Thursday, February 2, 2012

Take a Hike!

Thursday was pretty close to perfect. Not only did I get to go for a run but I got to visit one of my favorite places: Brazos Bend State Park.

I haven't been here in quite a while. No one wanted to go for a hike with me so I went by myself. And that was perfectly fine.

Around 4:30pm I reached the park. It was very overcast. It had been raining off and on all day.

I was hoping to get to see some friends and I did! I have a thing for alligators. I don't know why. I think they're cute. Weird, I know.
 There were so many coots hanging around.
Coots can walk on water so some have called them the Jesus Christ bird.

I was able to get a video of the water walkers to share with you. You're welcome! LOL
Does my voice really sound like that?!

I got to see a great white egret fishing for his dinner. And he even caught something! Such beautiful birds.
 This park always makes me feel so happy inside. The live oaks are beautiful. This is where I go to recharge and feel at peace. It just does it for me. No one cares about fashion or your IQ or your weight here. It's just your soul and the animals. And I couldn't love it more. It's where I am me.
 I only saw 2 other people on the trails. I love the solitude. And of course there were a lot of birds everywhere.
 The spillway trail was all mine. Even though I like the solitude I would love to share this place with you. If you're ever in Houston and would like some company on the trails just let me know. I'll show you the best places to see a gator or flowers or whatever it is you want to see. It's a great place even on an overcast afternoon.
 I walked to Elm Lake and sat on a bench near the water. It's funny how one can be utterly alone yet not feel lonely.
 It's hard to tell in the photo but this is a tiny little gator on a small log.
 As it started to get later, birds were looking for roosting spots for the night. Some were loud and sounded like they were having a party!
I got to see these two tiny baby gators hanging out together. It's so hard to see how small they were.
 It's getting darker and more overcast. I really need to get back to the car. Then I see a hawk on a branch right in front of me. The lighting was not good for a picture but that didn't stop me from trying.
 I just stood there staring at this gorgeous bird. I took another step closer and whispered under my breath, "Please don't fly away." And he remained!
 As soon as I snapped this last picture the camera battery went dead. I quietly tried to fish my phone from my pocket but the bird had had enough. I thought he was flying right at me but he flew to my right so close that I could see his beak and eyes and feathers. While flying past he was making light chirping sounds. It was so cool.

I wish I knew what type of hawk he was. It doesn't look like a red tailed to me.

Then the barred owls started calling to each other. It was time for me to leave.
Did I mention that I love this place?

After I got home I changed clothes (how did I get a rock inside my sock?!) and went to Freebirds which is like Chipotle. They sell burritos and salads. Yum!
 Let's make it spicy!!

I needed that walk. I always feel renewed and happy after a hike. Plus I got to burn some extra calories! I was only able to get in two miles but it was a great two miles.

Tomorrow is the monthly weigh in. Hope it's a decent number!


  1. There is nothing I like better than hiking in the mountains here. I'm just waiting for the weather to improve. In the meantime, I'm getting gear together. I just ordered some trekking poles today.

  2. Man I love places like that...I need to visit a park soon...thanks for the pics! :)

  3. Incredible photo's, thanks for sharing. I wish I lived closer and could come and visit such a beautiful place. I have never seen an Alligator...that would be so cool. And thanks for reminding me that I should get out of the gym sometimes and go back outside. We have a gorgeous park really close by and I have not been in forever.

  4. Love the photos. What a beautiful place for a hike. Good luck on your weigh in!

  5. Wow - beautiful there for sure. Is it safe to walk alone there? Besides the alligators, of course! Cuuute?! I don't think so - eek! That said, the gekkos over here look like tiny-tiny baby aligators that could fit in your hand. I'm always saving them from dying inside (no bugs) and putting them outside. I think they are cute. The ones that are bigger and do come in the house know how to get out again. They have little personalities - really, I think they do!

    We also have lizards here that walk on water and they are called: Jesus Christ Lizards. Never heard of a bird like that. How fascinating! Have a nice day. :)

    1. How cute! We just have tiny pink gekkos here. I'd love to see the Jesus Christ lizards! I've only seen them on tv.

      The state park is very safe. I feel safer walking there than in my own neighborhood. It's just a great peaceful place. :)

  6. That's good to know, Kelly. Great that you have that near you. Pink gekkos - now that's adorable! Yeah, the Jesus Christ lizards grow big too - and they still walk/run on water. Amazing!

  7. Great pics! My wife and I are outdoors folks and would have loved that hike.

  8. Cool trip and photos!! I had no idea there were so many gators there! *blushes at ignorance* How did your weigh-in go?


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