Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Daily Life

After the half marathon my legs let me know what they thought of running again. Or maybe they were just complaining that I did nothing to prepare them for it. I was sore! But I actually felt much better than I did after my first half marathon and I had trained for that one! Took me 1.5 months before I felt human again after that one so go figure.

To work out some of the soreness I went on a 10 mile bike ride Tuesday. It was an easy ride except for the wind and a little rain. I just took my time and enjoyed it. I think it really helped because I felt much better the next morning.
 Wednesday morning Rachel had a field trip scheduled to the Federal Reserve Bank. They have a 3-story building as a vault for all the money! The secret service is also located within this building. We had to go through a scanner and everything.
 We were taken into a room where they told us how the bank works. I was so tempted to push the red button at the base of the microphone. Almost did it. And the chairs lean all the way back!! So cool! I might be easily distracted. Maybe.
 We even got to go into the board room where they had this cool looking table.
 Omg! The stars rise up! And there are speakers. "Will you please pass the jelly?" Love this table. I want a table that has stuff rise up so I can plug in my laptop and speak through little microphones. OK. I was in awe of the table.
 Ohhhhh. A window. How do people who work in tall buildings get any work done?! I'd just want to stare out the window all day. It's a nasty weather day in Houston. Apparently while we were downtown our area back home was receiving heavy rain and hail. Yikes!
 Field trip was over and we were sent home with some souvenir shredded money. Arts and crafts time! Let's try to glue it back together!

I had to stop by the grocery store and get some foods. Ewww. Trout apples? That doesn't even sound remotely appetizing. What kind of unholy union is that? I've heard of genetically modified foods but this is just crossing a line. There was even a picture of a trout on the other side of the box.
 Look! New goodies! Time to try kettlebells. And the shirt I just had to have after doing a little mileage challenge with my friend. :) Plus it's purple. Sooo....I needed it.
 Holy core muscles, Batman! Kettlebell swings will kick your butt into tomorrow! My heart was pounding out of my chest. I had to take three breaks to catch my breath.

My total workout looked like this:
50 kettlebell swings (omg. wow)
15 flying dog
20 two-legged glute activation raises
90 squats
60 stair pushups (working on getting to the floor)
30 wall pushups
90 chest pulls

And I got a nice sweat going. After I took this picture I actually started sweating more. Weird.

And for fun, watch this video. It's just the cutest thing. Seriously, watch it. :)

Kettlebells are no joke! Have you tried them?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, sir. Me thinks you are bit biased. ;)

    2. Biased? Probably.
      Blind? Definitely NOT.

  2. They're not actual trout apples,.. it is just packaging for regular apples..


  3. Sounds like a great field trip for EVERYONE!!! I'm laughing at trout apples. That sounds so wrong. Have a great Thursday Kelly.

  4. Cute video! I like that shirt, and you do look good! :)

    1. Thanks, Shelley. :) Working on it.

      I just love that video! And how effortless that girl runs. I think I've watched it three times just to watch her run. LOL I was trying to channel her during my run this morning.

  5. AWWW, that is a cute video. Glad I watched it. I have done kettlebells at CrossFit class and I love them. They are tough!

    You do look great!! Look how slim your face and your mid-section looks. WAY TO GO!!

    1. They are tough! I'd love to try Crossfit but it's so expensive. Just not in the budget right now. But it looks like a blast.

      Thank you!!!! Trying to work on it. It's so hard but someday I hope to look like you did for your contest. You were rocking it!


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