Thursday, May 17, 2012

Where's the Mojo, Baby?

I've lost my mojo for a while. I haven't been eating the way that's best for me. I haven't been exercising like I should. It's truly a slippery slope when you lose your mojo.

I've had encouragement from friends and finally got pumped back up. I'm ready to get back to tackling my goals. It was a big disappointment to me to back out of my two races. I can not stand to let myself down. But the mojo lackage has been for a few weeks. I think I got it back now, baby!

Monday was a bad eats day for sure! BJ's Brewhouse has a quarterly beer dinner. We missed the last one and I didn't want to miss this one because they're so much fun and a good deal at only $30 per person. Five course meal and 7 beers to sample.
 I'm not a huge fan of the shroom but these spinach stuffed ones were great. I think they stuffed them with a spinach artichoke dip.
 A great watermelon feta salad.
 Fish tacos!! Not as good as Berryhill. And Berryhill isn't quite as good as Gruene River Grill. Darn. Now I'm craving fish tacos!
 There were more people in attendance than previous beer dinners. We had a great time meeting those around us. You always meet interesting people at these things. The girl in the white on the left is from Russia and hilarious. She did have me blushing quite a bit though. Here everyone is enjoying a black and bleu burger. It's a mini burger. All of the portions are smaller for these dinners.
 Chuck found a handy app to keep track of how many beers we were served. Seems like a lot but these are small glasses.
 We had a great time!

Tuesday was back to the grind. I DID exercise! Biked 12 miles. Let me just make an obvious observation: riding with properly inflated tires makes a world of difference. Wow. I was struggling last week and thinking it was just my legs were tired. Nope. Tires needed air. 

Wednesday I met my mom halfway between our houses since she lives a couple of hours away. She keeps Rachel's dog and Charlie's lizard when we go on trip and since we have a trip coming up, she agreed to keep the zoo. Thanks, mom!

She met me with a hug and some gardenias from her place. They made the car smell so good.
 I got home quickly, got a bite to eat then headed out to take Rachel to her last debate club meeting of the year.

While she was there I went exploring my favorite area.
 It is so beautiful here with large live oaks and Spanish moss swaying in the breeze.
 Unfortunately I had forgotten my yearly state park pass in the other car and I'm too cheap to pay the $5 to get in. So I went exploring the back roads instead where I saw pretty homes on land with gorgeous trees near the Brazos River.
 I even came across an old wooden bridge. Cars still use it today. I drove across it a little nervously but she held up fine.
 After the bridge the road becomes gravel. You know you're in the country when the road is made of gravel! I grew up down a dirt road. Eventually it was paved.
 Even got to see a field of dinner.
Finally get home and it's time to exercise.
50 kettlebell swings at 30#
20 two legged glute raises
15 flying dogs
transverse abs crunches
Bosu ball crunches
front and side planks
90 squats
90 wall push ups
90 chest pulls

But wait! That's not all!
30 minutes of Zumba

It was a great day. I'm so glad to be getting back to being me again and feeling like myself again.

Right now I don't have any goals or races set. So maybe I'm not 100% myself yet. ;) But better than it was.

Tonight Rachel has prom so I'll be a busy momma helping her get ready.

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. It means more to me than you know. You are all filled with awesome!


  1. I have been feeling particularly unmotivated lately too. It's a sucky feeling and hard to get out of. Glad you had a good day - one at a time is all it takes, right?!

  2. Kelly...we all have our downtime!! Even though you are are still allowed to be human!! YOU are filled with awesomesauce! If you want...I am doing the Relay for Life Friday from 6PM until Saturday at 6AM. You are welcome to come out and get on the track with me...

    Love ya!

    1. This Friday? I'll be near the Frio River. But I'll be thinking about you! :)
      You're a great friend, Wendy. Thanks for always being there for me. Love ya!

  3. I lost my mojo too - I was totally just going through the motions, maybe 60% on, but 40% off. I switched my mind frame though. On Monday I started my "Insirational Diet" and today is day 4 and I am loving it!

    Hang in there Kelly!

  4. yeah that's a tough time.. that mojo can sneak out and take a trip to far away land :P

    glad yours is back ((((((hugs))))) looks like you live in beautiful country!!! I live in the heart of Los Angeles... nothing that gorgeous around here :(

  5. Don't push yourself to sign up for races and such. That isn't the only reason for lifting, biking and running. Enjoy the workouts themselves.

    Yes, tire pressure is important. We check our pretty much for every ride to keep the tires topped off. Also, it doesn't hurt to check the brakes before you go, either (not fun when they aren't working and you can't stop LOL).

    1. I noticed I was having the opposite problem with brakes: they were rubbing. So I had to peddle extra hard. A good workout though! :)

  6. There's no better feeling than when you are in the groove - so glad your mojo is coming back!

    After a couple of really hard bike rides, I had that same tire pressure epiphany, and now I check my tires every time before I ride...just makes it so much easier!

  7. Glad you are back where you want to be Kelly. OMG..."a field of dinner"??? HILARIOUS!!! Enjoy your day!!!

  8. Sorry to hear of your struggles!! And so happy you are once more the Happy Texan! :) You know, these times "happen" and when they do, we just have to ride them out and get through them. Later you can hopefully dissect what happened and see if there is a way to reformulate your thought patterns, possibly averting another detour later on down the road.

    Your BBSP tour (or almost tour) look beautiful as usual and the Beer Dinner looked so fun!! LOVE Beer! It however does not love me. It's told me again and again, that it isn't attracted to me. Still I fixate on it at times. I don't get it? Ha!

    Have a happy week, Kelly!

  9. Hope you are feeling better after your lovely weekend away!


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