Thursday, May 3, 2012

Commence Panic Sequence in 3..2..1..

I will not panic. I will not panic.  Who am I kidding? I'm starting to panic. Ugh. Who am I kidding? I am in full panic mode.

Saturday I have my first dragon boat race. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Friend: Want to row in the dragon boat regatta
Me (what I think): Hmm....I've never done that. I have no clue what it is but I'm always wanting to try new thing.
Me (what I say): Sure! Sign Chuck up too. We'll both do it.

I've practiced once and that boat handed me my arse on a silver platter. I was sore for a week a couple of days. I don't even know where this race is! So friend has paid for me to join a team for the YEAR. I'm sure it'll be fun. Right?

That's panic number 1.

On to panic number 2.  Duathlon coming next Sunday on the 13th. I have no idea how to do a transition or what I need to bring. I just thought it would be cool to "try something new" and I signed up for this. And now it's almost here! I really do need one of those shirts that says "This Seemed Like a Good Idea Three Months Ago!"

I'm going to start reading my triathlon books tonight ad maybe do some searches on Youtube. Anybody have any duathlon tips to share? Please?

Panic number 3. I get an email from Chuck today. Packet pick up for the Chupacabra Night Race is next week. So I reply. Oh I forgot all about that race. Are we signed up? When is it?

Ohhhh. The race is the night before my first duathlon. It's a night run through the woods. At night. On a trail.

So you can see that "planning" is not one of my strong character traits. I didn't even have the Chupacabra (which means goat sucker) race on the calendar. I wonder what other races I've signed up for! This is scary, folks.

Deep breaths. What's the worst that can happen? Nothing. I'll do my best and finish like I always do. Guess I'll get started running again tonight. :)

In other news, I took Rachel driving and it seemed that everyone on the road was trying to kill us. My hands were shaking by the time we got home. Houston is not a place for new drivers to learn.
 I'm so proud of my "little" girl. She watched an episode of Good Eats with Alton Brown and decided to whip up her first batch of mini chocolate eclairs. She did a GREAT job!
She has also had a couple of orders for cakes! Did I mention I'm proud of her? She's a great kid.

After my hands stopped shaking I picked some fresh rosemary from the yard for a recipe I'm working on.
 But my pork loin was passed expiration and smelled funny so it was on to plan B for dinner. Darn! Because my rosemary and garlic mixture smelled good!!! That's what I'm making tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out.

While on the way out to eat last night we were treated with an incredible sunset. The picture doesn't do it justice.

Exercising is going well but I have been a bit of a slacker in the biking and running department. Now that I am in panic mode I'll get right on that!

I added some ab exercises to my regimen and I certainly do feel it. I almost cried when I sneezed today. I exaggerate a little but it did hurt. Muscles sure do complain when they haven't been used in a while!

Hope you guys are having a great week. Hopefully I'll be back here tomorrow with an exceptional pork loin recipe to post!


  1. You're a fighter Kelly, and I know that you'll just kinda go with the flow and do your best! That's what makes you such an inspiration to me! I wish you lots of luck, my friend :D

  2. Duathlon tips. Practice your transitions. Get on the bike right after running and vice versa. When you are in the last bit of the bike ride, lower the gears until your pedaling cadence matches what your running cadence will be. That will help your legs feel less like jello (although they still will).

    Make a big note at your transition station to Take Off Your Helmet! There is always someone who forgets and goes on the run with a helmet on :D

  3. Deep breath Kelly, and no'll do just FINE!!!!!

  4. I think if you go into the duathlon with the attitude of just doing it for the experience, you'll be fine. Don't forget some fuel, though - you're going to need it probably right before you jump on the bike.

    Trail race at night? Brave woman! Chuck's doing this with you, right? Should be there a prize if you catch a chupacabra?

    Think how buff your arms/shoulders/back will be after all the dragon boating!

  5. Just got caught up on a few of your posts...lots of fun stuff going on.

    You will rock it all...I believe in you!!!

  6. breathe.... you will do awesome...
    maybe not walk for a week after, but you will kick some butt!!

  7. You are fearless! I love that.

  8. You've done the work in March :-) , and the body hasn't forgotten how to run, bike, or work hard over your small vacation. You will be fine, and if not, you rock hard enough to cover up any faux pas like apparently running out of the transition with a helmet on.

  9. New follower here, and a fellow Texan. Hope you can stop by and follow me back! :)

  10. There is no doubt in my mind that you'll do an amazing job ! Chin up and stay positive !

    Kelly @ Journey to a New Me


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