Tuesday, February 28, 2012

True Confessions

Part of being a blogger is deciding how much information to share. Some people like to let it all hang out. Others are very secretive about their identities and personal life. But all of us have to decide where we fall on the spectrum. Do we only write about the good things? Do we admit when we slip up or feel down? Do we only report the highlights and skip the day to day boring tidbits?

I'm still finding my balance. This blog was started as a way for me to keep a sort of electronic diary of my adventures in life and getting healthy. I've learned so much along the way! I really never thought anyone would find my life interesting enough to come here to read about it.  I'm just an everyday person experiencing the same ups and downs that any other person experiences. There is nothing particularly exciting about my life but I enjoy it.

One thing I've had trouble with is accepting the fact that I do have some metabolic issues. The insulin resistance. The thyroid issues. PCOS (which upon further reading seems to be related to the insulin resistance?). Maybe a gluten intolerance?

Some days I accept all of this and decide "this is the way it is so just go with it." On those days I have no problem eating my low carb goodness. And I enjoy it! Even when people make fun of it I stand steadfast. It's not a problem.

Other days I want to be "normal" and go out and have a beer and pizza. Other people can do it and go on to live happy lives. Those days I have a bit of a pity party or I enter the great state of denial. "I'm fine! I don't really have those issues."

And this is the part of the blog where I share the bad along with the good. A couple of days ago I decided I was a normal person. I could have some pizza and go on to be a very healthy and Happy Texan. I wanted BBQ chicken pizza. I deserved BBQ chicken pizza! I work out so an occasional treat should not be the end of the world! All was right with the world and I was happy.  So Domino's delivered and I had pizza and loved every minute of it. Food brought right to my door! I didn't have to cook, clean or even leave my house. And it was sooooo good!

In about an hour I started to feel the effects. The first thing I noticed was my heartbeat increased. And it was pounding. Chuck held my hand and could feel the pounding in my fingertips. It was pretty bad and a little scary to tell the truth.

Then I began to feel nauseous. My head started to hurt and I became very sleepy as my heart continued to pound. I regretted that stupid pizza and got quite a reminder that I can't just have what I want. It's just not worth it.

Maybe it was all of the carbs at once? Maybe I have a sensitivity to gluten? Maybe both? I'm not sure. But I do have an appointment with Dr. Peter Osborne to have DNA testing to see if I'm allergic to gluten proteins and to discuss all of these issues. I'm really hoping to get off the thyroid meds. I want to fix the problem, not put a bandage on it.

Funny story about how I found him. My friend at 45and304 had "liked" a link on Facebook. It looked interesting so I clicked on it. I looked at the profile of the person that had posted the link originally. A doctor who lives in Sugar Land? That's right down the road from me!! I started reading on his web site about how he's helped people with thyroid issues and immediately called to set up an appointment. He's a busy guy so the soonest I can get in is April 26th. But I'm going!

Now 45and304 lives waaayyyy up north. But through her I was able to find this doctor who lives right down the road from me. Small world? Yup!

I certainly learned my lesson with that pizza though. I woke up all night long with anxiety issues and heart racing. It took a couple of days but everything is back to normal. Feeling good. :)  And that is my confession.
Monday I had a Groupon for some eyelash extensions so I spent a couple of hours doing that and now have some gorgeous lashes. Love them! I'll have to put a picture up soon but I don't have one right now.

Breakfast was a couple of scrambled eggs with a little coconut oil and a tiny sprinkling of cheese.

Lunch: pork and venison sausage with broccoli and cheese. Sausage was meh. I like brand called Chappell Hill the best.

Snack: a few almonds

Dinner: Pan seared steak with butter pan sauce and a HUGE salad.
Sorry about the photo quality. I need to get some picture skillz.

We always grill steaks. To do otherwise would be heresy. But when it's late and you need dinner in a hurry you try new things. Ok, it's new to me.

Oh my! This is really good! Why have I not tried this before?

Pan Seared thick steaks: So all you do is pat the steak dry with paper towels. Season with a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper. Heat a heavy bottomed skillet on high until it's very hot. Put steak in skillet (make sure there is some space between each steak) and turn down temp to medium-high. Cook without moving the steak for 4 minutes. Flip the steaks and cook for 4 minutes for rare, 5 minutes for medium-rare, or 6 minutes for medium. Put the steaks on a plate and tent with foil to rest.

While the steaks are resting, I added some butter to the skillet and a few shakes of dried minced onion and parsley. Whisked then dumped in whatever juices the steaks had released while resting. Poured the sauce on the steaks and served. VERY good!!!

I went to bed with a happy tummy and no heart pounding.

Totally off topic but look how pretty my flowers are! They all opened! Still loving them.
They're so pretty they look fake. Thanks again, Chuck! Wait a second....is that your toolbox I see on the floor in the background?! Better not be.
A little announcement: I'll be starting my own little challenge on March 1st. It's just a little something for myself to get me moving more.

I'm having a 3.1 for 31 Challenge where I walk and/or run for 3.1 miles every day for the 31 days of March. I did this in 2010 and felt great afterwards. Time to do it again.  You're welcome to join me virtually if you feel so inclined. Some days I'll be going further than 3.1 miles but a 5K is the minimum.
Today is the LAST day to enter my Once in a Leap Year Giveaway!! Don't miss out. Winners will be announced tomorrow. *squeal* So excited!


  1. Ugh. Helen, I'm so sorry. I accidentally hit delete instead of publish for your comment.

    Here is what Helen said:

    Can't wait to read your updates on your 3.1 for 31 Challenge - it was fun following along with you last time and it's quite an accomplishment!

    Balance is tough with blogging, no doubt about it. All we can do is write and learn.

    I hope nothing too serious is wrong. Maybe too much sodium in that pizza? That could cause that sort of a reaction too. Metabolic issues suck for sure.

  2. I think one of the hardest things is realizing that some of our favorite foods really are not things we can have. It's a different food for everyone. You don't want it to be that way, but it is. Sometimes it takes a little scare to reinforce it. Glad nothing really bad happened to you.

    1. I'm really just being a baby about it instead of accepting it. Who knows? Maybe it'll change one day.

  3. Good to see we can all learn from our mistakes, and the smart one can learn from the first time. The difficult ones like me took years of failing first.

    Love to join you on 3.1 in March, but I need my rest days like yesterday. How about I do 31 miles per week every week in March? Can I at least get an honorary membership in the 3.1 Challenge cool kids club?

    1. I didn't say I haven't made the same mistake over and over. I think I just may have "gotten it" this time. I'm hard headed.

      Um, yeah. I'd say 31 miles per week more than qualifies you as the cool kid. You just way exceeded coolness. You get a gold star.

  4. The good news is we can all learn from our mistakes. The smart ones learn after the first adverse effect. The difficult ones like myself took years of failing or doing the wrong things before eventually wising up. It's good you are doing your part and seeing the doc to see what's up.

    As for the 3.1 Challenge, I'd love to join you, but I need my off days like yesterday. Can I run 31 miles a week, and at least get a honorary membership in the 3.1 Challenge Cool Kids club?

  5. I hope everything goes well at the appointment!

    Food looks delicious.

    I try to be as transparent as possible in a blog but I do find myself making things sound more positive than I really feel. Maybe a part of me is trying to psyche myself out :)

    1. Thanks. Yeah, I try to make things sound more positive too. But I do that in "real life" too. But that's a good thing, right?! LOL

  6. I have the same experience (fast heartbeat and sometimes irregular) when I ingest too many carbs, especially if I haven't been eating many of them. It usually happens to me in the middle of the night, after a day of sweets and too many starches. Eating a large meal in a restaurant can also do that to me if I'm not careful. It was explained to me that it was likely an overproduction of insulin in my body trying to take care of the sugar and starch. Along with insulin can come some adrenaline, and that affects the heart. It is scary. I'm insulin resistant, so my body has to produce way too much in order to get rid of the sugar. I'm not saying this is your issue, but it seems to be mine. When I eat fewer carbs and stay away from the sugar, I never have those problems. Hope all goes well for you.

    1. I feel ya! I have a nasty case of insulin resistance as well.

      Yep. We both need to watch those carbs. I wonder if there is a cure for insulin resistance. Hmmm.......

  7. Too many carbs at once (overload) makes me feel so drugged. Horrible feeling. You're right....it's not worth it.

    I'm very interested to hear about that thyroid appt. It took me 8 years to get mine in sync so I'm nervous about letting the Synthroid go to try something else. But if you really find a way to CURE it...I'd love to know. I'm not thrilled about being on that med for the rest of my life either.

    1. I'll let you know how it goes, Tammy. Wouldn't it be nice to get off all medications?!
      I'm on Synthroid as well.

  8. It IS hard to make the changes, permanently, for your health. Sometimes I think to myself "forever FOREVER???" Dang. But yeah, it does get pounded in when you slip and suffer. Hopefully the slips will be fewer and fewer, because it's no fun to feel as bad as you did.

    I'm interested to hear about that doctor visit! Always good to get another take on things...can't hurt, right?

    I can't do walking/running every day ::shakes fist at ankle:: but I think it's great that you are going to do this. Muddy girl is 3.1, right?

  9. Oh poor you! You're human. I have broken down many times before and considered myself "normal" too - NOT!. I don't suffer quite as much, but the scale sure tells me what I've done, plus if it was sugar I cheated with - the cravings come back with a vengeance - and my energy goes out the window.

    Love to see the eyelash extensions! Curious me. :)

  10. I love keeping it simple! Keeps me out of trouble!


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