Monday, July 9, 2012

Exercising Woes and a Museum Trip

I've been faithfully doing my exercises from the beginner module 1 from the EPLifeFit web site. I've been struggling with keeping my back upright when performing those deep squats so Saturday I had Chuck video me doing them from the side and front. I sent in the videos to be critiqued. Ugh. I hate that. I hate doing things incorrectly.

The coach was very nice and pointed out that I still wasn't going low enough then gave me some tips to work on keeping my back straight. I tend to lean forward way too much. So it looks like I'm stuck in Beginner Module 1 until my form is ok. I'll keep sending videos until I get it right.

The perfectionist in me is going a little crazy. I want to stick to the schedule and move to the next module but noooooo. I have to stay here until I get it right. So I'm obsessing a little bit. Just a little bit. A lot.

Saturday night we went out with friends at the Flying Saucer and had a great time. I laughed so hard I cried. There were 6 of us and I could kick myself (yet again) for not getting pictures. Wish you could have been there.

Sunday was a rainy day but it didn't stop us from heading to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see the Titanic exhibit. It was fantastic! We saw a Titanic exhibit in Galveston a few years back but this one was done so much better. Very impressive. They recreated the hallway to the cabins in first class. There were even sounds from the engine room in third class and simulated furnace for burning coal and the watertight doors that would roll down in case of emergency. There was an iceberg for you to touch so you could actually feel how cold it was.

When we first entered the exhibit we were given passports detailing the information of a person aboard Titanic. It gave their history and which area of the ship they stayed in. At the end of the exhibit there was a roll of the passengers and who had survived or perished. We each located our person. Mine lived and so did Charlie's but Chuck's and Rachel's people died. Somehow reading about your person made it all seem a little more real. The shoes and socks and gloves found at the bottom of the ocean struck me more than wallets and suitcases. What a tragedy.

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any photos but the museum folks did snap a picture of us in front of a green screen which made us look like we were standing in front of the grand staircase. Notice how we wore period costume. ha!
 We went a little crazy in the gift shop buying everything from pieces of Titanic coal made into a necklace, replica serving dish, blankets, Christmas tree ornament and this piece of coal. I won't even tell you how much we spent but it made me a little sick.
 While we were there we had to check out the new paleontology hall. It was incredible!! Following are way more photos than you want to see of fossils and dinosaurs.
 There was so much to see! It's hard to take it all in.
 And sometimes it's nice to just sit and stare and marvel.
 A dinosaur with friggin' laser eyes!
 See that flat looking dino in the middle? That's Leonardo. He's a dinosaur mummy and they were even able to identify the contents of his stomach! Very cool.

 Watch out. I'm gonna eat y'all.
 A grandfather of the modern day horse. Notice the fish inside the fossil. There were apparently fish layered on top and under this horse fossil. Also interesting were the sharp teeth at the front of his mouth.
 You can't see it but the kids are standing in front of a gar fossil. Rachel hates gar.  And Charlie almost always closes his eyes for pictures.

 Big ass turtle!
 The terror bird which was actually a vegetarian.

 Mammoth skulls are freaky looking.

 A living relative of the T. Rex is the chicken. Chickens have the DNA coding for teeth but it's just not activated so they don't grow teeth. That would be a bit freaky. I'd hate to be bitten by a chicken with teeth.
 We finally got a triceratops! Love it! They even had some fossilized skin of it. Just amazing stuff.
I LOVE fossils. I could have spent the entire day there. But it was beginning to get crazy crowded so we left.
In other news, our air conditioning is fixed upstairs. Only $900. Ouch! That one hurt pretty bad. I swear it's always something.
Eating habits have not been the best. I always start out with good intentions but it fades fast. I decided last night that I am a grown ass woman and  it's time I do what I have to do. We don't always like doing the responsible thing. Chuck doesn't like to go to work. I don't like doing housework. But we do it because we have to. So with that attitude I am going forth and eating my greens and avoiding carby stuff because I know I need to. I just wish bread and pasta were low carb.

Instead of looking at the big picture, which can seem overwhelming, I'm just going to take it day by day. Today, Monday, I will eat healthy all day. No deviance. I will eat a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You are my witness. And tomorrow I will be accountable for my actions and report back here how things went.  I will also practice my squat form so I can move forward in my exercises and get stronger. I also will not hack my husband's Facebook account and post things under his name. Hahahaha! Oh, it wasn't anything too terrible:
"My wife slapped me and told me to make her a sandwich. I wiped my tears and did as she asked. I'm afraid of her. She's dainty yet strong.
(don't leave your facebook account open on the computer. hehehe)"

Hope your weekend was fantastic as well. Happy Monday to you. Eat right and do some strength training. Your body will thank you.


  1. Clearly, the Facebook entry was done for Hubby's benefit. It was Educational. He should be Deeply Thankful.

    That's my story, anyway.

  2. That is SO cool! I love all things dinosaurs> What a great museum visit.

  3. The Titanic exhibit sounds so cool! Would love to go to it. Wonder if I can get to Houston before it ends? Sounds like you had a great time.



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