Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Adventures in Dallas

Friday we left home (Houston) for a little road trip to Dallas/Ft Worth area. Good bye, Houston. See ya soon.
 I LOVE road trips. Love them. What I'm trying to say is that I kinda like them a little.

We finally arrive at the beautiful Rosen House Inn in Fort Worth. Wow!! This place is just amazing. It only had 4 guest rooms but there is an attention to detail that can't be matched at a hotel. And the owners are so friendly and laid back.
 The dining room was always set and ready. Very elegant.
 The music room had so many details.
 I guess this was a living room? The fireplace mantle was incredible. I wanted to bring it home but the owner didn't seem to care for that idea.
 We were shown to our room upstairs where a welcome sign was hanging for us. I, being a grammar Nazi, erased the apostrophe. Sorry.
 This bedroom was larger than our first apartment!

 The bathroom was ginormous! With a clawfoot tub and a shower big enough for 3 people.

 Attention to details everywhere. Even in the bathroom. And even though the place was filled with antiques and decorated impeccably we still felt right at home.
 I'm loving the fixtures on the sinks.
 Chuck gave his seal of approval. Smile!
 Wine and chocolate covered strawberries were waiting for us in the room. Perfect!
 The view from our room.
 After hours on the road it's time to settle down with a little glass of scotch and relax.
 Pretty soon we were hungry so we went to a busy neighborhood restaurant called Yucatan Taco Stand and Tequila Bar where I had fish tacos. Yum!!! So very good.
 Always looking to try something new, Chuck and I ordered the Horizontal Mambo Bowl. Since it was $20 we knew it was meant for more than one person. I think it was really meant for 4 people! We drank half and gave the rest to some eager young men sitting next to us.
 Then off to bed to get some sleep. We have a busy day on Saturday!

Saturday we got up and were treated to a 3 course breakfast then we headed off to Beaumont Ranch to ride four wheelers!

We check in and I ask to use the restroom. It was located in the weight room. This is the tub in the bathroom by the weight room. I want this!!
 We headed to a barn where our guide waited. It was just Chuck and I and the guide. Suited up and ready to go.
 Must have a goofy picture in there somewhere.
 Off we go! We went down some pretty steep hills and up! I messed up a few times and had it in the wrong gear. Oops. But you learn how to do it after a while.
 OK. I was pretty nervous at first. But it was so much fun the nerves disappear quickly. The last time I had been on a 4 wheeler was when I was pregnant with Charlie. I didn't know the brakes were out and hit a barbed wire fence and flipped over the front of the 4 wheeler. I wasn't hurt and when Chuck caught up to me I was laughing pretty hard.
 We stopped for a break and looked at the longhorns walking around.
 Then we're off again riding all over the place!
 The best is when the guide trusted us and let us go full blast on the dirt roads. Awesome!
 That was the most fun we've had in a long time. We were both sweaty and stinky afterwards. I'd do that again in a heartbeat!

Got back to the inn where I relaxed in the tub with bathsalts, handmade lavender soap and a little tequila on ice. Ahhhhh.
 After resting for a while we went to a place called Texas and Pacific Tavern at the base of the T&P Lofts. Apparently this was a train depot at one time.
 You didn't expect me to eat healthy food, did you? Chicken pesto panini. Delicious.
 Then we nibbled on some brownie, cookie, ice cream concoction that was very good.
 We ordered a beer then sat in the 5000 sq foot outdoor area. Was just a great night.
 The city was so pretty with lights as we made our way back home to the inn.
 There's a full length mirror at the base of the stairs.
 We were pretty tired from the busy day and were asleep before 10pm.

The next morning we could smell breakfast cooking downstairs. Time to eat!
 We were greeted with muffins, a yogurt parfait, eggs benedict and hashbrown casserole and french press coffee. I'm in heaven!
 Sadly, it was time to get on the road and leave this beautiful home. We took another stroll around downstairs where the owner pointed out details and told us the history of the home. Check out the music on the piano.
 On the way home we stopped by my family cemetery.
 I visited my PawPaw...
 And my great grandparents.
 And a cousin. I remember always going to his grave as a kid when we'd visit. It always seemed strange that he died when he was only 5. Plus his name was a little different. I don't know what his real name was. His daddy was in the Civil War.
We made it home safely. It's always hard to leave a great weekend like that behind but so nice to sleep in your own bed and hug the kids.

Of course this week there are no decadent treats! It's back to the wagon with me. ;)

Hope you had a fantastic weekend too!


  1. That bed and breakfast looks amazing! I love staying at those so much more than hotels. Makes you never want to leave.

  2. Well Gee Whiz!! You were (literally) in my backyard and I could have popped over to say hi! Glad you have a super fun weekend.

  3. What a grand weekend! Yay for gorgeous bath tubs!



  5. LOVE reading about your excellent adventures!


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