Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend: Running Gives You Wings!

We had a cold, wet weekend in Houston. I got up Saturday ready for a run but it was pouring and there was just no way. Every time I even thought about running it would start raining harder. So I gave in to the weather.

Instead I decided to work on my core. Planks. Ugh. Those things are tough!

I'm going to challenge myself this month to work my way up to holding a five minute plank. I thought about working up to 10 minutes but really it's such a boring exercise that 5 minutes is all I want to commit to doing.

So I started with a one minute plank, rest, then a two minute plank. My core was shaking! And I sure felt it the next day. Ouch!  My idea is to do my planks every other day and work up to at least 3 five minute ones. We'll see how it goes. ;)

Saturday morning, while I'm planking, Chuck makes me a perfect omelet with bacon, cheese, jalapenos and sour cream. Oh my. This is good eats.

Afterwards we went to a friend's daughter's high school play. She did a great job. This is before the play. Twelve Angry Jurors. They sure were angry!
Sunday I knew I had a run to do. No excuses! My body was still sore from planks and from run and bike ride and hike last week. Though it wasn't much it was still enough to make these muscles sore!

First, to get groceries. It was nuts!!! Crazy crowded. When I finally got home I had a little lunch (deli meat, cheese and mustard wrapped in lettuce leaves) and let that settle then suited up for the run.

It was cold and windy. Not my favorite running conditions. Chuck suggested I wait. As I told him, if I wait for the perfect conditions I'd only run three times a year! Nope. I made a commitment to this.

Ok, it's not like I was going out for a 14 mile run like some people I know. (Good job, Kent!) Just three miles for me. I remember not too long ago when three miles was nothing! But now it's tough. It was hard because of the wind, the sore legs and core, and I still suck air when running. Takes a while to build everything back up.

So a slow 3 miles done. I ran 3 minutes and walked two. Not a stellar performance but it was a run and I felt great afterwards.

As soon as I cooled off it was time to make football food: wings!
I made the famous garlic parmesan wings
 And traditional buffalo style wings
Both were a huge hit! I asked which the family preferred but they had trouble picking. Both are terrific!

Now for some random things:
Rachel made a beautiful cake! Let's not even talk about cake temptation. Just admire it. She came up with her own buttercream frosting. I'd like to tell you I have no idea how it tasted. But that would be a lie. ;)

Chuck and I had to run some errands. I love that I live in an area where it's not uncommon to see cows grazing by the road because they got out. range burgers and steaks. I'll name this one T-bone.

While leaving Lowe's home improvement store, there was a little boy maybe 9 or 10 years old selling tickets to a Boy Scout pancake supper. The last thing I need is pancakes so I told him no. The disappointment on his face got to me. He was so cute and all I could see was my little boy's face when I looked at him.

Chuck and I went to the car and I kept telling him how guilty I felt. That little boy's disappointed face just kept coming to mind. So Chuck gave me his last $5 so I could go buy a ticket I really didn't need. Then I got to see that cute little boy smile. Totally worth the money.

Chuck: Feel better?
Me: YES! Thank you so much! Now if I could only find a homeless person to give the pancake supper ticket to, my day would be complete.
Chuck: Surely you're not that naive, Kelly. They don't want pancakes. They want something else.

Ha! Such a cynic. LOL But he's probably right. I still have that ticket. Anyone want to go to a pancake supper in the south Houston area?

In other news, I registered Chuck and I for the Armadillo Dash 5K with Shelley in College Station on March 4th! It'll be a lot of fun even though they do have hills there. Darn hills. The Armadillo Dash was the first race I ran with Shelley and it was when we first met in person! Jeff, Shelley's husband, will be running the half marathon so we will get to cheer for him too.

I also counted the weeks left until my next half marathon: 7 weeks! Yikes! I have to get busy. I should have run 6 miles on Sunday! I can do this.

Gotta run!


  1. I hate it when the grocery store is crowded! Playing bumper carts is not my idea of fun.

    Planks get easier the more you do them :) Great job challenging yourself. My arms and my core are what I'm targeting

    1. Arms and core. Same here. Thinking the running willt ake care of the legs part. Hoping anyway!

  2. You must have done something to piss me off, because I tagged you in this silly post: Don't ever do it again!

  3. First, it seems that every time I've run in the last month, it's been windy. What is UP with that?!? I hate running in the wind.

    Also, you keep talking about the hills at the Dash. The route is one that my running club uses and I keep thinking "what hills" - how funny that my attitude on hills has changed so much from the first time we ran that race. So excited that you and Chuck are going to do it - his knee is better? Yay! It will be fun, and also nice to get some rest time and watch those poor souls - er, I mean half marathoners - cross the finish line.

    Beautiful cake - love the flowers. I know you know this, but dang! Your girl is talented!!!

    1. Maybe it won't seem like such a hill this time. And nowhere near what we got in Brenham. I was just being a baby about it. I was only used to flat as a board roads and treadmills. Since then I've expanded my running topography a little bit.

      Oh!! Cowbell and posters for Jeff! I'll get busy. :-D

      Thanks, I'll tell Rachel you gave her a thumbs up on the cake. Almost too pretty to eat. I'm proud of her. :)

  4. Wow....your daughter is very, very talented! Yay you for signing up for the runs and getting those planks in. Have a good Monday.

  5. Good job in getting your run in.

    Just remember build your base this week even if it is a couple 1.5 to 2.5 mile training or recovery runs. I am not looking forward to this weekend. I need to run an additional 5 by myself after the group's 11 mile run. I trying to target April 15 for my marathon date (pre-LC Cruise), so I can recover in the hectic month of May. I have the same feeling of Yikes! (or something like it). That's only 10 weeks away or 8 training weeks and 2 taper weeks.

    1. I didn't know you were in a running club! That's so cool.

      You can do it! You've already run marathons. And you get to recover on a fun cruise! I was signed up to go but life got in the way (i.e. bills, car repairs, holidays, etc). Maybe next year.

      Yep. I've got a training schedule. The usual : run by minutes during the week and long runs by miles on the weekend. It's my USAFit schedule but will probably switch to John Bingham's schedule to get me on track quicker!

  6. Rachel has definitely got some talent - her flower detail is just gorgeous!

    I slogged along on my 8 miler Saturday wanting to quit because it felt hard. Boo hoo! At some point I saw your post about your run and it got me thinking about how much running fitness is like dieting... so easy to get off track, so hard to get your speed back! But you will, I just know it.

    1. Helen, I read this in my training journal. There is a quote for the beginning of each week. This one couldn't be more appropriate!

      "Running does no good if it doesn't last. After a few months away from it, even a world record holder or Olympic champion is no more of a runner than the next slob on the street."

  7. I agree with Helen, Rachel has some cake decorating talent there. It's a shame to eat those when they are decorated so nicely.

  8. Aren't you the busy lady?? I'm back to blogging and still have you on my list, so came to check on you. I'm a fellow Texan, now. Over in San Antonio. Doing all my exercising indoors for the most part. :-) Still just walking. Will probably never run. My heart rate still gets way too high just walking!

    1. It's so good to hear from you! Don't you love San Antonio?! I'd love to live there. Austin is nice too!

      I've met people who have walked marathons. They never run. So don't let walking keep you from doing fun stuff (if you like that sort of thing LOL).

      This blogger also live in San Antonio!

  9. Wow! Look at you go with the planks. I am thrilled that I can hold one now for 30 seconds, I guess know I know what I need to work up to. :) LOL.

    My girlfriend has convinced me to go into a 1/2 marathon this August. I am not a runner so I will be walking it and she said that is totally fine. I am very nervous but also excited. I decided to see how long I could stay on the Arc Trainer last workout and I was able to do 2 hours. I totally surprised myself.

    Are you able to do most of your workouts/runs outside where you live? That would be nice. Too much ice on the sidewalks where I am right now.


    1. Melody, I've know people who enter marathons and half marathons who walk the entire thing. Nothing wrong with it. I say go for it! You can do this. You just build up mileage slowly and pretty soon you're ready. :)

      Arc Trainer for 2 hours?! You're a stronger person than I!

      I'm near Houston so our weather is bi-polar: some days hot and other days cold. Not too many icy days so I'm able to run outside. Be careful of that ice!


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