Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Daily Eats & Exercise

Yesterday I had to drive to Beaumont to pick up Charlie from my parents' house where he stayed over the weekend. It's about a two hour drive for me and usually I don't mind road trips but I still hadn't fully recovered from the weekend or buying a new car on Monday. Taking a road trip in the new car wasn't the worst way I could spend a Tuesday. ;)

It was good to visit with my folks for a while. Plus she sent me home with 3.5 dozen yard eggs!! Nothing like FREE organic, free range, cage free happy chicken eggs.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs, spinach with coconut oil & jalapenos, leftover fajita meat.
 Lunch: Subway since I was traveling. Steak salad, jalapenos, cucumbers and pickles with oil & vinegar
 Dinner: chicken fajitas, sauteed onion and bell peppers, sour cream, cilantro and jalapeno rolled up in lettuce leaves.
And just before bedtime I had a small glass of Malbec.
Exercise: Day 6 of 3.1 for 31. Chuck and I got out there and walked our 3.1 miles even though neither of us wanted to at all. We were both tired and would rather had just chilled on the couch but I made a commitment to do this challenge. We were both grumbling and complaining a little at first but we found our groove and chatted while walking as quickly as we could to get it finished.

Last weekend I had a few things that no insulin resistant person should have. I'm looking at you, pasta dinner.

Monday I weighed myself knowing that there would be bad news because of water retention, hormones, and sore muscles. But it was so bad that my fancy shmancy scale didn't even recognize me! We're talking an 11 pound gain, people. Poof! In two days. That's ridiculous.

Fortunately the weight has dropped 8 pounds. I know there is still some water retention so it'll drop back down soon. Still it's not fun to see that big jump. At least it's going back down.

Today is more of the same: low carb foods and 3.1 mile run. It's a living. :) I have to get in shape for this summer because there are some really cute clothes that I've got my eye on. Plus there's wanting to be healthy and all that good stuff.

Have a great Wednesday!


  1. I say BUY A BIKINI!! Very, very motivating. And may I also say, you're going GREAT with veggies lately and you're eating almost positively Paleo :D

    1. LOL Helen, I have to say that every time I have veggies with breakfast I think of you. It's true.

      Yes, I've cut out dairy for the most part. I do have a tiny bit of sour cream. And of course no grains.

  2. 11 lbs in 2 days isn't REAL weight...that's absolutely water retention etc, etc. Yay for the 8 that dropped quickly. Pesky scales!!! And yay for you and Chuck pushing through and doing the walk you didn't want to. Woo Hoo. Have a great Wed Kelly.

  3. I'm sorry about that pasta dinner - I was concentrating on carb-loading Jeff for the half that I didn't think about you not having other options there!

    1. I loved every single delicious bite of it. ;) I could have had the caesar salad. LOL I just succumbed to temptation. LOVE pasta.

  4. LOVE that you and Shelley connected again.
    sign me:


  5. It happens, Kelly. Temptation is everywhere - thing is to hop right back on the wagon when it happens and don't blame yourself too much. We are human. I must admit such a big jump on the scale is very scary, but obviously it was water weight - impossible to gain that much real weight in 2 days. Takes a few days for everything to return to normal; just watch out for cravings.

  6. I have got to try fajitas in lettuce leaves...genius!

    Glad your big gain is saying bye bye quickly! Low carb all the way baby! Woohoooo!!!

    Yay to you and Chuck for getting out there and getting it done. It is really tough to do a challenge for 30 days in a row.

  7. I used to never eat pasta when I was just on oral medication - now that I am on insulin more times than not I'll tell myself "I'll just take more insulin!"

    I am going to try lower carb meals next week - I know my WI tomorrow is not going to be pretty!

  8. It happens over night. And the calories just don't add up.
    Live and learn is the name of the game these days!
    Good thing we can push the RESET button anytime we need to!


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