Monday, April 30, 2012

Come Chill with Me

Let me take you on a little trip. This past weekend was as relaxing as relaxing can be.  Come along and relive it with me.

Friday we fought some nasty traffic to get to the Texas hill country. It was like there was conspiracy of stupid people getting on the road at once and trying to drive. All of that created stress. I played on my phone most of the way while Chuck gritted his teeth as people drove like complete morons.

Finally make it to the beautiful hills around 5pm. Ahhhhh. Time to exhale.

We arrive at Canyon Lakeview Resort and unpack the food supplies. We made sure to pack the essentials.
 The property had peafowl. We named the peacock Hector. He's very interested in the latest peafowl fashion. Heard one lady talking on the phone: "Yeah, they got peacocks here. They're kind of like a flamingo but with a 7 foot tail."  Flamingo?! Really? *eye twitch*
 After being on the road for a few hours we just wanted to stretch out and take in the scenery. Rachel used a picnic table as her personal hammock.
 "What are we doing for dinner?"
 Trees: they're for climbing and sh*t, yo.
 Ahhhh. Time to relax with beer and Facebook.
 Deer are cute when they're in the woods. Wild. In small numbers. These guys roam the neighborhood and are tame. They have blanketed the lawn in deer "gifts" and it leaves a certain odor in the air. It's more like having goats than a wild animal. Deer lost much of their mystique on this trip and became more of a delicious farm animal.
 Time to head to the very small market for food and supplies. Oh and they sell hats! I prefer tiaras. They sparkle more.
 Back at the resort we sat on the porch and watched the sun say goodnight. There was a gentle breeze blowing and all was right with the world.
 And there were drinks and many deer.
 We shall name this one Venison. Vinnie for short.
 The sunset was absolutely incredible. It almost looked fake!
 As evening approached we fed the venison deer some bread. They really were cute.
Another overheard conversation: "Don't give them too much corn. They can't digest corn like we don't." Oh, your words hurt my ears!
 Look how tender tame they are!
 Have I shown you the view from the porch yet? Ahhh. Saturday morning. Perfect weather. I'm feeling very relaxed.
 Let's not even pretend we ate healthy on this trip. Our grocery cart looked like a stoner had gone grocery shopping. Chuck cooked up some scrambled eggs, bacon, and slightly blackened biscuits.  We forgot to buy cheese at the store BUT we did have squirt cheese. Redneck breakfast coming right up.
 Whew! All of this relaxation is tiring! We head to the lake where the water was so blue!
 I begin my search for fossils.Got a nice little souvenir.
 I built a cairn to mark the momentous event of finding the fossil. I am a bad cairn builder though. The wind blew and it toppled. Not a cairn in the world.
 Chuck, not to be outdone by the little lady, builds a much larger cairn. Nice. What's the occasion?
 The water is pretty cold but that doesn't stop Charlie from a little swim.
 Deep thoughts. "I wonder if my scotch is chilled."  "Where could I find a job here so I can move?" "Why is Kelly taking my picture?" "How long do I have to hold this pose?" "Why aren't there locks on the bedroom and bathroom doors here?"
 Chillin' on the rocks. Disregarding the spiders that sometimes run across those rocks.
 Whew!!! All of that relaxing made me thirsty!
 After getting cleaned up we head t Gruene for some fine dining. It's pronounced "green". If you live in Texas you must go visit here.
 Oldest dance hall in Texas is right here.
 The Gruene River Grill overlooks the beautiful Guadalupe River. So relaxing to watch people float by on tubes.
 Let's start with some fried artichokes.
 I'll have the incredible fish tacos!!
 And a Mexican martini. Ugh. I said something so stupid. I love puns and stupid pick up lines for some reason. So when the waitress brought the drink out I said, "Oh, look how beautiful. And the drink is pretty too." Then my family laughed at me and said, "That wasn't awkward at all." It seemed funny at the time but I can't take it back now. Oh well.
 I did eat the serrano pepper on a dare and it was very hot. I like hot food but WOW!

Leaving the restaurant there was a little pond with a waterfall and these lilies blooming. Just a great experience all around.

We had a great time just enjoying the views and relaxing and laughing together. Of course it was over way too soon.  But I have plans to go back to the hill country next month for another visit. This time we'll be a bit more active and participate in some tubing and maybe a little hiking.

Hope you had a great weekend too. My batteries are now recharged and I'm ready to get back to kicking some serious butt in the exercise department!!!


  1. Gorgeous pictures! I can't believe the deer came up so close to you guys. Awesome :D

  2. What a fabulous trip. Cannot wait for the next one.
    And don't you EVER stop with your quips... they would be very sorely missed. Especially when you come up with ones like you had Sunday at lunch.

    1. I'm glad you enjoy them. I'm not sure I can stop my puns and quips.

  3. Your captions crack me up! Looks like a wonderful time - and that blue, peacock is gorgeous!

    1. Flamingos! I swear!

      The best one I forgot to include. Someone talking about the deer: "Don't feed 'em too much corn. They don't dugest it like we can't." Rachel and I just looked at each other trying not to have a seizure.

  4. That sounds like a beautiful weekend! I feel kind of bad for the deer being so tame. That just isn't right. Too easy to poach that way.

    1. It's a small neighborhood and everyone seems to take care of them. We recognized one of the deer we saw last year. It has a messed up foot. But yeah. Most of them are very tame.

  5. It looks like a very pretty and relaxing trip. Now it's almost time to work. I think it was supposed to be "Game On" soon. :-)

    1. Oh yeah! I'm about ready for some game on! LOL

  6. I love this post. Thanks for taking us on your weekend trip with you via the photos. Hope your week is going well Kelly.


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