Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Daily Eats and Exercise

I told you I was going to eat healthy and report back and here I am.

Monday was a rainy day but I'm not complaining. We certainly need the rain here in Houston.

I started my day with coffee and scrambled eggs, bacon and salsa.
 Charlie and I played some Wii bowling (I won!), boxing (he kicked me butt), and tennis (again I was soundly beaten).
 What are you going to do when you can't play outside? Act goofy, of course.
 Lunch was spinach greens topped with chicken, caramelized onions, boiled egg and a little bacon. Dressing was a vinaigrette I whipped up.
 The kitty was being her usual lazy self.
 When Chuck got home we exercised. I wanted to do our 5 minute walking warm up inside bu the drill sergeant yelled at me and smacked my rear and told me to get outside. Have I ever mentioned that I hate being told what to do?

5 minute walk
squats: 10 x2 I used a toolbox as an aid to help me stand straighter as I squatted low. I'd sit down on the toolbox and check my form the whole time. I did SO much better and they were tough!!

pushups: 10 x2 I'm still on my knees for this. They're still tough!

situps: 10 x2 No problem at all.
5 minute walk

I'm pleased with today's workout. I'm going to start doing this three times a week until I get my form perfected so I can move on to beginner module 2.

Dinner was romaine lettuce, parsley, and cucumber topped with chicken caramelized onions, bacon and boiled egg. Also had a side of honeydew melon. Yum! Somehow the picture of the salad has disappeared but here is the melon.
I have to share the easiest way to caramelize onions.
Just slice up 3 pounds of onions and put in crockpot, top with 1 stick of melted butter, stir and let cook for 8 hours. You could do this before you go to bed. It makes the house smell so tasty.

Chuck and I had a glass of red wine then went to sleep.

Pretty good day! I ate right and got in a good workout session.

Happy training.

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  1. Good job on the squats! I find that if I make sure to wiggle my toes when I am squatting, that reminds me to sit on my heels and not my toes.


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