Monday, May 21, 2012

Prom and Mini Adventure to the Hills

Last Thursday Rachel had her Junior prom. She looked so pretty. We found a beautiful dress (on sale!) and I got to fix her hair this year.
 Is this really my little girl who is almost 17?
 Her boyfriend rented a limo and they met friends for dinner at Cheesecake Factory. But before leaving they had to get some pictures with his dad's guns as a joke. In case you're wondering, Rachel is around 5'8" or 5'9".

The very next morning we got ready for a road trip to the hill country. I had a deal from Living Social for a place called Foxfire Cabins. It was a much needed weekend away but I had to adjust to not having my phone or internet service or TV. Totally unplugged! *gasp*

The cabin was a small two bedroom but had plenty of room and was a great price. Notice there is no tv? I tried to use the square object on the left as a tv. hahaha Joking.
 A small kitchenette with everything needed to cook dinner and breakfast.
 Both bedrooms looked like this. Our room had a door that opened onto the porch.
 Ahhhh. Time to relax and let all the cares just slip away.
 The view from the porch included a gorgeous view of a hill. At night the stars were so bright. We could see constellations, a shooting star and a satellite move slowly across the sky.
 The veiw from the front of the cabin. That little road leads to the river. They had a swingset, horseshoes, basketball court and fishign poles you could borrow.
 After being on the road all day, we all slept very soundly that night. Some weren't in any rush to get up the next morning. Charlie slept late.
 Chuck made a healthy breakfast of a triple decker grilled cheese with a fried egg and bacon. Yum!! Heart healthy for sure. One does not question the menu when someone volunteers to cook.
 One place that we try to make a habit of visiting on the rare occasion that we come this way is the Lost Maples Cafe. It's a little dive in the town of Utopia that serves great food and homemade pies.

 After dinner the weather was perfect and the sun started to set so we went out to get some pictures. Unfortunately the pictures don't do it justice. It's something you have to see in person. It's so beautiful!

 I admit it. At first I was having trouble unwinding from the pressures of daily life. Where was my internet and phone, etc?! But as the sun set I could feel everything just fade away and all that was left in its place was peace and serenity.
 You have to see it in person to feel it. And the air smells sweet here. This is on a scenic drive between Vanderpool and Leakey.

 It's a happy place for all of us. As we drive through the hills and the sun sets, the cool breeze and sounds of crickets and frogs do their jobs of washing away every care. The only thing we feel is this moment and it's perfection.
 The rivers have crystal clear water and smell sweet. You can see the fish swimming.  But it's also very cold water! It's not called Frio for nothing!
 Cypress trees line the rivers. Can you tell that I love this area?
 Sometimes we just sit for hours skipping rocks.
 We went swimming in the clear waters Saturday and looked for fossils buried in the riverbed.
A popular activity here is tubing the river. We didn't get to do that this time. Guess I'll have to come back. Oh darn!
 I would LOVE to live around here.
 We found some pretty good fossils. All of these are shells and the insides of ancient clams.
 We did have a little scare Saturday morning. Charlie went missing! We searched and yelled. He was supposed to be down by the water. We were terrified that he had drowned somehow. Eventually we found him. He had been exploring. After our knees and hands stopped shaking we explained to him why he must always tell us exactly where he is going to be!

Saturday night we sat around the fire and listened to Marty Robbins and watched fireflies flash in the dark. It was a perfectly relaxing evening.
Sunday it was time to leave. None of us were ready to go yet. But it was time to head back home. We took our time and stopped to see some historical markers.

 People are just dying to get in there!
 I even found a geocache by accident. Cool!
Even found a rough earth snake at the cemetery! (Yes, I need a manicure.)

So much history we just drive past usually. It was interesting to stop and take the time to read and learn. Or maybe we were just putting off leaving.
We made it home safely and slept good in our own beds and made plans to visit again as soon as possible.

This trip was much needed. Sometimes it's good to get away and unplug from the world. It's not easy. I wish I could bring the people I care about with me to enjoy it too.

Hope your weekend was relaxing as well.
Is there any place you like to go to unwind from it all?


  1. Maui - that's where I love to unwind. :)

    Looks like it was a great weekend - Rachel is so pretty in her prom dress, and your getaway seems like it was just what you needed. Glad Charlie was OK - I can only imagine the scare that must have been!

  2. Last year we went to a really lovely spa and I can't wait to go back this summer. It was so peaceful and relaxing. You could wear your robe all.the.time. How perfect is that?

    Looks like you had a really great weekend...fabulous looks so special there.

    Rachel is just stunning...what a beautiful dress and great job with the hair!

    This weekend we hiked three times, and it was great to get out into favourite place!

  3. I would say Cozumel, but that would be pretty sad that I'd have to wait another year to unwind. My place I like to go is my nightly run. It is my chance to read my latest book (catching up on the original Vince Flynn novels now), get out of a warm house and feel the breeze, perhaps connect with the wildlife (hear coyotes howling, get mowed down by deer), and overall get away from requests for homework reviews, checking coworkers work, or answering e-mail. It may not always be in the most picturesque place or overwhelm the senses, but being at night, it is almost sensory deprivation to some extent.

    If I want to invite the kids into my peace and sanctum, we'll take them to a state park to go hiking and rock climbing. However, usually that devolves into dad and son seeing who can be the first up the hill or some other physical feat. While it might not be peaceful, it's still fun. :-D

  4. I walk down to the beach by my house. It's pretty relaxing. Today I went canoeing down there. Your pictures are gorgeous! Congrats to Rachel. I have fond memories of my proms but I never had a date for either of them.

  5. Kelly, your girl is gorgous, she looks so beautiful. You and Chuck must have been so proud.

    What a lovely place to go away for the weekend.

    Anywhere in Italy is fine for me to unwind. I don't miss TV or internet when I'm there. I'm leaving for Tuscany in three weeks and will only update my FB status every now and then if I have free internet access. I look forward to having late dinners with a good class of wine and just sit and talk or read a book.

  6. Grand Case, St. Martin. I dream of winning the lottery and being able to just jet there for a long weekend :)

  7. Oh man. You're making me homesick. So glad you had fun up in the Hill Country. I spent most of my summers there growing up in the ConCan-Leakey-Uvalde-Barksdale area. MISS the Frio so bad, it hurts sometimes! Wish I could make a livin' and live up there full time, for sure.

    Glad you had time to unwind!

  8. Your daughter is gorgeous! I love her thick hair. You did a good job.


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