Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Goodbye, Vincent

Yesterday I said goodbye to my miniature van Vincent Van Go. It was time. I knew it would never work out between us. We were so different. I was ready to move on. Plus he would let me down sometimes (I will never forget pushing his huge ass through a Chik-Fil-A drive thru) and all of the cool kids were like "what are you doing with him?!"

So Chuck, knowing of my relationship problems with Vincent, went out and bought a car for me Friday but I couldn't pick it up until Monday because they needed to paint a scratch and detail it. It's used but it looks new and  the notes are cheaper than Vincent's!

I hadn't seen my new ride yet. I was all excited as I waited for them to bring it around. Let me tell you a little bit about this crazy dealership.

It's the largest in dependant dealership in the world. Their cars are listed on ebay. People are coming in on shuttles from the airport every hour to pick up cars. Saturday alone 118 cars were picked up! It's called Texas Direct Auto. They're in the process of adding on and bought a strip mall that will house a new showroom. They're even planning on adding a dog park!

The showroom is filled with fine cars! I drooled on a Mercedes and a Ferrari. And maybe an Audi.
 Rachel wants this one.
 Check out the engine!
 The engine of a gorgeous Audi. It's right in the car with you. I'm not so sure about that. And what's so weird is that the higher end cars (except the Mercedes) are very plain inside. No goodies and gadgets. Disappointment. Oh sure, they look good on the outside but they're pretty shallow inside. Another relationship that wouldn't work out. But it would be fun to use them for a while!!

 You don't walk around the car lot to look at cars. Nope. You get a wristband then browse through their computers and write down what cars you want to drive. They bring them around and you take off and drive as many cars as you want. You would not believe how many cars kept coming through! All of these cars are waiting in line because someone wants to test drive them.
 Finally mine was ready and I drove it home. He won't share his name just yet but it was love at first sight. This one is so much more like me in personality. It's also pretty peppy. I had more fun than I should passing other cars. Oops. It didn't feel like I was going 80mph! Meet my new friend!
 Love the dash. It's a 2009 Ford Flex. I'm planning to put a nice stereo in there.
 Lots of room for road trips.
I'm absolutely thrilled!! It's fun to drive and doesn't look bad either.


Breakfast: lots of scrambled eggs over spinach mixed with coconut oil and some bacon. Don't forget a load of hot sauce.
 Lunch: Jalapeno sausage and broccoli. Was not hungry and made myself eat.
 Dinner: As soon as we picked up the new car and got home, I had to go for my 3.1 mile walk and Chuck made dinner so we could get out the door in time for his shooting match that evening. It was a very busy day!
Beef fajitas, guacamole, sauteed peppers and onions, a little sour cream, and jalapenos rolled up in lettuce.
 After we finally got home that evening we toasted to the new car with a glass of Malbec. Yum!!
3.1 for 31 days is in full swing. I got in my 3.1 mile walk. It was such a great evening for a walk too. Loved it. Also did a few squats, wall pushups and chest pulls.

I'd say it was a great day. Especially for a Monday!!! :-D


  1. Congrats! He looks like a Dash to me:).

  2. So fun to get a new car - I hope you and your beau have many happy trips together. Chuck, too. ;)

  3. Hurray for new car smell! I know you're glad to have something reliable too.

  4. Can't wait for you to see your new car! Super exciting!

  5. Very nice Kelly, I love the Flex!


  6. I should have you help me name my car ha ha!! I love the names you've come up with!!

    Oh! I LOVE Cupcake wine. It's always on sale here :)


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