Monday, March 26, 2012

Muddy Girl Recap

I'm just letting you know up front that this is a photo intensive post. I'm sorry. You should see how many I left out!!

Sunday we got up at 6:30am. It's not early for a lot of you early birds but I like to stay up late and the weekend is supposed to be for sleeping until at least 8am! But when you're getting up early for a race there's a sense of excitement and urgency in the air.

I had packed everything I needed the night before so I wouldn't forget anything. This wasn't the typical race gear of Bodyglide, electrolytes, etc. No, I had trash bags, a change of clothes, hat, brush,mosquito repellent, towel, and deodorant.

Ate breakfast and headed out. It was a very foggy morning but we made it safely to our destination. It only took about an hour. Texts were flying around all morning to friends. "Where are you?"  "Which exit?"  "Where am I?" LOL

I was all over the place!! I get so excited at these events and I can't seem to take in all the sights fast enough. I'm bouncing off the walls. Rachel doesn't seem to be too perky just yet.
 Shelley and friends decide to meet, where else, by the port-o-potties. Here's Chuck making his grand exit. (Got the port-o-pottie pic idea from Jeff, Shelley's husband).
 We're all smile and cleanness before the race starts. From left to right is me, Shelley, Rachel, Jennifer and Katherine. Katherine is VERY nervous. I didn't think she was going to show up. And it was Jennifer's birthday!! She chose to wear a grocery bag with flaming duct tape on her head. Why? To keep the mud out of her hair. LOL Bold fashion statement.
 There was so much food and free beer! We could have had some before the race but we really didn't know what to expect on the obstacle course so were worried about jostling the stomach around.

It's finally time to line up. We're all sprayed with mosquito spray and ready to go. We line up near the back because there are some people who take this very seriously and want to run full throttle through the course. We, on the other hand, want to get our money's worth and stay out there until another wave passes us. That really happened. We were wave 11am and wave 11:30 had no trouble passing us.

And we're off!
 It's a loop course so the finish is also the start.
 The first obstacle could have just been running on the ground because it was so uneven. We had to be very careful where we stepped or it would have been easy to twist an ankle.

We ran to a place where nice firemen hosed us down. The water was pretty and created a double rainbow across the sky. (Double rainbow. What does it mean? It's a reference to a stupid youtube video). We twirled around in the water and enjoyed it. It actually felt good. Except I got it in the face once and that wasn't too enjoyable.

We made our way to the first little mud puddles we were to walk/run through. This isn't bad at all! I thought we were going to get muddy. Rachel smeared some mud on her face and I threw mud on her back. All good, clean fun.

Then we came to hills. Oh no! I didn't train for hills! LOL  Rachel and Jennifer rolled down one hill. Funny. I wish I would have brought a camera on the course with me but I didn't want it to get ruined.

Then we come to some woods and we hear people screaming in there. What kind of obstacle is this?! Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

Nope. Crawling in deep, watery mud under ropes. The mud would suck your hands and knees deep into it. Nasty nasty nasty. We ended up very muddy in there.

Then had to "jump" across some barrels then wait to go over the cargo net. The paparazzi saw us and just wouldn't leave us alone so we waved. You can see the mud up our arms. It looked like mud gloves.

 "Look at me. I can stand on one leg," says Kelly. "Ha, ha. Girl, you're so crazy," says Shelley. Actually we're just being goofy for the camera.
 This cargo net crawl is a lot shorter than the one we did at Beachpalooza. But it made up for it by being slick with thick mud and being wobbly.
 Shelley makes it to the top! Hang on tight. This thing moves.
 Shelley is a pro at this now. The celebratory wave.
 Rachel and Jennifer make it to the top next.
 Jennifer makes it over with no problem. I'm making my way to the top and still have not overcome my fear of heights or slippery ropes or wobbly boards.
 This was Rachel's first time on a cargo net. She was pretty scared but she did it! I'm descending but the ropes move and are so slippery so taking it slow.
 Rachel and Shelley give a high five. Yay! And in the background I'm still clinging to the ropes.
 Go, Katherine! You can do it!! We'll just stand here and watch.
 Victory pose. We're quite proud of ourselves.
 Around the corner was our water station. Each cup of water had a little something extra in it: mud. Mud was everywhere. Oh well. Just extra minerals, right?

We leap crawl over hay bales. Then we vault crawl over more barrels. I can't believe how fast this is going! These obstacles haven't been too tough.

Then they direct us into the woods where the mud makes a horrible sound like stirring up a big pot of macaroni and cheese. Ewwww. And it doesn't smell pleasant.  It was nasty but not terrible. We fell a few times in some puddles but we made it. We can see the last obstacle is next then the finish line.

Wait....what's this?? We have to go through the woods again before the last obstacle. Shelley's reaction pretty much captures how we all felt when we found out.
 This part of the course was tough! Think knee deep water and mud mixture. The bottom is uneven and you can't see it. The mud goes up past your ankle. You can't stop moving or you start sinking and the mud tries to suck off your shoes! 

Then we start falling. Shelley goes down first and I laugh so hard. Ha ha ha ha.  Let me tell you something: karma is a bitch.  I couldn't stand up for the rest of the run. I kept falling down. 

Once both my legs slipped out from under me and Shelley steps on my foot as she passes me.
Shelley: "I stepped on something."
Me: "*grunt* Yup! Sure did!"  LOL

We see shoes left and right that did not make it out with their owners. It was tough!!

Rachel comes out alive but her shoes keep coming off so she carries them. Rachel is tall. Check out where the water is on her. And the mud is clay on the bottom so it's very slippery.

 Shelley walking along. She has the eye of the tiger. She sees that finish line. I've fallen again behind her.
 Did I mention it's slippery? LOL
 Hey! I have an idea! I'll just swim through it! Something was inside my pants biting me. I didn't want to know what it was. And I felt something under my hand and picked it up. It was a stick but it looked like a snake for a minute and I squealed and tossed it.
 Rachel finishes first in our group and gets her medal. She's already posing for pics while I'm still tackling the muddy beast.
 Katherine and I are so happy to finally make it to solid ground! Finish line is coming up next!
 We all get our medals and pose in front of the banner. This was a lot of fun! And it was over too fast in my opinion.
 Time to act goofy. Looks like I have mud boogers. Ugh. Mud everywhere!
 We were so hungry afterwards and were grabbing food on the way to our victory pictures. Pizza, cupcakes...anything!
 Some Bud and mud. And a shiny new medal.
 Jeff hosed Shelley off (I'm sure he just hated doing that). It was funny watching Shelley dance around because that water was cold!
 Rachel, Katherine and I decided to wash off in the lake instead. The water felt so good plus it's swimming in a lake! Fun, fun, fun!
 She's a poser. LOL  I have to get in the pic too. Peace out.
 Exhaustion!  This girl needs some food!!
  We turned Dash (my car) into a changing room by opening a door and holding up a big sheet. We took turns getting on clean, dry clothes then headed over to Tortuga for food, ritas and laughs. It was fun talking about our favorite moments of the run.

So what do you say? Want to do it with us next year? It's a lot of fun. Girls only though. Sorry, guys. There's also Beach Dash coming up in October in Galveston and it is open to all. These kinds of races are so much fun!!

**To see Shelley's recap of the race, visit HERE.


  1. Such a good time, even from the side lines! Can't wait for the beach "dash"!

    1. Thank you so much for taking pictures for us.

  2. So enjoyed both the recaps. Jeff and Chuck were troopers to go support you guys like. Looks like so much fun but I'm not sure how I feel about being muddy like that. As Mr. Helen says, sometimes I can be a little prissy LOL!

    1. They made for a great pit crew. It was greatly appreciated.

      It wasn't bad!! But maybe Beach Dash would be a better fit for you. :) Though it gets a bit nasty there too. LOL

  3. This looks like a TON of fun!

    1. It was!!! I highly recommend signing up for an obstacle course race if you've never done one. Or even if you have done one!

  4. What a fun day! Did you know that they have a Facebook page for the race? I'm kinda glad I didn't discover it until after the race, because they described clearing the forest for the mud crawls with the update "no snakes yet!" - eeek! Didn't even occur to me that there really might be snakes! Ignorance is bliss.

    Great fun, and I am looking forward to Beach Palooza/Dash like crazy now!

    1. Snakes are just worms with teeth. LOL! But snakes didn't cross my mind. Yikes. I was thinking, "I'm really glad I didn't look at this water under a miscroscope." I swear I was. LOL

      Did you see the flyer for the WW3.5 in our packet? In Winnie? Just sayin. Looks like fun and a bit of a challenge. Maybe I'd get Wonder Woman socks for those.

  5. This looks like a blast. I wish they had that kind of thing here. We live in a small town and hardly ever hear of fun runs. Usually there are only charity benefit runs in the nearest large city. Maybe I will do a little research and see what I can find.

  6. Naah - that's not my idea of fun! LOL Even if I was your age. Too funny you are and just goes to show how different we all are!

  7. So fun! As I said on Shelley's post, you and she are dirty girls! (and I say that with no vulgarity implied! :) )

  8. Wow, how fun! Looks like a fantastic race! I wouldn't do it lol.

  9. I would cheer you on, but you wouldn't see me in the mud...I am far too delicate a Miss for that...cue the batting of the eyelashes. LOL!

    Looks like a super fun time all the cool that Rachel joined in.

  10. FUN FUN FUN!

    I love this Kelly, what a fun day.


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