Monday, March 5, 2012

Armadillo Dash 5K recap

It was a crazy busy weekend and I loved every single minute of it.

Friday night we drove to Beaumont for my brother's wedding shower/party. I got to see some relatives that I hadn't seen in a few years and catch up. Then we drove two hours back home and passed out.

(There was something else that happened Friday but I'll be telling you about that tomorrow. It's good. Very good!)

Saturday morning Chuck and I went for a run. He was assuming that we were going to be going 3.1 miles because that's my thing this month: 3.1 for 31. As we approach mile 3 he happily says, "Whew! Almost done!"

Welllllll......not quite. Let's run 3.5 miles. After a run interval I tell him we're at 3.7 so let's just go ahead and hit 4 miles. Then, "We've gone 4.3 miles. How about we make it to 4.5 miles?!" Chuck is not happy with this at all. Eventually I tell him we're at 4.7 so let's just make it an even 5 miles.  Yes, he thought we were running 3 miles but I tricked him into 5 miles.

ME: I bet you could have gone another mile, right?
Chuck: NO! I'm done!! It's not going to work.
ME: Ok ok. Good job.

Then we packed and headed to College Station. Ah....I love getting away for the weekend.

We had dinner with Shelley and her husband Jeff that night. It was good to catch up and chat. I could have stayed talking later but there was quite a line of people waiting for a table. But this was our two year meetiversary!!! Two years ago Shelley and I got to meet in person for the first time to run the Armadillo Dash together! (Happy Meeetiversary, Shelley!)

Sunday morning we got up at the ridiculous hour of 5am and headed to the race. It was cold!!! 40*! I know some of you snowbirds are used to colder temps but to me that's way too cold.

We sat in the van with the heat running until 6:40. We had to get to the place so early because the traffic gets crazy and they have to run shuttles. They were expecting a little over 2800 runners this year.
 As all of the runners huddle together waiting for the half marathoners to start, Shelley and I put on our best smiles considering the hour and temperature. Brrr!
 There were so many runners. This is the view from somewhere near the back of the pack. Half marathoners are way up front (see the big red inflatable? That's the start/finish).
Yup. There were a lot of people!

The race starts and we finally walk to the start line (because it's so crowded you don't start the race start the race walking!). Chuck and I didn't time our intervals. We ran when we felt like running and walked when we felt like walking. For a while we were keeping up with Shelley and her running buddy but after a while we watched them trot off into the distance.

In our defense, we were both a little sore from the 5 miles the day before. Have I mentioned that we have a half marathon in less than a month. What were we thinking?!

We just enjoyed ourselves without a care about timing or pace. This was fun!!! I even stopped to take a picture of the best race sign I've ever seen. I couldn't help but laugh. So I stopped and chatted with these people a second and got a picture.
 We finally make the turn to run to the finish line. It was great crossing the finish line together. Such a feeling of accomplishment. All smiles. It definitely didn't feel cold after running!! And I loved hearing our names called over the speaker as we finished.
 I checked but it doesn't look like we won one of these. Eventually I'll be in the 70+ category and hopefully win a trophy for just showing up. I'm holding out. I will win my age group one day!!
 Shelley's husband Jeff ran the half marathon and did fantastic!!! He came in under 2:10 and got one of these shiny medals. I had some serious medal envy!
After the race it was time to head home.

We're both a little sore today but it was worth it. It was a fun race and a great weekend.

Today is day 5 for 5ks for me. So far I've walked/run 14 miles this month. Yay!!


  1. Love reading about this from both yours and Shelley's perspective. That race sign is hilarious! I'm with you - I'll have to run until I'm 80 to place in my age group...

  2. WHAT a fun time! Love the snippets of your fun life!

  3. Well I hope you are happy, you and your dastardly 3.1 challenge had me out running last night at 11 pm to get my final 2 miles to reach 31 and another 2 more for good luck. :-) One week of the challenge done, 3+ weeks to go.

    40F - with coats or two shirts on? That's shorts and maybe a long sleeve shirt. :-)

    1. Good job!!!! LOL The last time I did this challenge there would be nights I was out at 11:30pm trying to get my miles in.

      40* is winter in Texas! That's cold!

  4. I didn't even notice the trophies! Ah, just as well...

    Fun weekend for sure. Glad you guys came up for the race! :)

  5. Looks like a great race, and sounds like a fun weekend. Thanks for sharing with us Kelly!!! Enjoy your MOnday.

  6. What fun for you and Shelley to get to meet up again! Great job on the mileage this month, too!

  7. What a great weekend! Parties, meet ups, runs...get it all in there!!! Live, live, live!!!


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    Free 5k photos... Enhoy


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