Monday, February 13, 2012

Quickie Weekend Recap

*I had chocolate cake for breakfast one day. How bad am I?! I'm not! Low carb, protein and lots of fiber. I did have trouble with the caramel sauce. Will try powdering the Truvia next time. So tasty at around 5grams net carbs. Recipe HERE.

*That night Chuck wants something sweet so I make another cake because they are so darn easy to make in the microwave. But I made up some cream cheese frosting for his. Used a little too much cream so was a little too runny. But he loved it.
*Eating out can be a challenge. I love Jason's Deli but sandwiches just aren't part of my eating regime right now. So I got a side salad....
 ...and a Beefeater sandwich.
 What I left behind. It all works out and I had a happy tummy. No bread or chips for me. Just sandwich guts and salad.
*Found a blind baby duck in the parking lot at Jason's Deli! Was less than 3 days old. It still had its egg tooth. So we drove to a wildlife rehabilitation center across town. Rachel and I volunteered there with the baby birds one summer. Baby duck was left in good hands and seemed to be perfectly fine other than the blindness. They'll take good care of him. He was so sweet and would snuggle under my chin.
 *Ran 7 miles Saturday morning in the cold. I freaked out when I got inside and my fingertips were purple. I remember a nurse telling me once that when the fingers start to turn color is when someone is about to die. But was it purple or black that they turn?! I was near death, I tell you! It went away with a hot shower which cures everything.
*Did I mention that I ran 7 miles? Longest distance since my half marathon in December. The last mile sucked!!

*Eating out. Love to go out with friends. This time to Crave Sushi.
I got a hot rock...
 ....where I cooked my own steak. Delicious and very cool.
 ...and tuna and salmon sashimi with ginger and hot wasabi. Yum!
*Went to a friend's house in midtown Houston. Very cool place! Three story townhouse!
 Good to hang out with friends we haven't seen in years!
 They have a keg of St Arnold's beer! Everyone was having a very good time. I had a couple of sips from Chuck's glass. A little too many carbs for me to indulge.
 *And off we were to beautiful downtown! Molly's Pub to see Tomfooligans!
 Great band. Always a lot of fun to hang out with them. The video quality is not that great. The guy in the white at the end was trashed and later took a nose dive into the stage.
*I had a drunken admirer that said I was his dream girl. LOL Said he'd always remember me. He kept getting way too close. Chuck grabbed my hand as we started to leave and drunk guy looked at me so sad and said, "Are you sure?!" Uh, yeah. I'm sure.  The band stops and says over the speaker, "Hey, you left somebody behind!" Chuck yells back, "He's yours now."  Haha. Still nice to be admired even if it's from a guy so drunk he can't see the nose in front of his face. Chuck was not amused about it all.
 GREAT weekend and so much fun.
*Got to watch another friend make beer Sunday! What a cool process. Gonna have to try that someday soon.

*Weight is still going down so I'm a happy camper Texan today.

And that's my weekend! Hope you had a great one.


  1. I don't know if I would have left those chips alone had they been on my plate - actually I KNOW I wouldn't have left them alone... the bread yes... the chips... nope!
    You are rockin the low carb Kelly!
    Way to go on the run as well. I'm proud of your 7 miles....

    1. Oh, it was tempting. So I quickly ate my salad and started to get full. Not quite as tempted with a full belly. ;)

  2. My former boss was hard into Atkins when I first came to work for him and we would go to a local pizza place and he would order, "Meatball sub, provolone cheese, no bread." HA! It got to where they would automatically remove breads/chips/carbohydrates from grains right off his plate and he didn't even have to tell them.

  3. I love Jason's Deli, I don't think I could order the sandwich and just eat the guts so usually I just for the salad bar plate but of course I have stay away from that evil garlic bread!

    I've never had a beefeater... looks good.


    1. Ohhhhhh.....that garlic bread was calling me. Rachel had the nerve to eat it in front of me!

      Try the beefeater. But watch out for the bread. LOL

  4. "Egg tooth"? I had no idea such a thing existed! Sweet of you guys to rescue the blind baby duck. :)

    It was FREEZING on Saturday morning - were you wearing gloves when you ran? Nice that a hot shower saved you. ;)

    1. It's a little thing on the end of the beak used to break out of the egg. It drops off the duck in around 3-4 days. Inc ase you were wondering!

      It was crazy cold. And of course I didn't wear gloves! That would be the smart thing to do. ;)

  5. Sounds like an awesome the pics! :)

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! The cake, the steak, the sushi.... now, I'm starving! Yum!

  7. 7 miles! 7 miles...14 / 2 miles...2 x 3.5 miles...

    No matter how you figure it, that is a long and great run!

    1. LOL! Thanks, Kyle. Was pretty sure I was near death during that last mile. Still not sure why we run when bikes and cars work so well. ;)

  8. Looks like a great weekend, and OMG, could that baby duck be ANY cuter?????????????? Have a wonderful week Kelly.

  9. Hey Kelly, email me if you and the family are free on Feb. 25th. and can be on the north side of Houston at 9am. I have something in the works in which you and the Hubs would probably be interested.

    p.s. Dang lady, you are looking great!!

  10. You have the coolest life... and the yummiest!
    Happy Valentine's Day!


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