Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Birthday Weekend

Remember when a birthday was only for a day? I was so impressed that Helen celebrates the entire weekend that I decided to do the same. Bonus: my birthday fell on Memorial weekend so I claimed an extra day. I think I claimed maybe 5 days as my birthday weekend.

Thursday I did the biking portion and running portion of a triathlon. It was such a beautiful day but the wind was really blowing (not fun on bike rides) and I waited too late so the temps were pushing the 90s. Way too hot.
 Here is the "before" picture: (oh look at me. I'm not sweaty at all. Smiling. Life is good)
 After 10 miles biking and 3.1 miles running on a hot day. (That smile was difficult. Hand on wall so I don't fall over. Life hurts. Kill me or drug me.)
 After the whole ordeal I realized that a bike ride is more like 12 miles for a sprint triathlon. Oh well. Two miles short.  Plus my brakes kept rubbing and made it feel closer to 30 miles.

Friday was rest day except for the regular weights and stuff. Then out to eat to celebrate the birthday! On to BJ's Brewhouse!
 Saturday Chuck had a shooting match. He's way in the back on the right.
 I grabbed some Starbucks and chilled and watched him shoot.
 He came in second place at the match! He lost by .41 of a second. Can you believe that?! So close.

Such a pretty day that the top went down on Rachel's convertible.
 More birthday celebrating! This time for fish tacos at Gringos. Yum!
 Accompanied by a margarita. Mmm. Apparently when you sit at the bar they make the drinks extra strong. And the bartenders gave us samples of the drinks they were making. Fun afternoon.
 That evening Chuck and I went to a German restaurant nearby. The kids weren't interested in going so it was a date night. We got a sample platter for two so we could try different sausages.
 And the biggest soft pretzel I've ever seen. All while sitting outdoors on the patio and listening to a little German band and sipping on some German beer. It was a great evening.
 Sunday we headed to my mom's house to celebrate with her after meeting up with my BFF Wendy in Galveston for lunch. Glaveston was packed!! It was good to see Wendy and her hubby and laugh over lunch and a margarita.

Then on the road to my folks' house. My parents' place is so beautiful. This is where I grew up but the house I lived in is torn down and they rebuilt. Such a pretty sunset.
 I got to play with the chickens. Here they are eating some vegetable scraps.
 The kids enjoyed swimming with their cousins.
 It was a great stay. I was spoiled rotten. Chuck made a sweet birthday card for me and gave me a foot rub and a new phone (Droid Razr Maxx). Mom gave me these sparkly flip flops....

.....and a new bird feeder. My niece and nephew made a card for me and picked a bouquet of flowers. My brother came over and gave me a mini rum sampler from St Croix. It was great spending Monday (my birthday) with family. I had a great time and wasn't ready to leave for the trip home.

I haven't decided if I want to tell people I'm 29 or 70. If I say I'm seventy people will say I look fantastic and want to know my secret. If I say I'm 29 they'll think, "Oh the poor dear didn't use sunscreen. Bless her heart."  So I'm leaning towards saying I just turned 70.

And my weekend drew to a close. I had a wonderful time. Now it's time to get back to exercising and working hard and cutting out those delicious and yummy nasty carbs. Too bad. I love me some carbs! :)

Hope you had a great weekend too.


  1. .41 of a second? That's how long it takes me to eat lunch...

    Happy birthweek!

  2. Glad you had so many wonderful celebrations! I like your "I'm 70" response, LOL!

  3. Girl if I can drag a birthday out for a MONTH I'll do it! Glad you had such a wonderful time.

  4. Happy belated birthday Kelly!! Sounds like the perfect birthday weekend to me - we have been known to get the extras when we sit at the bar and become friendly with the bartender - that is until it's time to stand up!

  5. Happy birthday week Kelly. Glad you had wonderful celebrations!!!

  6. Hey! Your birthday comes right after mine. I thought it was very nice of the government to make it a holiday weekend.

  7. Great birthday extravaganza! Looks like a lovely time was had by all!

  8. Happy (belated) Birthday, looks like a great weekend!


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