Saturday, March 24, 2012

A (crazy) Day in the Life of a Happy Texan

Crazy, crazy day.

First, let me show you a picture of my race goodies for the Muddy Girl run/walk/obstacle course.
And an insulated lunch bag?! *squeal*
 The shirt is a LARGE. It is NOT large.
Friday afternoon we drop Rachel off at a friend's who lives pretty far away so they could get up early and go to College Station for some sort of farm animal judging class at A&M on Saturday. Fun road trip for a couple of teens, right?

Saturday I get up at the buttcrack of dawn and make some breakfast: scrambled eggs, chicken fajita meat with sauteed onions and peppers, and spinach.

(Upon further investigation, I see I did not take a picture of my breakfast. You'll have to use your imagination. Sorry)

Then it was off to Chuck's shooting match.  I bring a chair and this was my view most the time. Kicking back on a beautiful day.
 There were several different scenarios they had to shoot. This one required them to pretend to brand a deer then shoot a bunch of stuff. See the black hands? That represents a hostage or something. Don't shoot the ones with hands or you lose points.
 I'm not sure how putting a noose around a mannequin plays into this scenario. Maybe it was a warning to follow the rules?
After all was said and done, Chuck won the whole match!! Champion. Yay! Congratulations, Chuck.

But while we are at the match, I receive a phone call from an upset Rachel. Apparently her friend cut her hand on a machete and they were at the hospital getting stitches for said friend. Rachel and friend kept their heads about them and handled it well. Friend needed 3 stitches.

Then home to eat a salad. More chicken fajita goodies but with jalapenos this time. I likes it spicy. :)
 Then it was off to drop Charlie off at the in-laws because he doesn't want to go to the mud run Sunday morning.

Then we drove for an hour to pick Rachel up at her friend's house. Her friend was asleep due to pain pills and Rachel was pretty exhausted too.

On the way home picked up a bottle of post-race celebration juice at the liquor store (tequila) then headed to Carl's Jr for a low carb burger (no tomatoes, onions or ketchup) except they put ketchup on it! Ewwwww. I don't eat ketchup but I was so hungry I scarfed the burger pretty quickly.

Oh crap!!! I forgot to do my daily 5K and it's already after 8pm?!  So I put all the blinkies on my light on full blast and head out for a night ride. The bugs kept hitting me in the mouth and one finally lodged in my eye. I almost wrecked. Ouch! I finally dug out the offending insect and finished my 3.1 miles ride in record time. It's scary riding at night. Cars are everywhere!

Back home I celebrated an eventful day with a shot of tequila. Cheers. Stay thirsty, my friends.

What a day!!!  Tomorrow is the Muddy Girl run. Wish me luck! :)  Expect lots of pictures Monday.


  1. You know you're in Texas when your judging classes require the use of a machete.

  2. Good luck on the run, Kelly. I know you will do well. I can't wait to hear about it afterward. Congrats to Chuck on his shooting match. :)

  3. That shirt looks like a "junior" size not a women's! I bet Chuck thinks you look cute in it though ;)

  4. I saw the recap on Shelley's blog - looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!

    Congrats to Chuck!!


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