Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Random Quickie

*Monday night I used Chalene Extreme and lifted heavy. I really pushed it and it felt fantastic!!! 36 minutes of strength training

*Chuck had eye dr. appointment. Turns out that his tears dry quicker than they should. He got some prescription drops and hopefully that'll take care of it.

*While at the eye doctor we found some Oakley sunglasses we couldn't live without. I've never owned a "real" pair of sunglasses. They're nice! (Apparently it takes two people to hold a cell phone)

*Went to Luke's Locker and Chuck got himself a much needed pair of running shoes. Looks like I might have a running buddy. Put on your sunglasses! These shoes are bright!

*Speaking of running, Chuck decided to do a half marathon with me. April 1st will be his first one. Who needs training?! Actually he'll be training with me. Fortunately I'm very slow so it shouldn't be too hard for him. Angie's Half Crazy Half Marathon. How appropriate!

*Dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. Naked Tenders, hot sauce and salad. Very tasty.

 *Tuesday night Chuck surprises me with flowers! And he didn't even do anything wrong. Wow. Was very sweet and very appreciated. Love surprises like that. It just makes ya feel special. :) (Thanks for the pretty flowers, Chuck!!!! I love them!)

*Haven't been weighing every day like before. I feel much more sane this way. I'll check it soon though. Just to make sure I'm headed in the right direction.

*Don't forget about the BIG giveaway!!! You can't win if you don't enter. You only have a few more days. Winner will be announced February 28th.

*Eureka Publishing is offering some awesome discounts on low carb cookbooks. It's only for a limited time so use this SPECIAL LINK to get to the sale page. Great prices; great cookbooks.


  1. That Chuck is a keeper. Love the shot of you both at the eye doc. Have a great Wed.

  2. Sweet sunglasses! And how fun that Chuck is going to run the half with you - I take it his knee is all good now?

  3. I love both pairs of Oakley's and his shoes! Nike is my favorite brand. Careful with O's once you own a pair you want more LOL

    I love that he's running a half with you, I might have to come cheer you all!


  4. Love the glasses! They fit your personality - both of you!

  5. Nice shades and is so nice that you have a running partner.

    I love having The Boss for a work out partner!!!

  6. Maybe you shouldn't make Chuck cry so much...

  7. Love the glasses and the shoes - love the color.
    And how sweet about the flowers. Surprises are so nice!
    Wish I had a workout partner :)

  8. Hey! My friend Ashley (Opposite of Thin) turned me on to your blog! I'm not a Texan currently...However I was born a Texan :) I read that you are into running? That's awesome! I haven't started running yet, but I'm going to start training for a half marathon in March (once I finish my 30 Day Shred!) Ashley is actually my shred/workout buddy. We use FaceTime to workout together :) Anyways...I wanted to say I LOVE the shoes you found and the glasses as well!! :)

    If you get a chance...I just started blogging this week, and if you dont mind checking mine out :) It's called A THINderella Story (


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