Monday, March 19, 2012

Snake Wrangling and Experimenting

Howdy and happy Monday to ya!

I just love the surprises that life tosses at us. The good surprises (hot damn, I won the lottery), not the bad ones (your dishwasher committed suicide choking on a chicken bone). We had a little surprise in the backyard while Chuck was mowing Sunday.

I hear a knock on the window and am beckoned to come forth immediately to identify a critter of the snake persuasion curled up by the fence. I get low and look that snake in the eye. Not round pupil. Uh oh. We have a venomous fella here.  Turns out he's a baby cottonmouth aka water moccasin. Chuck scoops into a bucket with a broom then Rachel and I drive him to a nearby pond where we chunk him (as in flying through the air (snakes don't fly well)) into the water. Except I am not a good snake chunker and he hit a little short of the water. But there was a lot of fluffy grass so all was well.
The little venomous snake pre-chunkin'
 Then it was time to kick back in a chair while watching the help wash my car Dash.
For exercise I wanted to do something different than the usual 5K walk/run so "the help" (we'll call him Chuck) and I got out the bikes and went for a 3.2 mile ride. The help's neck does not like riding bikes so I'll be going solo until he gets his third (and hopefully final) neck surgery.

So last week's weight loss was a break even situation. Last Monday I showed a gain of 5.5 pounds. I lost 5.3 pounds of that gain so I consider that a break even situation. I learned a lot about that little experiment. Mostly I learned what not to do!

This weekend I still experimented (ok, it's mostly with a nice cheat day) but this time I only had a 1.3 pound gain on Monday! I'll lose that easily plus more this week.

The difference this time is I tried a taste of intermittent fasting (IF). I stopped eating Saturday night, fasted until dinner Sunday and the weight gain was much smaller. Plus I really wasn't hungry at all Sunday so I didn't want to eat anyway. Worked out perfectly! I had read about this for a few days online and wanted to give it a try since it's also supposed to help with insulin sensitivity and a host of other things. Read this interesting blog post for more info on that:

Experimentation continues for the next couple of weeks. As of today I have a net weight loss of 11.8 pounds in two weeks. Not bad! I'm anxious to see what experimenting yields this week.

Exercises include a daily 3.1 mile jaunt plus 3 sets of the following:
30 squats
30 wall pushups ((i mix it up with close arm and wide and tricep)
30 chest pulls

Stayed tuned for more experiments and hopefully some good results! Happy Monday!


  1. You were too nice to that snake. ;)

    We are getting a ton of rain, so I guess that our muddy run will be especially muddy - yay? LOL, it's going to be fun!

  2. LOL, I woulda said, "Hello, snake! You're a gonner!!" LOL.

    In Texas and in Houston, that's one of the things I don't look forward to Spring for. The snakes wake up and if you're not careful you will come across a baby or two or a gazillion while you are weeding your winter beds. Geeze! Scary Larry!

    Glad you are getting things figured out! I love JUDDDing for the same reason as you mentioned with IF. The bounce you get from an UD is quickly remedied by the next DD (IF day).

    Cheers! Sounds like a great weekend!


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