Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Your Luck is About to Change?

Let's start with the eats because that's what links the title to this blog post.

Yesterday started out in the usual way: Chuck calls to wake me up at 8am (yes, I also use "the help" as an alarm clock) then I weigh, and grab some caffeine.

Had my eggs and spinach mix with salsa...
 Lunch: was some tuna with lemon pepper seasoning, salsa and olive oil drizzle on a bed of lettuce......
 I didn't feel like cooking dinner so we ordered Chinese. I got broccoli beef with extra broccoli. I maybe ate half of this. No rice, of course. Still, I could taste a slight sweetness in the sauce and I'm almost positive it's thickened with cornstarch.
I crushed my fortune cookie up into pieces to retrieve my fortune and this is what it says:
But....but....I had a pretty good day. Does this mean I should be worried?

Let's have a glass of chianti.

For exercise I went on a 6.5 mile bike ride. I didn't think it would be tough so I just wore some shorts and flip flops. Obviously this is not optimal biking attire but this was before I received the mis-fortune cookie of death so I thought I was ok.
 It's hard to see in the photo but there were whitecaps on the front pond. The wind was blowing so hard! It made for a very good workout. My legs were on fire as I pedaled against the wind.
Also did my 90 squats, wall pushups and chest pulls.

 I got cleaned up and headed to the grocery store. The wind is still blowing hard making it a great hair day. I call this the hurricane look.
Let's see what's on special. Oh good. Naked celery!
It makes me wonder: if the naked adjective is needed here, what other kind of celery is available? Clothed? Not naked celery? Why is this celery naked?

Interesting day, no?

So Tuesday I get up and weigh. Only half a pound down. I blame it on the Chinese food. Or was it that mis-fortune cookie? Hmmmm.......

It was a nasty morning in Houston! There was even a tornado spotted near our house but we were fine.

I waited for a break in the weather so I could bring in the trash can. I opened the garage door (I am the garage door opener) and it started to pour rain again. I rushed outside and dragged in the can as quickly as possible. Started to close the garage door but water had already accumulated on the door and poured on my head as I closed the door. I was soaked.  Is the fortune cookie coming true?!

I got dried off, fixed a cup of coffee, sat down and heard a crash outside. I knew immediately what it was. I borrowed some vocabulary from Gordon Ramsay and headed outside. Yep. My beautiful bird feeder had fallen and broken all over the sidewalk. It was a Christmas gift from my parents. :(

Frack! I go to the kitchen to get a trash bag so I could clean it up. What?! We're out of trash bags. Ugh!!!

OK. I'm going to just sit down to enjoy my coffee before it gets cold. The glass isn't going anywhere.  Hark! What's that? A knock at the door?

It's the mail lady who informs me that my birdfeeder broke and she has a certified letter from my HOA. Oh good. They want me to pull weeds. I'll get right on that.

I hate that mis-fortune cookie. I'm not leaving the house. Except to do my 5K. In the rain. If you don't hear from me for a while you'll know I was attacked by flying monkeys and ended up in a hospital.

Totally reminds me of a Rocko's Modern Life episode about a fortune cookie:

Happy Tuesday to you!!!  And Happy First Day of Spring!!! Spring has sprung.


  1. Replies
    1. My post published before I had finished. Yesterday was pretty good but today has had a bumpy start. ;)

  2. I hope your weather has changed... your crazy Texas storms made the news in my part of the country! I hope as today has gone on, your luck has changed too - for the better!

  3. Dang, Kelly - that's quite the bad day! Sorry about the birdfeeder - it looks like it was pretty.

  4. Well, apparently MY luck has changed. Looks like I will be pulling weeds this weekend.

  5. Naked celery!!!! That was funny. I hope tomorrow is grrreat:)

  6. LOL I'm not old enough to buy nekkidy celery!

    Sheesh, sounds like quite a day. Hope it's better tomorrow!

  7. Oh Kelly - so hope things turn around for you! I've had days like that and when the third, fourth, fifth thing goes wrong in a day I am like "really??!!"


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