Thursday, June 14, 2012

Slackadaisical Summer


Lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy.

Summer has always been a dangerous time for me. I tend to slack up and just enjoy life. Enjoying life has meant being lazy, no exercise, eat what I want and not care.

Last summer I was able to maintain and even lost a little weight because I was running my butt off. Literally! I joined a running club and I kept to my schedule. This year it doesn't look like my running club will be meeting so I'm on my own. But I can do it! It's just the accountability factor I'll miss.

This week I have not exercised even once. I've been very tired. I'm getting plenty of sleep so why so tired? I think I know why. I've let me low carb eating start to slip. Not only does it make me feel more tired but my heart starts skipping and racing.

The main reason that low carb has been slipping lately is because it's a bit more expensive and things are a little tighter than usual around here. I don't like that. It's easy to stretch the grocery dollar with things like rice, potatoes, pasta and bread. But it's just not as healthy.

So here I am. I need some strategies for this summer!

*make a menu for each week. This helps me stay on track at the grocery store so I'm not buying things I don't need.

*shop the sale flyers at the grocery store. Get the most for my buck. I also look at the reduced for quick sale items and save a lot there.

*shop the farmer's market. You really can't beat the freshness nor the great prices. There is a place near me called Froberg's that's a must if you're in the area. Any head of lettuce is only .99 cents.

*start half marathon training. My running club may not be meeting but at least I have the schedule from last year. I can train and use the same goal races as last year and keep in shape. I'll probably scale it back to running 3 days a week instead of 4. I don't want another overuse injury!

*keep up with weights. This has been an easy one for me. It's almost a habit now. Well, not this one week but all other weeks I've been at it.

Do you have any dollar stretcher tips? Or lackadaisical summer busting strategies?


  1. I'm very much a 'sale' shopper. Unfortunately for me, that means I don't do a "one stop shop" and have to go to several places, but it helps stretch our food dollar.
    Hope that helps, have a great day Kelly.

  2. Summer is hard for me too! I like your game plan A LOT! Good luck to the both of us :)

  3. You can virtually do your long runs with my group - we're starting on the 23rd. I'm sorry that your running group isn't coming together - is there another one (not USA Fit, but just a running group) nearby?

  4. I shop at 2 to 3 grocery stores every single week. Yes, sometimes it's annoying but to make our grocery dollar stretch so that we can have good fresh produce, etc. it's what I have to do. Lettuce for 99 cents would probably make me keel over in a dead faint. Ours is running around $1.99 per head now and that includes at the farmer's markets!

  5. I noticed how much less we spend now that we don't go out for meals too often. It was amazing how much we used to spend at restaurants.

    Keep on rocking those weights!

    Have a great week!

  6. I don't have any tips. Just stopping by for once. I am enjoying the new WW because veggies (except starchy ones) and ALL fruit are free. Eat all you want all day long. Being as I am quite a bit older than you, I am losing slowly with not much activity outside near 8 hours of house, yard and busy work where I am standing and walking, not sitting.

    I eat mainly fruit (am not diabetic) breakfast, dinner, snacks and then our main meal is supper and I still have 29 points to blow. Even usually have a snack at bedtime with points left over.

    I have more or less been doing this for 4 years even if it was not WW as I am now a heart patient. I have lost 46 lbs in that time which is SLOOOOW. But I live with it and quit fighting it.

    I hope you have had your heart checked out. Mine used to skip and/or race for no apparent reason, so I ignored it. I now have A-Fib and facing a lot of distasteful choices including taking some very dangerous medicines. I know what I am talking about; I am a retired pharmacist.


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