idea for tracking weight loss. I'm a visual person so this is right up my alley. Though I'm not crafty at all. Would it be wrong to fill these with M&Ms? Just wondering. Or chocolate covered almonds? Think I'll stick with marbles. Hey! If I lose weight does it mean I've lost my marbles?!
Idea comes from this blogger right HERE. So very clever, don't ya think? Instructions HERE.

Saw this shirt at Target and almost got it but I could see my hand when I held it under the shirt. Don't want to walk around giving peep shows all day. Why can't white cotton shirts be thicker?! But cute shirt nontheless.
Such true words. Isn't bacon its own food group? I'm pretty sure it is. It's like a vegetable or something.

Sunday the family got in Vincent Van Go (the miniature van) and headed to Beaumont area to see my parents. My mom's birthday was last week so I brought her some goodies.

The birthday cake was this low carb Pecan Pie Cheesecake. Delicious! And only 2.6 grams net carbs per slice!
Just look at it! good. Everybody loved it.
The recipe is by Kent Altena and can be found in Low Carbing Among Friends cookbook. 

You can get the cookbook for FREE by entering my BIG giveaway. There's only eight days left to enter. Winners will be announced on February 29th. There are FOUR prize packages so four winners! Yippee!

I also made up a batch of these peanut butter bars. They remind me a lot of Reese's. Yum! I think it's 1.9 grams net carbs each.
These are from another recipe by Mr. Altena. Everything I've made from his blog has been great. As a matter of fact, the family was cravin his Garlic Parmesan wings again Saturday so Chuck and I made up a big batch. I'm thinking of trying them with chicken strips instead of wings next time.

All in all a very good weekend. It's a Monday which means it's time for me to go for a run! See ya tomorrow. :)


  1. Those marble jars are fantastic! A superb idea for a visual person. You need to post a photo of your finished project!

  2. Like Helen, I LOVE the marble jars. Also LOVE the kitty yoga. AWWW. Have a great Monday Kelly.

  3. Mother Shucker! (as Moe Rocka says on Foodography)

    Those bars and cheesecake look gorgeous there, lady!!! Great idea bout the mahbles! And yes, it would mean you've officially lost your marbles! *snort*

    Kitteh says yoga? She thought you said YOOOOOGURT! doh! Silly kitteh.

  4. I LOL'd at the substitution of M&Ms for the marbles. Cute idea - can't wait to see your take on the project!

  5. My cats love my yoga mat too but they have picked it full of tiny holes with their claws. The cheesecake looks yummy. I would love to have the recipe. You always have the best food photos on your blog. It makes me hungry.

  6. The kitteh is sooooo adorable! Cats don't need yoga, they are pretty relaxed as it it LOL!

  7. Ha, I want an alot t-shirt too! But probably not a white one. :)

    I've seen a million pins about those weight-loss jars! I think if you use M&Ms and lose all the weight, you can just restart the whole thing if you eat all the M&Ms and gain some back. :) The craft that keeps on giving.

  8. What a great idea those jars. Maybe I'm going to use that too. Visualization is always good.

    Oh my, all those foods looks so good!

    My dog sometimes takes possession of my yoga mat too. Or she thinks it's play time when I'm lying on it to do my exercises :)

  9. DANG - that pie looks GREAT - next time we meet up, I'll "let" you bring me some....
    Also known as me begging you for a slice!)

  10. The cat did a perfectly executed corpse pose...nailed it.

  11. What's wrong with peep shows? LOL!

    The cheesecake looks great...I bet your Mom was thrilled!

    The jars are a great idea!


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