Thursday, June 7, 2012

17 Years Ago

On June 6th, 1995, my baby girl came into this world. I was scheduled to be induced early that morning because my doctor was going to be gone and there was a chance I'd deliver with her out of town.

The day before I was running around town trying to get everything ready. Groceries, pet food, etc. My back was killing me and I was sweating. I remember the cashier at the grocery store asking me if I was ok. Of course! I'm fine.

That night in bed I was trying to go to sleep but my back kept hurting so badly. I told Chuck that I must have overdone it that day because it really hurt. It would come in waves down my back. He rubbed my back until I fell asleep but I woke up throughout the night.

Before dawn we were at the hospital. My back was still hurting. I told the nurse that I thought I might be in labor. She said, "Honey, if you're smiling you're not in labor."Sure enough I was in some pretty serious labor. I just had a good attitude. :)

They decided to induce me anyway (stupid! I should have said no!) which made the pain absolutely unbearable. Then the doctor came in and asked the worst question she could have asked: "When's the last time you felt your baby move?" From there it was a whirlwind and time just stopped for me but everything around me was out of control.

The doctor called a code blue, pushed Chuck out of the way and rushed me to surgery for an emergency c-section. I was in extreme pain but they made me lie flat and started prepping me before I was even asleep. I was crying and terrified.

Meanwhile, my mom and dad were crying. Chuck was in a panic and they wouldn't tell him if he had a boy/girl or even if I was ok. All they would say is the doctor will talk to you in a minute.

Obviously we both lived but it was a dangerous situation. Rachel was not breathing when she was born and her heart wasn't beating. They had to resuscitate her twice before I could even see her through the nursery window. Apparently there was a breakdown and her blood had leaked into my system. She was white as a sheet. They said she had a blood count of 3 and didn't know if she would have permanent brain damage or not.

She was rushed to another hospital and had to be resuscitated two more times in the ambulance. But once she received blood she was fine. 5 pounds 12 ounce and precious.
 I received 12 shots because Rachel and I had different Rh factors (I'm a negative, she's a positive) and I stayed in one hospital for 3 days while Rachel stayed in another hospital for 10 days. Chuck drove back and forth between hospitals visiting us both and bringing videos and pictures for me to see. I know he was exhausted.

Finally I got to meet my daughter on the third day. Of course this picture was taken after we already got her home.
 She was so tiny and perfect.

And today she's 17 and I can't believe it.

It's tradition to decorate the stairway after the kids go to bed. That way they have a birthday surprise waiting for them. Charlie helped us decorate for Rachel's birthday this year.
 Her boyfriend came over and brought her beautiful flowers, a card, a letter, a coconut cake that he baked, and some venison for the freezer. Very sweet.
 We gave Rachel some logic puzzle books she had wanted and a little speaker called the Rock-It that turns anything (boxes, water jug, window, stove, picture frame) into a speaker. It's so cool!!!!
 Happy birthday, baby girl. May all your wishes come true.

In other news, Chuck and I are going for a weekend trip to a Dallas B&B and a 4 wheeler tour of a ranch this weekend!! We're leaving in the morning so I'll be posting when we get back.

Hope each one of you has a great weekend. Thanks for reminiscing with me about the birth day of my Rachel.


  1. Darn those kids causing their parents undue stress. It starts when their born, and it doesn't stop until you eventually croak. (hopefully not from the stress) The good news is that they will appreciate all the stress and worry they loaded on our shoulders when they have kids. Happy Birthday!

  2. What a great trip down memory lane. You were such the trooper. Remember going to eat at "The Schooner" when you finally got home? HAHA! All of the women in the place cringed when they found out you had a C-section.
    Happy Birthday to Rachel. This is truly an anniversary that you should celebrate with her.

  3. What a birth story!! Glad everything worked out, but oh, I can just imagine how scary and stressful it was. What a tiny cutie Rachel was! And such a strong young woman now. Happy belated birthday!!!

  4. Wow! What a story. Must have been awful at the time. So glad everything sorted itself out. BIG happy Birthday to Rachel!!! Enjoy your weekend away Kelly.

  5. Such a beautiful story!! Happy birthday Rachel!

  6. Happy Birthday to Rachel! After a birth like that I'm surprised little Charlie was ever conceived LOL!

  7. She's a lovely young woman with a dazzling smile. And she's blessed with a great family. Definitely, she's a lucky lady. Hope it's a great birthday week for her.


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